How to Breed Hornworms?

How do you reproduce hornworms?

After emerging in the spring, the adult moths mate and each female deposits their smooth, light green eggs – each about 0.04” in length – individually upon the upper and lower surfaces of solanaceous (nightshades) plants’ leaves. This is done at night, presumably so the eggs do not desiccate as they are freshly laid.

How hard is it to breed hornworms?

It’s typically more difficult than superworms or roaches because the worms aren’t what breed, they have to morph into the moth stage then those breed. Also they have to lay their eggs on a live plant so that’s an added difficulty.

How do you get Hornworms to lay eggs?

Once the moths emerge, mist the cage with water daily to keep airborne wing scale to a minimum. Adult moths will begin to lay eggs around day 3 after hatching. Provide a tobacco or related plant for females to lay eggs. Female moths will deposit eggs on the underside of the leaves of host plants.

How many eggs do Hornworms lay?

Females are reported to lay 250 to 350 eggs but can produce nearly 1400 eggs under favorable conditions. Eggs are laid singularly on foliage and hatch in about 5 days.