Mighty Time: 37 Photos Showing The Effect of Time on Everyday Objects

We all know the saying, “time is a healer”. It’s true that simply giving something time can have the most incredible effect on our feelings or progress.

But it’s not just us—the world around us also can undergo the most incredible changes and transformations, due to nothing else other than the passage of time.

We’ve put together the most amazing photos showing how even the tiniest of actions, given enough time, can have the most profound and unbelievable effect.

Take a look for yourself.

Image via Imgur

Love Worn

Oh my goodness! Look at these two teddies. They were both purchased at the same time, but one was given to a newborn baby to snuggle and hold, and one was kept in storage.

Thirty years later, and this is how they both look.

Just look at that—snuggle by snuggle—thirty years of cuddling has totally worn away the teddy on the left.

The teddy on the right was then, thirty years later, given to that now-grown baby’s own child.

We’re not crying, you’re crying.Love Worn

Image via Imgur

So Fresh, So Clean

Wowser! We have all driven past these New York City apartment buildings. And if you haven’t, you’ve at least seen them on TV or in some hipster art. They’re iconic! But didn’t you think that the walls of them were mostly actually black?

Well, they’re not! Thanks to a good and thorough clean, you can see on the right what the original color of the walls was.

The black hue on the left, is the result of years of dirt and pollution. Really makes you think about the state of city air, doesn’t it!So Fresh, So Clean


Knife Edge

Iron Chef star Masaharu Morimoto posted this amazing image on Twitter of some of his most beloved and best used kitchen knives.

From top to bottom, these are the oldest and newest knives, showing just how much they are worn down from years of use and sharpening. Not only does the blade wear down from constant sharpening, but the handle also slowly disappears just from the amount of use!

None of these actions would make any effect on the knives just once, but given enough time, the difference is massive.

It’s truly astonishing.Knife Edge

Image via chef_morimoto / TW

Bill Stickers

This is amazing! At first glance, it’s hard to tell what we are looking at here. But this is an old lamppost from a street in Berlin, that people have been sticking flyers to repeatedly over the years. The flyers never get taken off; only new ones pasted on top.

We all know how thin paper is—just one flyer would never make a difference to this lamppost’s thickness.

But just look at how impressively it builds up over the years—so much so that someone was able to make this deep hole in all of the paper. Wow!Bill Stickers

Image via Imgur

Well Trodden Steps

This amazing picture comes from the steps that lead up to the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy.

Normally, when people travel to Pisa to see the impressive sights, it’s the tower they want to see—but these steps are also amazing when you know what you are looking at.

Because these steps used to be completely flat and straight, but have been worn away from years and years of people walking up them.

Just the constant feet hitting the steps day after day, over time, has led to this uneven surface. Isn’t that amazing!Well Trodden Steps

Image via Imgur

Penny For Your Thoughts

Wow! Here we have a bunch of pennies ordered by their age. On the top you can see the brand-new pennies, shiny and bright copper colored. As we go down, you can see how the metal has become corroded and oxidized over time.

And what is the reason for this amazing transformation? Have these pennies been used in a destructive atmosphere or in some extreme way?

Absolutely not! They’ve just been handed over in shops, put in people’s pockets, the normal things that pennies do. The real thing that caused this huge change was—yep you guessed it—time.Penny For Your Thoughts

Image via Imgur

Following Footsteps

This bank is pretty amazing and impressive to look at anyway—just look at that beautiful classic architecture and those grand and beautiful marble floors. It reminds us of the bank from Mary Poppins!

But if you look closely, there’s another reason to be amazed by that pretty marble floor. Can you see the grooves in the floor surface, near where the teller’s desks are?

That’s been created from years of people standing there as they do their banking business.Following Footsteps

Image via Imgur

Plant Painting

Just look at this beautiful image! It looks like the fence has been decorated like that deliberately—but actually this is a completely random design, created by nothing other than nature.

Do you see the plants next to the fence? They have been blowing about in the wind constantly, and each time they blow back and forth, they’ve scratched the fence.

This rhythmic scratching went on for so long, that eventually, over time, it etched out this beautiful pattern.

The beauty of nature truly is a wonder to behold sometimes.Plant Painting

Image via Imgur

Hardwood Hardships

If you looked at this hardwood floor, you would think that this colored square is there on purpose, wouldn’t you? Both shades of color on the floor look pretty good, and like they are supposed to look that.

But the truth is, that darker color is what the ENTIRE floor used to look like, only that part had been covered for years with a rug. And so the lighter part, is only lighter because it’s the result of the sun shining on it for so many years!

