Irish Male Dog Names?

– Aiden – The name is derived from “fire” and is typically represented by a stag. Aiden makes a lovely name for a big hunting dog like an Irish Wolfhound or Scottish Deerhound.

Colin – Means uproar or tumult; ideal for a high energy dog breed like a Border Collie or Irish Setter. Conor Modern spelling for High King of Irish legend, Conaire Mor.

Leary Means the keeper of calves; a good name for a livestock guard dog. The glamorous Irish Setter is a playful breed with a rollicking temperament that makes an ideal family companion. He was the author of the play Waiting for Godot and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for Literature in 1969.

Bono – Born in Dublin, Ireland, the frontman of U2 was awarded Time Magazine’s Person of the Year for his humanitarian efforts in 2005. Staring as another great Irish American, George M. Cohan , Cagney made the leap back to singer and hoofer, earning an a Best Actor Academy Award for the portrayal. Limerick – The fourth most populous city in Ireland, it was often considered the most beautiful in the country during the Renaissance.

It lies at the head of the Shannon Estuary, where the river widens and flows into the Atlantic ocean. Many Irish legends revolve around the adventures of Fionn (also written as Finn ) and the Fianna of Ireland. The Fainna are an exemplary band of warriors and mercenaries whose tales (or kerns) with Fionn as their captain, make up the Fenian Cycle of Irish Legend.

Fionn is the son of Uail Mac Baiscne, captain of the Fianna, who is murdered by a rival band of warriors, the Clan-Morna. His education was furthered by a warrior woman, Luaths Lurgann, who schooled him in the martial arts. Fionn was a good student, who, perhaps, learned his lessons too well, and accidentally killed his teacher, Lurgann.

Under the tutelage of these women, Fionn becomes the swiftest runner and swimmer, possessed of superhuman qualities. Finneces has waited since Fionn’s birth for the Salmon of Wisdom to rise up in his well, so that he might catch him and eat him, thus gaining his knowledge. The Salmon of Wisdom is actually the bard Fintan , who has lived through many incarnations and thusly gathered so much knowledge.

Once the Salmon has been caught, Finneces sets it to roast on a spit, and asks Fionn to keep an eye on it. In future tales, Fionn has only to suck on his thumb, when in need of a solution or information, and he is transported to an altered state, where he receives knowledge through mystical visions. His mother’s beautiful younger sister, Tuiren, is transformed into a dog by a vengeful fairy.

Tuiren is eventually rescued and returned to human form, and her get from her former life, become Fionn’s most faithful companions.

What is a good Irish name for a male dog?

Aghy (Friend of Horses).Aidan (Little Fiery One).Angus (Scottish – Exceptional).Anlon (Champion).Brady (Spirited)​.Brendan (Prince).Brody (From Muddy Place).Carbry (Charioteer)

What is the Celtic word for dog?

The Irish Gaelic word for “dog” is “ madra,” and there are other Gaelic dog-related words that might make great names for your pet. These include ‘Madigan’ (meaning ‘little dog’), Murphy (meaning ‘hound of the sea’) and Conan (meaning ‘hound.

What is a unique name for a male dog?


Looking for a Gaelic-inspired name for your new pup? You might be surprised to learn there’s actually no one official language of Ireland. While English is widely spoken across the island nation, the Irish people celebrate their heritage by promoting the use of historic languages, like the Celtic-based Irish language.

In Ireland, as of April 2016, 39.8% of the population said that they were able to speak Irish , especially in the county of Galway. Proudly representing your family heritage with your dog‘s name is a wonderful way to incorporate your pup into your pack.

Or maybe you just want to honor the history of a country you love, or celebrate a holiday like St. Patrick’s Day. This list of some of the loveliest Irish dog names and their meanings can help you select a name worthy of your brilliant canine companion. We have no doubt your little lass will be the prettiest hound this side of Dublin.

These common Irish boy names are both powerful and historic. rdghal (pronounced Ardal): high valor Breandn (pronounced Brendan): brown raven Cathal (pronounced Ka-hal): battle-mighty Conchobhar (pronounced Connor): high will Eoghan (pronounced Oh-an): youthful warrior Niall (pronounced Nile): noble knight or champion Oisn (pronounced Osh-een): deer Pdrick (pronounced Paah-rick): the name of the National Apostle of Ireland Portrait of bulldog wearing a mini leprechaun hat

Did you know that Collin means ‘cub or puppy’? Ronan: a seal Odhran (pronounced Orin): little pale green one Darren: little oak Colm (pronounced Collum): dove Collin: cub or puppy Senan (pronounced sennin): little wise person Tiernan: little lord Aidan: little fiery one Oscar: deer lover Rian (pronounced ree-an): little king Here are some fierce names for your furry friend.

