How Often Do Snakes Poop?

How long after eating does a snake poop?

Normally, once food has been reduced to poop, it doesn’t hang around for long. This is true in mammals and birds and in some snakes, including ratsnakes, which normally take about two days between eating and pooping.

How long should a snake go without pooping?

In ideal conditions, your snake should complete the digestion of a meal after 6-8 days, defecating shortly after. If your snake has not defecated 2 weeks after eating, you may want to help them out.

Do snakes poop every day?

Snakes can poop as regularly as every 3 days, all the way through to several months. It varies from species to species along with the snake’s size, how much food they consume, what they have eaten, and the temperature of the snake/local environment.