How Long Do Dragons Live?

Do dragons live forever?

There are many immortal, or ancient races and monsters that have a variety of different themes and present a different atmosphere. If you are looking for a list of monster manual creatures that are considered “immortals” ‘Forgotten Realms Wiki’ has the exhaustive list. Dragons are not immortal in any sense.

How long do fire dragons live?

The average dragon lifespan is roughly one hundred fifty years, [ event 1 ] while the oldest a dragon has been known to live without magic before his death is one-hundred-ten years. Dragonets stop growing rapidly at seven years old, and this is considered adulthood or maturity in most tribes.

How many lives does a dragon have?

Everyone who makes even a cursory study of dragons knows of their four main stages of life, which sages have dubbed young, adult, elder, and ancient. In truth, dragons must first pass through an earlier stage that few adventurers see: wyrmling. They also pass through a final stage called twilight.