High Quality Cat Food?

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Its human-grade quality, USDA certified, and made from humanely harvested and sustainable protein sources. The recipes are lightly cooked and delivered to your home as part of a cat food subscription service, making your life easier!

When it comes to deciding what dry food to feed your feline friend it can be tough to know which is the right fit amongst the abundance of choices. We believe Blue Buffalos Indoor Health Natural formula is an excellent dry food that stands apart from other dry-food options available. We love that the first ingredient in this formula is deboned chicken: a highquality protein that aids in healthy muscle development.

Its made with Blue Buffalos signature LifeSource Bitsa combination of specific antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins curated by animal nutritionists and veterinarians with the intention of supporting your cats overall health. Canned wet foods are a great option for cats who struggle with staying hydrated as they contain a higher moisture content. Tiki Cats Emma Luau Variety Pack is an excellent choice when it comes to choosing wet food for your feline friend.

Sample buyer review My 4-year-old Burmese turns her nose up at most things, and even sometimes a food shes previously loved. She was rejecting everything a few months ago and I bought Tiki Cat partly out of desperation/partly because I liked the label, ha! We love that Open Farms ethical, eco-responsible practices are good for pets, people, and the planet, too!

The companys commitment to sustainability means every bite is built from 100% humanely raised chicken and turkey meat paired with nutritious superfoods like non-GMO pumpkin, carrot, and turmeric. Made from ethically sourced proteins raised on family farms Includes superfoods like cranberries and dandelion greens for UTI health Herring and whitefish oils provide omega-3 fatty acids Free of fillers, by-products, or unnecessary preservatives Commitment to transparency and sustainability Free, recyclable packaging program a pet-industry first! Features 40 percent highquality, delicious protein to fuel your cats active lifestyle and help maintain lean muscles.

This formula is packed with great sources of fiber for cats like pumpkin, spinach, apples, carrots, and blueberries, which also provide vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to help support a healthy immune system. Purina Beyond is formulated with real Ocean Whitefish as the first ingredient, giving your cat the necessary protein to grow strong muscles. This recipe also includes natural probiotics to promote healthy digestion, along with added vitamins and minerals for optimal health.

Cats absolutely love the taste and you can rest easy knowing this formula is full of nutrients and free of harmful ingredients. I have a total of five cats and trying to find a food they would all eat seemed impossibleMy kitten ate it, she liked it, and she didnt break out or vomit. In order for your kitten to grow into a healthy, happy cat, its important to make sure you give them proper nutrition right from the start.

Below we explain why we suggest Wellness Complete Health Kitten Formula as an excellent option for your little one. This formula is packed with nutrients to support your kitten in their physical and mental development such as antioxidant-rich cranberries, vitamins, balanced minerals, omega fatty acids, and essential taurine. Wellness Complete emphasizes that this recipe supports the 5 signs of kitty wellnessa lustrous skin and coat, a healthy stomach, bright eyes, strong teeth and gums, and plenty of energy and immune health.

Made with sweet potatoes, blueberries, carrots and cranberries your cat will get all essential vitamins, fiber and antioxidants they need from real food sources. Formulated with Halos DreamCoat supplement, this recipe contains essential fatty acids and nutrients for healthy skin and a shiny coat.

What are the top 5 healthiest cat foods?

Weruva Paw Lickin’ Chicken Formula. ….Purina Beyond Dry Cat Food (Salmon) ….Merrick Purrfect Bistro Canned Pâté (Chicken) ….Rachael Ray Nutrish Kibble Recipe (Chicken) ….American Journey Dry Cat Food (Salmon)

What is best quality cat food?

Purina One Adult Cat Food Mini Fillets in Gravy: The best wet cat food for adult cats. ….IAMS for Vitality Dental Dry Cat Food: The best dry cat food for adult cats. ….Harringtons Complete Senior Chicken Dry Cat Food: The best dry cat food for senior cats and sensitive tummies.

