Why Cats Pee on Clothes?

One of my cats is peeing in my son’s laundry basket full of clothes. He has always treated her fine, so this isn’t a personality problem. We keep his bedroom door shut, but somehow, every once in a while, when it is left open, it happens again. Is there some kind of repellent I can … Read more

Why Do Cats Arch Their Backs?

Youve probably seen your cat in this famous Halloween pose. Tail up, back stretched upwards, and just enjoying the moment. But why do cats arch their back? However, you can differentiate between this and their response to threat because they arent showing their teeth, hissing, or growling . This kind of behavior can be directed … Read more

Why Does My Cat Sit on My Lap When I Pee?

Cats are fluffy enigmas intent on prying love right out of their owners hearts after theyve fed them, of course. Though there are so many unsolved feline mysteries, one of the strangest is their obsession with the bathroom specifically, why cats seem hell-bent on following their humans to the toilet. A cat scientist and wildlife … Read more

Why Do Dogs Like Cat Poop?

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Why Does My Cat Bring Me Socks?

All cat owners have experienced their cats bringing them random things as gifts. It could be a dead rat, their toys or other items. While most find it cute, your cat most likely has a message for you. How about when your cat brings you socks? Does it mean anything at all? It was observed … Read more

Why Do Cats Wake You Up?

Romeo, a Persian cat and star of the cat humor blog “Romeo The Cat,” is famous for his early morning wake–up tactics. Here are just a few, documented by Caroline Golon, Romeos “chief of staff.” African wildcats, the presumed ancestor of todays domestic cats, hunt primarily at night. Many cats live a lonely, boring life, … Read more

Why Does My Cat Breath Smell?

Just as you hit the snooze button and roll over, something seems amiss. What is that smell? And, as you open your eyes, there stands your feline friend, yawning out that bad cat breath of which jolts you from your slumber. As plaque and tartar build, the immune system kicks in and produces cellular changes … Read more

Why Does My Cat Dig at the Floor?

Your cat may be digging at the floor for several reasons. For example, If it is near a food bowl, it could be attempting to bury it. However, if it is near a closed-door it could be signaling that it wants to be let out right away. You will need to see the location to … Read more

Why Is My Cat Walking in Circles?

Well, it can be, in some cases, but it can also be a symptom of a medical condition, especially if it happens too often and it is associated with other clinical signs. Sometimes, your cat might want to convince you to give her some food or spend some time in bed petting her, so thats … Read more

Why Does My Dog Lick My Cat?

Its a known fact that felines are natural groomers, but what does it mean when a dog licks a cat? While cats and dogs are stereotyped for intense rivalry, many of them actually get along. In fact, licking the cat is actually a sign that your dog is submitting to your feline. Its also possible … Read more