How Tall Are Dobermans?

How tall do Dobermans get?

Males stand 26 to 28 inches tall ; females stand 24 to 26 inches tall. Males and females weigh 60 to 80 pounds; males are slightly larger than females.

How big are Dobermans full grown?

Males are about 27 or 28 inches tall and weigh about 70 pounds (32 kilograms), while females are an inch or two shorter and weigh about 60 to 65 pounds (27 to 29 kilograms). The Doberman pinscher has a long head and a sleek, muscular body. The ears are often cropped to stand erect, and the tail is usually docked short.

How big is the average Doberman?

Dobermann / Mass

How big is the biggest Doberman?

What Is The Biggest Breed Of Doberman? The biggest breed variation of the purebred Doberman is the European Doberman. They measure about 28 inches tall and up to 100 lbs in weight. However, King Dobermans take the win for mixed varieties of the Doberman with dimensions as high as 175 lbs and 32 inches.