What cat food do most vets recommend?

Royal Canin$85. ….Science Diet$48. ….Purina Pro Plan$39. ….Just Food for Dogs Just Cats Fish & Chicken$12. ….Castor & Pollux Organix Grain-Free Organic Dry Cat Food$48. ….Wellness CORE Dry Cat Food Grain-Free$41. ….Simply Nourish SOURCE Kitten Dry Food$19. ….“I and love and you” Oh My Cod!

Does high quality cat food make a difference?

Many foods will provide and meet the basic requirements to sustain life, however higher-quality foods will result in optimal dog nutrition and cat nutrition. Higher quality foods have better digestibility than lower quality foods.

Your cats nutrition plays a vital role in its health. Without adequate nutrition, your cat could never be as healthy and full of life as it might be on a diet that meets all of its nutritional requirements. Of course, its easy to talk about a healthy feline diet, but something entirely different to offer it. Luckily, many manufacturers are producing quality commercial cat foods that can provide your furry friend with all the nutrients they need, though subpar products populate much of the pet marketplace.

Smalls Human-Grade Fresh Cat Food Delivery Top-quality ingredients High protein content No preservatives Check Latest Price Best Value Purina ONE Cat Chow Complete Dry Cat Food Calorically dense Ample fatty acids 25 essential vitamins and minerals Check Latest Price Premium Choice

Sheba Perfect Portions Grain-Free Wet Cat Food Pre-portioned containers Very low in carbohydrates Multiple animal-based proteins Check Latest Price Rachael Ray Nutrish Indoor Complete Dry Cat Food Whole-food ingredients Multiple animal proteins High in essential fatty acids Check Latest Price American Journey Grain-Free Dry Cat Food Plenty of essential fatty acids Multiple quality animal proteins 3/5 main ingredients are animal-based Check Latest Price The different flavors all have at least 80% of their content made from animal products and include offal meat such as heart and liver. The food contains added vitamins and minerals but most importantly it doesnt include any preservatives or flavors, ensuring your cat gets everything they need and nothing that they dont.

Because it is a subscription service, it may seem expensive upon first glance, but Smalls kindly calculates the price per meal for you before checkout so you can see that it is actually a great value for what you are getting. It does contain some vegetable oil in some of their recipes, which isnt as ideal as animal fats, but we still firmly believe that this is the best cat food on the market this year. With a minimum of 32% crude protein, your feline friend will be getting plenty, derived from a variety of sources including chicken and fish meal.

25 essential vitamins and minerals are packed into this calorically dense blend that offers more than 400 kcal per cup of dry food, providing some serious bang for your buck. Though cheaper in price than many alternatives, important nutrients like fatty acids and taurine were not skimped on. More affordable than alternatives Packed with 25 essential vitamins and minerals Its calorically dense Contains ample fatty acids

While dry kibbles are priced affordably for daily feline feeding, wet foods tend to offer a more delectable meal option with fewer carbohydrates and more moisture to keep your cat hydrated. The Sheba Perfect Portions Grain-Free wet cat food is our favorite premium offering, made with very few carbohydrates but plenty of protein sources. Luckily, each serving comes pre-portioned, taking the guesswork out of feeding your cats, and ensuring theres no wasted food.

Your cat will almost certainly love the texture and taste of this food, and the nutrition offered will benefit your feline in multiple ways. The Indoor Complete dry cat food from Rachael Ray Nutrish, is a great blend of value and quality. Further down the list, youll also see salmon, plus, whole foods like pumpkin and dried blueberries that contribute important vitamins and minerals.

In addition to the quality whole food ingredients, youll find plenty of vital nutrients that they supply in this cat food, including ample amounts of essential fatty acids, which aid in immune support and keep the coat and skin vibrant and healthy, among other things. Aside from ample protein, youll also find lots of essential fatty acids packed into this blend, along with plenty of other important nutrients such as taurine, phosphorous, and calcium. Still, its hard to complain about any food that packs in this much nutrition, even though this blend from American Journey doesnt quite manage to break into our top three.