Aodh (pronounced Aidan): fiery Fiadh (pronounced fee-a): wild Eimear (pronounced ee-mur): swift Meabh (pronounced Maeve): the warrior queen of Connacht Nessa: rough, not gentle Cillian (pronounced kill-ee-an): war, strife Shay: hawk Donnacha (pronounced done-acka): brown-haired warrior Lorcan: silent or fierce Conan: hound or wolf, swift-footed warrior We know your pup is proud of their dark coat . Pay tribute with a matching name.

Ciara/Ciarn (pronounced kee-ra): dark Aiobhinn (pronounced ee-van): pleasant, beautiful sheen of radiant beauty Aine (pronounced awn-ye): radiance, splendor, brilliance Laoise (pronounced lee-sha): radiant girl Darragh (pronounced darra): dark oak Catching the travel bug? Name your pup using one of these popular destinations in Ireland to remind you of the wonderful experiences you’ve had there (or hope to have there someday!

Dublin Belfast Doolin Galway Kinsale Adare Cork Limerick Carrickfergus Derry Sligo Killarney Greystones Blarney Dive even deeper into Irish canine history by learning about native Irish dog breeds like the Irish wolfhound or the Irish setter , upon whom any one of these names would make the perfect moniker.

From Molly and Murray to Guinness and Dublin, these Irish dog names (and Irish-themed choices) are all pulled from Rovers massive dog names database and ranked in order of their popularity. Weve also added great Gaelic dog names and other choices from Irish history and culture.

But whats the perfect Irish name for your dog? Good luck and have fun choosing the perfect name for your wee new friend.

Molly Riley Finn Cody Fiona Logan Annabelle Anna Kylie Claire Nola Kayla Reagan Kaylee Tara Riley Brody Miles Griffin Finley Kane Finnegan Seamus Kevin Austin Owen Liam Flynn Gaelic Dog Names

Dogs and wolves are important in Irish Gaelic culture and often represent strength and warrior-like qualities. The Irish Gaelic word for dog is madra, and there are other Gaelic dog-related words that might make great names for your pet. These include Madigan (meaning little dog), Murphy (meaning hound of the sea) and Conan (meaning hound.)

Aislinn or Aisling (dream pronounced ASH-lin) Bran (raven) Cael (slender) Conan (hound) Connor Conry (king of the hounds) Declan Dermot Felan or Phelan (wolf spelled Faolan in Gaelic) Keeva (gentle and precious) Kieran Lorcan (little wild one) Madigan (little dog) Murphy (hound of the sea) Roisin (little rose) Rogan (red-haired) Saoirse (freedom pronounced SEER-sha) Seamus Selkie (for a black dog, perhaps) Sullivan Olive Willow Holly Jasmine Ivy Jade Sage Aspen Clover Kiwi Pickles Juniper Kelly Apple Fern Hunter Cash Yoda Aspen Forrest Sage Zen

Karma Lucky Clover Goldie Yuki Destiny Riley Lucky Ace Loki Chance Champ Felix Asher Bailey Murphy Guinness Porter Whiskey Jameson

Blarney Cavan Dublin Fingal Galway Kerry Tyrone Wexford Dogs are considered family members, so human names have become very popular for pets. These days, in fact, youre more likely to meet a golden retriever with a human name like Dylan than a name like Fido.

Youll see that reflected in our top Irish dog names list whether theyre first names like Molly and Riley or surnames like Murphy and Logan. Truly, the skys the limit when it comes to giving a traditionally human name to your dog. Irish Dog Names Infographic

Good luck and have fun picking out your new dogs name! Your dogs name is going to be a part of your everyday life, which means that no matter what you choose, youll be saying it a lot. Whats easy and fun to say?

Think in terms of dog training, dog park visits, dog walks or even filling out their Rover profile . Once you take your new dogs name from imagination to reality, it might help you narrow down your list. If youre looking for more dog name inspiration, Rover has you covered.

Were the ultimate dog name nerds.

Irish dog names that superb. Be it because you are Irish (or you have such ancestry), your dog is from an Irish dog breed like the Kerry Blue Terrier or simply because you love everything about Ireland, then this this for you!