Who would have thought it!Hardwood Hardships

Image via Imgur

Too Hot to Handle

WOW! Let us just explain exactly what we are looking at here. On the left we see a brand-new metal handle, completely unused. On the right we see the same handle, but attached to a lever—and after years of use.

This came from a science museum, where thousands of kids over the years were turning this lever on one of the gadgets.

Just look at how the handle has been worn down over the years! Metal! Worn down by children!

Of course, these weren’t super-powered children—it was merely the power of time.Too Hot to Handle

Image via Imgur

Tan Lines

This one might be a little hard to understand, so let’s break it down for you. This lamppost, because of the shape of its bulb, focuses the sun through its glass onto a specific spot on the lawn.

And because, of course, the sun moves throughout the day, the spot burning through the glass onto the ground and shifts from place to place.

Well after enough time of this shifting, the ENTIRE AREA that gets hit with these enhanced sun rays, has been scorched! Just look at that scorched line! Amazing.Tan Lines

Image via Imgur

Shaving Grace

This one is kind of cool, but also a bit gross. Here we have side by side examples of the same shaving brush, but 30 years apart.

We can see that just a light rubbing of this brush of shaving foam, probably what, once a day max? But after thirty years of it, has completely worn the brush down to not much more than a stump.

It’s amazing to think that the power of time can literally reduce a brush to nothing!

But even so, we can’t help but think … dang, why would you not change your shaving brush for thirty years? That’s not hygienic, man.Shaving Grace

Image via Imgur

Bottoms Up

How funny! This one shows what a difference between the more heavily used outer seats and the less popular middle seat.

Why isn’t the middle seat used as much? Probably because this is in a public place, so strangers will tend to sit further away from each other.

You can see how years of bottoms gracing the outer seats have worn their covers away in a distinctly rear-shaped dent, and the middle seat remains rump-free.

Time and tushis—two of the most powerful forces in the universe.Bottoms Up

Image via Imgur

Financial Gain

We all know the idea that putting your money away over time can cause it to grow. After all, the more you save, the more interest you can get back, right? But in physical terms, this picture just goes to show actually how much money grows the more you spend it!

On the left we have a pack of 100 totally unused £5 notes, packed neatly together in a slim bundle. And on the right, we have the same number, but used!

Look how much more space they take up once they’re no longer pressed so flat and tidy. It’s amazing!Financial Gain

Image via Imgur

Butter Fingers

Wow, look at this one! Here we have a picture of a somewhat pinched-looking hand. What happened?

Well, the owner of this hand had in fact been wearing their wedding band on that finger in exactly the pinched spot, for—wait for it—over 15 years!

They never took it off, but recently were forced to because of a rash.

And just look at the difference it made! From wearing it from so many years, it has made what looks like a permanent indent in their finger. Amazing.Butter Fingers

Image via Imgur

Best Foot Forward

This image shows us a section of the ground at an amusement park. We all know that much of our time at an amusement park is spent standing around in various queues, but you never really think how much time the ground spends being queued on!

Look at how the middle section of this diamond steel plate has been almost completely worn smooth, completely rid of the patterns on either side.

And from what? Simply from years and years’ worth of shoes passing over it.Best Foot Forward

Image via Imgur

Rusty Top

Yuck! This looks a bit like the pipe is alive and we have cut it open to reveal bloody insides.

But don’t worry, it’s not actually a gruesome injury, but rather the inside of a water pipe that has been slowly building up an accumulation of rust over the years.

Fifteen years, to be exact! Wowser—look at just how much rust is in there. The pipe is almost blocked completely closed by it!

We are not sure how to clean out rust, but it’s amazing how much can build up over the years.Rusty Top

Image via Imgur

Haunted House

This one is pretty amazing. On the side of this larger building, there used to be a smaller house attached to the exposed wall.

You can clearly see the exact shape of the smaller house etched onto the wall—showing the marked difference between the concealed bit of wall and the part exposed to the elements.

Just look at the difference in color between the two parts—the outer part has been completely transformed by weather, pollution, and of course, time.Haunted House

Image via Imgur

Path to Passion

This one might not look like much, but wait until you hear the story behind it. The person who posted this pic is showing us a well-worn path that she herself has walked many times over the years.

The truth was, this woman grew up dating her next-door neighbor, and the two sweethearts treaded this trail through the grass so many times, that over the years it wore down into a clear-cut path.