This grain-free Wilderness blend from Blue Buffalo is absolutely loaded with health-impacting nutrients, including a minimum 40% crude protein. Rather, Blue Buffalo opts for higher-quality ingredients that are considered to be healthier for cats, including whole foods like carrots, sweet potatoes, and blueberries. Plus, its high in essential fatty acids to keep your cats immune system healthy and ensure their coat and skin stay luscious and vibrant.

Contains no corn, wheat, or soy Loaded with 40% protein High in omega fatty acids Grain-free recipe is easy for cats to digest Despite this, its actually decent-quality food, made with few carbohydrates and fortified with vitamins and minerals to provide ample nutrition for your feline. Of course, supplements are never as optimal as whole food ingredients, but at this price, its hard to fault them for still managing to stuff the nutrients in.

Made with minimal carbohydrates Cheaper than other wet cat foods Fortified with vitamins and minerals Iams ProActive Health Healthy Adult dry cat food is a middle-of-the-pack blend that offers satisfactory quality at an average price, without managing to do anything spectacular. The protein in this cat food primarily comes from a single source, and with 15% fat, its a bit fattier than wed prefer.

On a more positive note, the texture of the kibble is formulated to clean your cats teeth while they eat. Contains omega fatty acids for a healthy coat Chicken is listed as the main ingredient Crunchy texture cleans teeth while cats eat If youre shopping strictly based on price, then the Kit & Kaboodle dry cat food will probably be quite appealing.

Its one of the cheapest cat foods weve seen, and offering a calorically dense 404 kcals per cup, youre getting a lot of calories for the cost. Altogether, the low price might make this food attractive in a pinch, but for regular feeding, its certainly not our first choice. They have a potent marketing campaign, but the overall quality of the food leaves a lot to be desired.

You also wont find essential nutrients listed on this label, including taurine, which your cat needs. Doesnt list the taurine content Has a low caloric density Crafted with low-quality ingredients Once you start dissecting ingredient lists and nutrition labels, you realize that there are some serious differences between blends.

To help you navigate these differences, weve written a short buyers guide outlining the most important comparisons we think you should be making. Dry kibble tends to be far cheaper than wet food, but it also has a much higher carbohydrate content. Be aware, foods that contain whole-food ingredients generally cost more than those that are fortified supplementally.

The hard part is simply weeding through the marketing to determine which food offers the best nutrition for your cat at the best price. For us, the clear answer is Smalls Fresh Cat Food , made with quality whole-food ingredients and packed with protein and is human grade, if youre keen to taste it (just cook it first!). If youre budget shopping though, wed suggest checking out the Purina Cat Chow Complete , which is loaded with 25 essential vitamins and minerals at a price thats more affordable than most alternatives.

Kitties will thrive if you feed them the best dry cat food. Trouble is, there are so many meal choices on offer, it’s not easy to decide which one to buy. As you’ll see in this guide, some formulas may better suit a particular diet and some will even help with health issues such as an overproduction of hairballs. With our guidance, though, you should be able to make the right choice for your cat.

You simply need to provide a supplementary supply of fresh water which encourages cats to drink and helps prevent urinary tract and kidney problems developing. Here, though, we are going to point you to the cream of kibble’s crop by taking a closer look at the best dry cat food lining the supermarket shelves in 2021…

Founded by the eponymous celebrity chef, the Rachael Ray Nutrish brand is well-known for its natural ingredients and nutritional benefits. Full of Omega-6 fatty acids not to mention protein your cats skin and coat will be guaranteed a healthy shine should you choose to purchase it. The small pieces of kibble make it easier to chew and digest, and the crisp and crunch texture is kinder to cats teeth, also ensuring that they are kept clean.

