How Big Do Shorkies Get?

Why shouldn't you buy a shorkie?

The Shorkie is also known to suffer from a variety of eye conditions, with Glaucoma and Lens Luxation being the most common and problematic, and they are also often interlinked. Toy dogs are also known to suffer with toy size related health issues, and the Shorkie is no different.

Is a shorkie a small or medium dog?

Shorkies are a small dog with long, sleek, straight fur that feels more like human hair than classic dog fur. They are low shedding dogs but are not hypoallergenic like the poodle crosses. Owners enjoy having these dogs’ coats cut into a ‘teddy bear’ cut. Their coats come in a range of colors.

Do Shorkies like to be held?

Shorkie Personality. Since they’re dogs with high intellects, Shorkies can also be occupied with interactive toys. Shorkies are also fiercely loyal and love to spend their time by their owners’ side, or better yet, on their lap.