How Long Do Pot Belly Pigs Live?

All Potbellied Pigs are miniature when compared to their cousin, the farm hog. Hence the name miniature pot bellied pigs. When full grown, a farm hog can exceed 1,000 pounds. Thus, it is obvious why Vietnamese pot belly pigs are considered miniature. Also, weight is not always the best way to describe them. Their bodies are very compact and solid. A 100 pound pig can be the size of a small dog that weighs 35-40 pounds.

You can affect your pet pig’s weight through overfeeding, underfeeding, or a lack of exercise (just like us!). There are many breeders out there that tell people that potbelly pig’s will stay small if you do not feed them a lot.

Here is a tip for you: ALL pot belly pigs in North America and Hawaii come from the same line. Another breed is the Guinea Hog which is about the size of a large pot, but looks a bit thinner and taller. The information presented within our information and resources section has been collected from what we consider experts and various reputable persons including vets, sanctuary owners, and private pig owners among others.

When pint-size pigs grow bigger than promised, they wind up euthanized or in overburdened shelters. Can education, regulation, and more sanctuaries solve the problem?

Some began to breed (or inbreed) and underfeed their potbellies and other small-breed lines, such as New Zealand’s kunekune and the state of Georgia’s Spanish-descended Ossabaw Island pigs . The recently established American Mini Pig Association comprises 250 breeders across the country working to create a strict code of ethics and height-based breed classifications.

At the same time, she and others are trying to strengthen purchase contracts, extensively interview prospective buyers, and disseminate accurate information about mini-pigs. “Had the people buying themfrom a roadside stand, county fair, or backyard breederbeen given more information, they may not have bought the pig in the first place.” It’s their duty to spay and neuter piglets, match them with dedicated and informed owners, and find new homes for them if anything goes wrong.

Lana Hollenback founded the Forgotten Angels Rescue and Education Center in Deer Lodge, Tennessee, in 2008 as a resource for individuals and other sanctuaries that need new homes for pigs. That meant upgrading from their 1,000-square-foot home (93 square meters) and moving to a place large enough to open a sanctuary for Esther and other farm animals. Jenkins, a real-estate agent, and Walter, a magician, say the “Esther effect”their term for how one pig has caused them to rethink their entire way of livingis inspiring them to do more.

To make sure the sanctuary in Campbellville, Ontario, is eventually self-funded, they want to open a year-round bed and breakfast, which would give visitors ample time to interact with the pigs and walk the area’s forest trails. They also plan to open a meatless restaurant, with food grown in a community garden that becomes an ice rink in winter. Since the early 2000s, Best Friends Animal Society has taken in stray pigs let loose in the desert or left behind when people move.

The organization recently remodeled its living quarters for the pigs, using $500,000 it received via donations to turn the space into Marshall’s Piggy Paradise sanctuary. But he wakes before dawn every day and works into the dark every night because, as he puts it, pigs don’t respect holidays, bad weather, or doctor’s notes.

New Years Day has come and gone in the U.S., but the Chinese New Year is celebrated on February 5, and 2019 is the Year of the Pig in the Chinese zodiac. Here at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, were not only honoring the potbellied pigs who live at the Sanctuary, but were also honoring potbellied pigs all over the world. To ring in the Year of the Pig, the folks at Marshalls Piggy Paradise the place where pigs live at the Sanctuary have put together some fun facts (19 to be exact) about our piggy pals.

Pigs have very strong snouts (enabling them to really push bowling balls) and a keen sense of smell. A small on-site clinic at Marshalls Piggy Paradise provides these spa services for the Sanctuarys pigs.

Pigs are opportunistic omnivores, which means theyll eat pretty much anything given the opportunity; however, they do very well on a vegetarian diet. White and pink pigs are susceptible to sunburn and must be protected from the sun, especially here in the desert of southern Utah.