And with a winning formula created by cat nutritionists, you can only expect the best balance of flavor and nutrition for your feline friend. Its not hard to see why this kibble is proving such a hit amongst pet parents with its large bags, delicious recipes, and affordable price – it ticks all the boxes for most feline furkids and their owners. Offering 100% complete and balanced nutrition, each tasty and crunchy bite of kibble contains all the nourishment your cat needs to thrive.

Granted, its not going to suit every kitty and the low price does mean you get ingredients thrown into the mix that you wont find in other more high-end brands, like corn, wheat, and soy. But if allergies aren’t an issue with your cat and you’re looking for a tasty formula that won’t break the bank, this kibble from 9 Lives offers solid nutrition and outstanding value for money. Reasons to avoid If you’re looking for a highquality kibble with a limited ingredient list that’s free from many known allergens, then look no further than this popular formula from Purina.

High in protein, with real chicken as the first ingredient, this gluten-free and grain-free kibble comes packed with natural probiotics for a healthy digestive system, making it ideal for cats with sensitive stomachs. With no corn, wheat, soy, poultry by-product meal, or artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, it’s gentle on the digestive system but comes packed with nutrition. Featuring taurine for heart and vision health, zinc for a robust immune system, and calcium for strong bones, this kibble has everything your kitty needs and none of what they don’t.

It’s more expensive than other kibbles, that’s for sure, but if you’re looking for a clean and limited ingredient list that’s free from a lot of the nasties found in inexpensive brands and has a rich and meaty taste your kitty will love, this option from Purina is well worth a try. If your cat tends to overeat on those lovely treats and is looking rather plump, Blue Buffalo Weight Controlis the best choice to help slim them down. The special formula is packed with whole grains and garden vegetables, as well as having carefully balanced calories to help your kittie maintain a healthy weight.

Since older cats develop difficulty chewing, the small pieces of food make it easy to gobble up, and the key thing is they contain hardly any fat. While it may be tricky to know straight away of its affect on weight loss, many owners have stated their cats have felt lighter within a couple of months. Bear in mind, some cats may have trouble digesting the food at first, so its advisable to monitor portions.

This quality formula is essentially designed to help your kitten thrive, and also suitable for pregnant and lactating feline friends. Kittens really enjoy the flavors, and we liked the fact that the kibbles are small, making it much easier to eat and digest. The Blue Buffalo formula has been enriched with its special, LifeSource bits (a unique blend of vitamins, minerals, and superfoods), and made with the best natural ingredients.

Its also loaded with antioxidant-rich superfoods to support immunity, Omega-3 for a healthy skin and coat, taurine for vision and heart health, and essential amino acids to fuel all their fun activities. It has the added benefit of having more than 75% moisture content that will help your feline pal stay hydrated much longer. Bear in mind that a few owners mentioned that it made their cats sick after eating; however this could be due to an undiagnosed allergy.

SpecificationsReasons to buy +Special blend of dietary fibers helps prevent vomiting and hairballs+High protein and fat content+Reduces plaque buildup Reasons to avoid Royal Canin Hairball Care is a specialist food that aims to provide a superior source of nutrition for cats who have a tendency to cough things up. To do this it uses a blend of insoluble dietary fibres which sweep through the stomach and into the bowels, meaning hairballs are excreted as opposed to being vomited up.

It seems to be fairly successful at achieving its aim too, with numerous owners of long haired cats leaving glowing reviews that report a noticeable reduction in hairballs. Reasons to avoid If your kitty struggles with regular digestive upsets then this gentle formula thats been specially designed for sensitive stomachs could be the perfect solution. With plenty of Vitamin E and Omega-6 fatty acids, this nourishing formula is also ideal for cats with skin or coat issues.

Designed to help promote and maintain healthy skin and lustrous fur, the soothing blend of ingredients will have your kitty looking their best in no time. We love that this recipe has recently undergone an overhaul, making real chicken the number one ingredient and introducing a proven antioxidant blend of vitamins and minerals to strengthen your cats immune system. Reasons to avoid With a clean and limited ingredient list that contains only one animal protein and one vegetable, this formula from Instinct is ideal for cats with food sensitivities.

