Guinea Pig Noises and What They Mean?

Pet guinea pigs are active, inquisitive animals that can make great companions. Understanding what their behavior means will help you build a closer relationship with your furry friend.

Socializing and playtime are important parts of a guinea pigs life, and if neglected, it could lead to stress or depression.

What are unhappy guinea pig noises?

Teeth chattering, hissing, growling, and whining are all some unhappy guinea pig sounds that your guinea pig may make when they are in discomfort with another piggie. … It may be accompanied by showing off teeth as an aggressive “back off”. To remedy this, have enough treats nearby to hand out to everyone.

What sound does a guinea pig make when it's happy?

Purring : this can mean your Guinea pig is happy or angry, so you’ll need to look at the context of the situation carefully. A contented Guinea pig will make a low purring sound, whereas an annoyed piggy may make a more high pitched purr, with this increasing in pitch towards the end. She may also vibrate a bit as well.

How do I know if my guinea pig is happy?

Clear eyes and a dry nose..A good appetite and enthusiasm for food..Plenty of activity (not at all lethargic).“Popcorning” (when a guinea pig leaps into the air with happiness)

Have you ever wondered what your guinea pig is trying to tell you? We have compiled this list of guinea pig vocalizations to help pet parents become guinea pig whisperers!

Many pet owners find that bubbling only occurs between cage mates who deeply enjoy one anothers company, or during a particularly cozy lap time. In this recording, the guinea pig is eating a treat but is still a little unsure of his surroundings (made apparent by his short rumbles).

Chattering that occurs between two guinea pigs (especially during introductions) is a sign that you should be on alert and ready to step in before aggressive behaviors escalate. An Oxbow employees guinea pig chirped once when he was very youngshe decided to sleep in on the weekend only to be woken up by a sudden bird-like sound in the living room. This sound with the context of body language or surroundings is an unmistakable sign of pain or fear in guinea pigs.

If your guinea pig is making a clicking, crackling, wheezing, or hooting sound while they take breaths, it is essential to quickly see a exotics veterinarian.

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Purring: this can mean your Guinea pig is happy or angry, so youll need to look at the context of the situation carefully. Teeth chattering: This doesnt mean your Guinea pig is cold, and is in fact a back off signal, warning other piggys and people to stay away.

You may find a fighting guinea pig makes this noise, accompanied with the bearing of its teeth. Complaining or moaning: Its thought Guinea pigs make the noise when they want some personal space, or to tell other piggys or people to back off. Shrieking: This high pitched noise means your piggy is really upset, frightened or scared.

Hissing: Your piggy will make this sound as a warning sign, and to tell other Guinea pigs or humans to back off. Consider whether youve changed your Guinea pigs washing powder recently, or if any room scents or deodrants have been used near your piggy.

Have you ever looked at your pet and thought, Just what is going on in that brain of yours? Well, Young Post has been getting the pawriffic low-down from vets and other animal experts to help you interpret your furry friends behaviour and what it could be thinking.

Guinea pigs wheek when they are excited in anticipation of something they enjoy such as food or yummy treats. In adult guinea pigs, males and females coo as a way of showing affection for each other.

Then, slowly reintroduce the two for short periods of time until the chattering quiets and hierarchy (yes, that does happen in the world of guinea pigs) is established. But when guinea pigs do this, it might look as if they are in a trance-like state eyes wide open as they stare blankly into space. So if you hear chirping, it might not be a bad idea to give your piggy a little love.

Answers provided by Dr Kris Koh, veterinary surgeon at Vet Affinity, Singapore This week, were finding out what guinea pigs are trying to tell us through their delightful and sometimes overbearing squeaks and wheeks.