How Much Is a Pet Snake?

How much do a pet snake cost?

In most cases, the average cost of a snake ranges from $30-100 dollars. Of course, this price only reflects basic morphs of various snakes. If you want to get a more exotic snake morph, you’ll have to dish out a pretty penny. Some even get into the $1000’s of dollars.

Are pet snakes worth it?

Their diet can also be challenging, particularly if you think small fuzzy rodents are cute. Snakes are not a traditional, cuddly choice of pet. They grow large, live a long time and require a certain exactness and even bravery from their owners, but the benefits of owning a snake are also rewarding.

Do pet snakes bite you?

In general, most non-venomous snake species commonly kept as pets are gentle and do not typically bite their owners if they are unprovoked. … Snakes may also be more irritable and more prone to bite when they are shedding or have an underlying illness and are not feeling well.