Made with farm-raised rabbit or turkey, this nutrient-rich and easily digestible kibble provides all the essential amino acids your kitty needs to thrive. Made without grain, dairy, eggs, chicken, beef, fish, sweet potato, potato, chickpeas, corn, wheat, soy, artificial colors or preservatives, this kibble eliminates all of the common allergens that can prove difficult for kitties with delicate digestive systems and yet it still contains high levels of Omegas and antioxidants for a healthy skin, coat, and immune system. Perhaps the most unique thing about this formula is that it’s the first raw-coated kibble, where every piece is coated in freeze-dried raw rabbit or turkey for extra nutrition and taste.

(Image credit: Getty)Finding the right dry cat food to suit your feline friend can be challenging. Look for quality first ingredients such as real chicken, lamb, turkey, salmon and tuna, which are all rich in protein. And try to avoid those with artificial fillers designed to make your cat feel full, and lack any nutritional value.

There are some dry cat food brands tailored to specific dietary needs to help maintain optimal health.

A lot of people think that vets dont get much education in nutrition. In fact, as a veterinarian, I had endless hours of nutrition lectures, practicals, seminars, and workshops, not to mention many years of experience since.

Purina Pro Plan Focus Adult Weight Management Cheaper than many alternatives Doesnt require a prescription High protein for satiety CHECK PRICE Best for Urinary Health Hills Science Diet Urinary Hairball Control Cheaper than many alternatives Balanced magnesium levels High moisture content CHECK PRICE Best for Weight Gain Purina Pro Plan Critical Nutrition High calorie Smooth consistency Very palatable CHECK PRICE Best for Sensitive Stomachs Hills i/d Highly digestible Designed to reduce food sensitivities Very palatable CHECK PRICE

With up to 54% protein, depending on the recipe, and 80% animal product ingredients, you can be sure that this cat food is the top of the line. Smalls operates by subscription service, so they tailor your cats food package based on needs and preferences and deliver straight to your door. They even offer 25% off for your first order, calculated upon checkout, and will give you a full refund if your kitty doesnt love it.

The only downside we could find is that they use vegetable oil in some of their recipes instead of animal fats, but this isnt necessarily a problem. Cats eating this food will get to have several small meals throughout the day, which is considered ideal for feline behavior as well as satiety (the feeling of being full). Cats that dont feel full pester for more food, which can be a huge barrier to healthy weight loss.

For cats that need a helping hand in the urinary department, veterinarians like to reach for Hills . The key feature of this wet cat food is the careful balance of minerals to avoid crystals, sludge, and stones forming in the urinary tract. Struvite is one of the most common crystal types formed in our feline friends, and it is principally made of magnesium, so this is the most important mineral to balance.

Whilst the vast majority of cats are overweight, there are a few who need a helping hand with their weight gain. Not only is it ideal for inpatients being fed after surgery (it reduces the chance of us having to deal with an explosive reaction if a patient has a sensitive stomach!) Theyve balanced for gentle growth whilst still providing energy for play, meaning this kitten food will keep your cat happy and well-fed to 12 months of age.

There are lots of flavor combinations, all of which have been formulated to be complete and balanced without losing out on the texture that interests your cat. Best of all, like all Purina Pro Plan products, its made in the USA and backed by research done by veterinarians, nutritionists, and scientists. In fact, Purina Pro Plan is one of the few ranges that regularly do feeding trials to prove the nutritional content of their food.

