How Much Does a Goldfish Cost?

Also since this photo, I have gotten him a friend This setup has been running for the last 4 months. It gets weekly 30% water changes. If he wasnt fed so much I could probably change it every other week, but this little office fish gets spoiled by everyone.

Toss in a few stems of Cabomba (around $10 including shipping) and you have your bases covered for purifying & oxygenating the water as well as shelter for the fish. A good fish bowl starter kit will usually come with one included, and can end up being the most cost-effective option since its bundled all together (depending on the size).

(Check out our complete guide on goldfish tanks if you want to learn which specific products I recommend and how to set them up.) Much like a new puppy has to go to the vet to get vaccinated and tested for illness, all new goldfish, need to be treated to eliminate common parasites in the early stages of their new life with you.

What is the cost of small goldfish?

Gold Fish at Rs 20/piece | सुनहरी मछलियाँ, गोल्ड फिश – Vegro Ventures Private Limited, Hosur | ID: 20197947755.

Quite possibly one of the cheapest pets to own, the goldfish can be yours for as little as a shiny nickel or even free if you won one at a local carnival.

We researched popular pet retailer websites, such as Petco and Petsmart, as well as talked with at least five independent aquarium pet shops to come up with an average of the most popular goldfish often purchased. Depending on the setup you want, a simple fishbowl can cost as little as $5 to as much as $300+ for a 50-gallon aquarium, but if you plan on keeping goldfish, an aquarium is highly recommended as some goldfish can grow larger than one foot long and require the necessary space to swim around.

If you were to purchase an aquarium larger than 10 gallons, then this price would not include the additional accessories, such as: Gravel or pebble substrate ($15-$25) Filter ($15-$40) Lighting ($20-$60) Artifical or live plants ($5-$15 each) Decorations ($5-$15 each) A net ($5) PH, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate test kit ($5-$9 for 25 strips) Water conditioner ($5-$12) Thermometer ($5-$11) Fish flakes are relatively cheap, often retailing for as little as $2 to $4 , depending on the brand.

Aside from fish flakes, goldfish owners can also choose frozen brine shrimp and/or bloodworms as a supplement as well. This simply means they will never get full and can often suffer from constipation or swimming problems if you feed them too much. Fantail Whenever someone mentions the word fancy goldfish, most think of this type as it is the most common, yet most diverse variety.

Jikin The jikin, sometimes referred to as the peacock tail goldfish, has a longer body, short double tail and is known for its red and white-like pattern that colors the lips, dorsal fins and both gill plates. Moor Has a velvety black color appearance that sticks around for most of the fishes life. Oranda Some of the largest fancy goldfish varieties, they can grow larger than 10 inches and are known for a large, fleshylike growth on their head, which starts to develop at three to four months old.

Pearlscale Known for its interesting scales, this variety is known for its hard, bulging center on the top of its head, giving the nickname golfball goldfish. Tamasaba A very rare breed, which is known to be crossed between a syounai and ryukin, resulting in a rounder body and arched back. Wakin Growing over 12 inches long, the wakin, when examined up close, looks similar to the common goldfish; however, the difference relies on the small double tail.

This type is quite rare in the United States and is commonly found in Japan. Colors range from blacks to blues to rich orange and reds. Most goldfish, however, die quite fast, often in as little as three to five years, often due to owner negligence.

Failing to so can increase the ammonia and/or nitrite levels, which, as you can imagine, isnt the best for your fishes health.