Theres a lot to love about them, and therefore, weve performed and in-depth research to come up with the perfect list of the best Irish dog names. And weve got thousands more in our dog name idea center .

Ireland is also
home to many talented artists and famous characters. If youre fond of Irish
music, you could name it Damien Rice ,
one of the most important exponents in the country and abroad. A bit
long, we know, but it sounds amazing nonetheless!

Here are several options of irish dog names for you to choose from: all gendersonly maleonly female Scottish for Exceptional. A small town in Ireland famous for Blarney Castle.

A region of environmental interest in County Clare. A town in Ireland famous for the Rock of Cashel. An Irish name that is cute and sweet.

Irish river name (pronounced CLO-dah) Four leaf clover that brings good luck. Cork is a populous city near the bottom of the island.

A beautiful and historical city located in north Ireland. A unique male dog name from an Irish town. County Kerry is a region of Ireland in the west; Kerry takes its name from a word meaning ‘people of Ciar’ (these individuals were known to have dark completion, and thought to be the original dark Irish)

Ireland introduced the Gaelic language and culture. A fun name of leprechaun’s treasure. A famous brand of beer in Ireland which is composed of a dark stout.

County Kerry is a region of Ireland in the west. A small Irish town in the Southeast region. A city in Ireland with a beautiful national park.

A kind of mythical creature in Irish folklore. Limerick is a beautiful town that makes a pretty cool Irish dog name. Gaelic Form of Nancy, Meaning Gracious.

Pet Form of Margaret, Meaning Pearl. Believed to bring both good and bad luck. An Irish drink wherein beer is mixed with a sweet soda.

The first resort
for naming a dog is to simply explore the most beautiful, fun and meaningful
words of a language, and that also applies for dog names from Ireland. Irish
Gaelic is such a vast, beautiful and rich language that it brings us an amazing
supply of name ideas. Anlon is an exquisite
name, because it means champion.

Its especially a good fit if you plan to
enter contests with your dog. For a female
puppy, like a Glen, you could name it Aoife ,
which means beautiful. Alma is another cute name
for a female pup, because it means all good.

Especially good for calm and
peaceful breeds like the Labrador Retriever. If you also own
horses, and you want your dog to develop a good relationship with them, you
could opt for Aghy , which means
friend of horses. A beautiful and iconic name with an interesting meaning.

Another good
name is Brady , which means spirited. If you feel that your pet resembles such a feature and essence, then it will
evidently be an excellent choice. For a female puppy, an ideal choice would be Breana .

Itd be excellent for naming a Black German Shepherd , Boerboel , or Dogo Argentino , which are very brave and strong breeds. We can also
leverage the immense beauty of Irelands nature and geography, as well as its
great cities and regions. You can also name
it Burren , which is a region of
environmental interest in Ireland.

Its a part of the country full of natural
beauty, and therefore, a worthy name for your puppy. Its surrounded by amazing displays of nature, and
hence, it makes a great name. One of the best-sounding Irish dog names, in our

The same goes
for Cork , which is a beautiful city
near to the bottom of the island. Therefore, its very close to the sea, where
you can see majestic displays of oceanic beauty. Itd be a nice name for water

Its one of the most important cities in Ireland, because
its home to plenty of the history that characterizes the country. Of course, we couldnt finish this section without suggesting one of the most powerful and beautiful dog names that Ireland can offer: Moher. A name inspired by the majestic Cliffs of Moher , one of the most important natural attractions of Ireland.

Choosing how to
name your dog is a matter that requires time and analysis. Now that you have
our list of 150+ Irish dog names ,
your job will be much easier. Nonetheless, take as much time as needed to
examine each option, read the description and see which one resembles the best
with your puppy!

Irish Male Dog Names and Their Meanings

We have no doubt your little lass will be the prettiest hound this side of Dublin.

Badass Irish Dog Names

Did you know that Collin means ‘cub or puppy’? If that’s not the cutest thing, I don’t know what is.

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Dogs are considered family members, so human names have become very popular for pets. These days, in fact, you’re more likely to meet a golden retriever with a human name like Dylan than a name like Fido. You’ll see that reflected in our top Irish dog names list whether they’re first names like Molly and Riley or surnames like Murphy and Logan. Truly, the sky’s the limit when it comes to giving a traditionally “human name” to your dog.