Hills Prescription Diet t/d Dental Care Can be fed long term Reduce plaque and tartar Veterinary Oral Health Council approved CHECK PRICE Best for Weight Loss Purina Pro Plan Focus Adult Urinary Tract Health Low dietary magnesium Produces a low urine pH CHECK PRICE Best for Weight Gain Royal Canin Feline Health Kitten High-calorie formulation High levels of vitamins and minerals CHECK PRICE Best for Sensitive Stomachs Royal Canin Gastrointestinal Fiber Response Added prebiotics Blend of fibers Psyllium husks CHECK PRICE Whilst most dry foods dont seem to have any impact on dental health, the Hills t/d diets are clinically proven to reduce plaque and tartar build-up.

The kibble shape, size, and texture helps to clean your cats teeth, therefore reducing the occurrence of dental plaque. Its got the Veterinary Oral Health Council Accepted Product seal, too- so you know its clinically proven and a vet recommended cat food to help with dental problems. The only catch is the price tag- as a clinically-proven diet, it costs a lot more than the average bag of pet food at the supermarket!

Its also a prescription diet, which means it needs veterinary approval- but most vets will not hesitate to provide your supplier with the correct authorization. Can be fed long term Proven to reduce plaque and tartar Veterinary Oral Health Council approved It contains satiety-enhancing ingredients to help your cat feel fuller for longer, so they wont be pestering you at their food bowl.

Its also often best to increase water intake for cats with urinary issues, so a wet diet is preferable to a dry one. And just giving them extra portions of their usual diet wont necessarily be enough- sometimes their tiny stomachs cant take in all the nutrients they need unless the food youre feeding is calorie-dense. Kitten food is higher in calories and can be fed to adult cats for a short time to help them gain weight.

This diet has plenty of fiber from many different sources- these promote normal intestinal movement, well-formed feces, and healthy gut bacteria. Psyllium seed husks are also added as they absorb excess moisture to keep stools formed. Although this product requires veterinary authorization, most vets will be happy to prescribe to any cat suffering from recurrent vomiting or diarrhea, gas, abdominal pain, or regurgitation after eating.

It also has balanced protein to encourage ideal growth rates and the Omega-6 DHA which is important for your kittens sight and brain development. The only problem is the price tag- compared to many other brands, Hills is a lot more expensive- but I feel your kittens health is worth investing in and I regularly recommend this food! It also contains ingredients to support good coat and skin health- like Vitamin A and Omega-6 fatty acids- in order to reduce the need for grooming.

As its complete and balanced- and backed by science- this product is safe to feed for life, making it an easy way to improve your cats wellbeing. The reason is that indoor-only cats can be prone to a range of diseases that are rarer in outdoor cats- such as obesity and urinary problems. This range from Purina Pro Plan is specially formulated to help your cats avoid some of these issues.

It also contains added glucosamine and chondroitin for supporting healthy joints, although the levels arent as high as Id usually recommend, so extra supplementation might be necessary. The Pet Nutrition Alliance also went to the trouble of contacting all of the manufacturers of all of the brands available for sale in the USA and Canada in 2019 and asking them some of the questions recommended by the WSAVA. One of the biggest pet nutrition myths out there is that grains are bad and that diets should be made of real ingredients, not by-products.

This doesnt mean that these ingredients are bad (in fact, humans eat these parts of the animal world over), but theyd still be thrown away if we didnt use them for pet food. Grains provide excellent sources of nutrients not found in high quantities elsewhere, so theyre often added for this reason. In fact, obligate carnivore means that cats have to eat meat to survive- they cant be vegetarians, as they need nutrients that are not present in vegetables.

This doesnt mean they cant eat anything other than meat though, as any owner of a cat that likes to steal bread, cake or carrots will tell you! Your local veterinary clinic will usually offer a free consultation to determine this, or you can go to the Pet Nutrition Alliances calculator to get a recommended feeding amount in calories . You can then use the food tab to type in the calorie content of your pets food (found on the back of the packet, usually in the guaranteed analysis section) to get a recommendation for the number of tins or cups you should be feeding your pet each day.