Adorable! It just shows that love truly does conquer all.Path to Passion

Image via Imgur

Pedal Power

Wow, look at this one! We all love to see rock stars and musical geniuses with their much-cherished and well-worn instruments, especially when it shows just how much use they have been getting out of them.

And this piano pedal is no exception—just look at the pedal on the right!

It has been pressed so many times, that it has worn almost completely out—there’s even a little hole in it.

We bet the owner of this piano truly put their best foot forward!Pedal Power

Image via Imgur

Paper Cut

We all know what it’s like to get a paper cut on our hands or fingers. Ouch! They may not look like much, but those tiny little cuts sure do sting—and they are certainly noticeable as soon as you get one.

But even though they make a big impact on our own skin, you wouldn’t think that a piece of plastic could get a paper cut—but, as we’ve learned, time can turn even the tiniest brush into a huge impact.

Just look at how the paper has worn these scratches into the plastic cover of the printer over the years.Paper Cut

Image via Imgur

Swing Dance

Oh my goodness! We are not sure we would get back on a swing after seeing a hinge for it looking quite like this.

Though it’s clearly done a great job holding up the swing over the years, this pulley shackle has also evidently seen better days—and now after all this time, it’s been worn down to within an inch of its life.

We are not sure how many more swings it can take before it wears out completely—so it’s not one we would fancy risking, personally.Swing Dance

Image via Imgur

Key Cutter

This one is especially amazing! We often hear about the importance of arranging our working conditions so that we don’t get repetitive strain injury on our hands or necks thanks to the way we are sitting or our posture.

But do we ever think about the effect we are having on our desk and surroundings? Not really!

Well this picture shows that we have just as much impact on our work environment as it does on us.

Look how those keyboard keys have worn down amazingly over so many years of use.Key Cutter

Image via Imgur

If Walls Could Talk

If these walls could talk, what do you think they would say? Maybe, “clean us”?

This is the trouble with things growing dirtier and dirtier over time, you don’t really realize as things progress as it happens too slowly for anyone to notice.

It was only when taking some pictures down from the wall, and faced with how the wallpaper used to look, that you can see how the color has changed over the years.

And yes, if anyone was wondering, the resident of this house was a heavy smoker—thus contributing to the murky brown tinge to the walls. Ew!If Walls Could Talk

Image via Imgur

Bobby’s Boss

Greyfriar’s Bobby is a well-known and iconic statue in Edinburgh, Scotland. This little dog became legendary when he spent the entirety of his life—14 years—guarding his beloved late owner’s grave, before passing away himself and being buried alongside him.

Not only has this story touched the millions of people who come to see Bobby’s statue—but they’ve also touched him!

In fact, the streams of tourists have touched him so much that he has a little worn-down area on the nose where he has been patted so many times over the years. Adorable.Bobby’s Boss

Image via Imgur

Blow Me Down

Well, just look at this! We know that some newfangled hand dryers are incredibly high powered and can dry your hands in a matter of moments. But the more old-fashioned versions of them are a bit gentler, and sometimes you rub your hands under them for ages before you actually get them dry.

However, even though they might not seem very impressive, they still obviously make an impact—look at how this dryer has blown its way through the walls over the years.Blow Me Down

Image via Imgur

Book Binding

Goodness me! At first glance, this looks like the book has been destroyed or ripped apart in some way. What disaster or violent action has occurred to damage the pages like this?

Well, the truth is, nothing has happened to this book other than it being used for its intended purpose.

The owner has been rifling through this book for so many years, that it has simply been worn down through natural use.

It just goes to show how time can make even the most gentle of actions, have a strong effect.Book Binding

Image via Imgur

Coffee Codings

Isn’t this design on the bottom of this mug beautiful! It reminds us of an ancient Celtic symbol, maybe something a bit magic or witchy.

Well, the only magic going on here is the magic of time—this keen coffee drinker has simply been stirring their coffee for so many years, that over time, their teaspoon has made these beautiful scratches permanent.

Are they stirring in a very particular rhythmic way? It looks like it, doesn’t it!Coffee Codings

Image via Imgur

Fast Floor

Yikes! We are not sure we would want to step into a restaurant that has such a dramatic hole and sign of such damage at the floor of its entrance.

Don’t you think it makes the place look a bit dirty or unkempt? Perhaps business isn’t doing so good, that they can’t afford to fix damage?

Au contraire, mon frere—this wear and tear has actually come about because the place is SO popular.