In order to make sure your pet doesnt end up overweight, you should definitely consider their calorie allowance when it comes to treats. Research is beginning to show that wet cat food is closer to the real moisture content of the natural prey diet; and since cats arent good drinkers, getting the right amount of water in their diet is more important than it is for dogs. Although lions in the zoo are different from your cat in many ways, the fact remains that both need enrichment when they eat.

In fact, part of our duties as owners are that we allow our cats to express natural behaviors- like hunting. For your cats mental and physical health, you should consider feeding them with puzzle feeders that allow them to express some of this natural behavior. Many types of puzzle feeders are available, from the treat ball style all the way through to those designed like mice for your cat to hunt .

The moisture content of wet food makes it ideal for bacterial and fungal growth, and its also prone to attracting flies. In this case, it might be a good idea to stop by the grocery store to pick up a small bag of something while they sort themself out before heading back into the vet recommended food. One of the best cat foods at Walmart is the Rachael Ray Nutrish line , but it doesnt make the cut on this list.

Since wet foods can afford to be a bit more exciting, I recommend the range of flavors in the Purina Pro Plan Savour Adult range its formulated by experts to provide everything your cat needs, whilst remaining appetizing for your cat. I recommend the t/d diet from Hills , which has been clinically proven to reduce plaque and tartar on your cats teeth.


When it comes to keeping your cat healthy and happy, it’s important to pick the highest quality food for them to enjoy. With this in mind, our review team has curated a list of the best cat food of 2021, based on a combination of customer reviews, quality ingredients, and price.Whether your feline fancies dry cat food or wet cat food, we understand that you want to keep your cat in optimal health—today and in the future. So all the brands we recommend offer the nutrition and protein your cat needs to fulfill this goal.Read on to find the best fit for your cat—depending on their age, their preferences, and your family’s lifestyle.
We love Smalls because they are a brand that puts felines first. It’s a cat food brand really dedicated to optimal cat nutrition, small batches, fresh ingredients, and excellent customer service. Their Human-Grade Fresh Cat Food is exactly what it says it is. It’s human-grade quality, USDA certified, and made from humanely harvested and sustainable protein sources. The food is available in four different recipes: Bird (Chicken), Cow, Other Bird (Turkey and Chicken Liver), and Fish. There are no preservatives, no mystery fillers, and no artificial colors. The recipes are lightly cooked and delivered to your home as part of a cat food subscription service, making your life easier! What’s not to love?

When it comes to deciding what dry food to feed your feline friend it can be tough to know which is the right fit amongst the abundance of choices. We believe Blue Buffalo’s Indoor Health Natural formula is an excellent dry food that stands apart from other dry-food options available. Here are some of the reasons why:Read more buyer reviews at Chewy.comCanned wet foods are a great option for cats who struggle with staying hydrated as they contain a higher moisture content. They also work wonders for the pickier eaters. Tiki Cat’s Emma Luau Variety Pack is an excellent choice when it comes to choosing wet food for your feline friend.Read more buyer reviews at Chewy.com

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain-Free

The Indoor Complete dry cat food from Rachael Ray Nutrish, is a great blend of value and quality. It’s made with highquality ingredients that are primarily whole foods, yet still priced more affordably than most health-conscious brands. You’ll find many animal proteins as well, including chicken, which is listed as the main ingredient, followed by chicken meal. Further down the list, you’ll also see salmon, plus, whole foods like pumpkin and dried blueberries that contribute important vitamins and minerals.In addition to the quality whole food ingredients, you’ll find plenty of vital nutrients that they supply in this cat food, including ample amounts of essential fatty acids, which aid in immune support and keep the coat and skin vibrant and healthy, among other things. Unfortunately, not every ingredient on this list is a favorite of ours. We could do without ingredients such as corn or peas, but considering the great blend of quality whole foods used to create this food and reasonable pricing, we think it’s one of the best cat foods on the market.