So many customers have stepped through these doors over the years that this bit of floor has simply worn away.Fast Floor

Image via Imgur

Tether Tracks

This one is simply beautiful. At first glance, it looks like this pole has been deliberately decorated with some sort of flame design or wing pattern around it.

But if you look closer, you can see that the embellishment is a completely natural one—it comes simply from the metal chain attached to it for a tetherball.

As the chain has swung from side to side over the years, each bit of chain has scratched lightly in the same place—leaving, over time, this beautiful and incredibly precise, symmetrical pattern. Lovely.Tether Tracks

Image via Imgur

Door to the Past

This one doesn’t necessarily look that pretty, but once you realize the truth of the story behind it, it’s pretty amazing.

As you can see, over the years the door of this chocolate shop has been worn down, probably from people leaning against the door as they push their way in, or opening the doors with their bodies, hands perhaps too laden with chocolate to use the handle.

But what’s amazing is, the years of wear-and-tear have allowed the door’s previous colors—from various coats of paint—to come through once again. What a strange and beautiful look into the past.Door to the Past

Image via Imgur

Bell Boys

We love these classic shop doors that still have the bell on the top. As you walk in, the door pushes the bell and creates a lovely dinging sound. And of course, the dutiful shopkeeper hears the dinging bell and springs to action, asking their customers what they are looking for and how they can help.

That was the good old days, but you don’t always see these doorstop bells anymore. This door still has it, but you can see how long it’s been there from the way the bell has worn the doorframe down over the years.

A melodious reminder of a bygone era.Bell Boys

Image via Imgur

Worn Out My Welcome

This one is pretty amazing. You can see how many times the owner of this mat has truly welcomed people into their home, by how greatly the letters of the sign have been worn down.

Years of welcome and happy feet walking over this mat, have transformed it completely into almost a blank canvas.

We can’t think why it’s only worn down on one side, though—perhaps because it’s the side nearest the doorknob? Who knows—it still looks so cool.Worn Out My Welcome

Image via Imgur

Track and Trail

This one is quite hilarious when you know the story behind it. Not only is this carpet clearly from the 70s thanks to its chintzy and gaudy style, but you can see its age with how much the pattern has been worn down over the years.

But wait until you hear why—there’s a reason this carpet has been worn down in this exact place.

This is because this is the direct path to the fridge!

Obviously, the hungry people treading their feet through this carpet over the years, had their priorities right.Track and Trail

Image via Imgur

Cup Capers

Wow! This one is kind of pretty amazing, but does also make us want to wash our mouths out a bit.

This person has been the proud owner of a novelty Disney cup (who hasn’t) for 20 years, but only when you put it next to a brand new version of the same vessel, do you see just how much it’s faded over that time.

You can barely see the original Pocahontas image on the first one—now that’s what we call a well-worn cup.

Clearly, it has gone to a loving home!Cup Capers

Image via Imgur

Floor Figures

Wow! This almost looks like some sort of modern art or perhaps a kind of ghostly apparition. What on earth could have happened to create these eerie looking figures on this old carpet?

Well, the truth is, this was originally an open-plan office, with the carpet lined with separate cubicles. The carpet has clearly been worn down by the walkways between each cubicle, well-trodden by many feet over the years.

We guess that means it was a happy office, where coworkers chatted to each other lots!Floor Figures

Image via Imgur

Ladies’ Loos

We all know that the ladies’ bathroom is one of the most popular spots at any venue. A top spot for making drunken best friends as you swap lipsticks, or catching up on your old pals’ gossip as you head to powder your nose together.

No one is ever surprised to see the ladies’ loos packed with a long queue, as opposed to the empty men’s. And so it’s no shock to anyone to see just how much the surface of this ladies’ bathroom floor has been worn down after years of feet treading across it.Ladies’ Loos

Image via Imgur

Button Beauty

Wow! This certainly was not a piece of art that anyone saw coming.

This is an image of nothing more than a simple car radio, but the button has been worn down in such a specific way over the years, that it’s created something quite beautiful.

Not only has the original symbol worn away, but it somehow did so in a way that it now looks like a Victorian portrait.

Talk about a piece of the past in this vintage ride!Button Beauty

Image via Imgur

Water Works

We all know that stone is one of the strongest substances in the world, and we don’t think of water as being anywhere near as tough.

But actually, when it comes to the long game, water for sure has the edge.

In one big go, we’d rather be hit with water than a big slab of stone, but just look at the impression water can do over the years.

Trickle by trickle, look how the prolonged stream of water has eaten into the stone and made this deep crevice.Water Works

Image via Imgur

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