Kit & Kaboodle Dry Cat Food

Wet cat food is always more expensive than dry kibble, but Fancy Feast canned cat food is priced pretty affordably compared to the competition. Despite this, it’s actually decent-quality food, made with few carbohydrates and fortified with vitamins and minerals to provide ample nutrition for your feline. Of course, supplements are never as optimal as whole food ingredients, but at this price, it’s hard to fault them for still managing to stuff the nutrients in.At this price, you might expect inferior ingredients, but many of the ingredients used are rather highquality. The first ingredient listed in this blend is turkey, followed by liver, meat by-products, turkey broth, and poultry giblets. As you can tell, they used a lot of whole-food animal-based ingredients, which we always like to see. That said, there are also artificial flavorings added, but since cats seem attracted to the Fancy Feast flavor, we can’t really complain.

How to Choose the Best Cat Food

Meow Mix is a cat food brand that almost everyone has heard of. They have a potent marketing campaign, but the overall quality of the food leaves a lot to be desired. To be fair, it’s a dirt-cheap food, and it’s still got a few positive qualities, but it’s not a food we’d recommend for most cats.The first two ingredients in this blend are ground yellow corn and corn gluten meal. Next, you’ll see chicken by-product meal; our first animal-based ingredient. You will find several more animal-based protein sources further down the list, including salmon meal and turkey by-product meal, but these aren’t top-quality ingredients and they’re not primary ingredients in the recipe.This food contains just 308 kcals per cup, which is about 100 kcals less than many other foods, so you’re not getting as much bang for your buck. You also won’t find essential nutrients listed on this label, including taurine, which your cat needs. While we do have a few good things to say about this food, it’s still not one that earns our recommendation.

The Nutritional Information Label

The nutritional information label on any cat food can tell you a lot about what it offers your cat. On this label, you’ll be able to see the breakdown of nutrients contained in the food. Of primary importance is protein, which cats need plenty of. We usually prefer higher-protein blends over ones with less protein since protein is one of the most important nutrients for cats to consume.You should also check on the concentrations of essential nutrients like taurine and fatty acids. Your cat has to eat get these through its diet, so it’s vital that any foods you provide for your cat offer these nutrients.

Ingredient lists

While the nutrition label can give you a lot of information, it can also hide a lot. Protein percentages can be deceptive, for instance. Not all protein is created equal, and much of that protein could be from cheap carbohydrate-based fillers, rather than quality animal-based protein sources. The easy way to tell is to look at the ingredients list.Ingredients are listed in the order of their concentration. So, the first ingredient is the most prevalent ingredient in the recipe, and the last ingredient will be found in the lowest dosage. The top five ingredients will tell you a lot about the overall quality of the food. If these ingredients are primarily animal-based protein sources, then the food is probably highquality.In general, it’s better to see lots of whole-food ingredients listed, instead of supplemental vitamins and minerals. Supplemental nutrients are better than no nutrients, but if they’re derived from whole-food sources, the nutrients will be more readily accepted by your cat’s body, which makes the food healthier overall. Be aware, foods that contain whole-food ingredients generally cost more than those that are fortified supplementally.

The Veterinarian’s Approach to Diet

Should you feed your cat wet cat food or dry cat food? There are certainly pros and cons to each, and it can be hard to decide. As a veterinarian, and in the absence of any medical conditions, I would advise that you feed your cats a mixture of both wet and dry: around 75% of the diet calories should be from wet cat food, whilst the other 25% can be from dry food.The truth is, there are hundreds of food brands out there, and most will be just fine for most cats. But for those that want to go the extra mile for their cats, there are a few food brands to avoid. I would strongly recommend avoiding anything that claims to be vegetarian or vegan – it is unethical to feed these to cats, which have evolved as carnivores. I’d also avoid brands that seem to have spent more on marketing than nutrition. You can read reviews online, but I’d also follow our guide below to make sure you aren’t just picking the popular food, you’re picking not only a top-rated cat food, but a veterinarian-recommended top-rated cat food.