Great Dane vs Mastiff?

Is a Great Dane bigger than a mastiff?

Whilst Great Danes are not necessarily smaller, they are considerably lighter than English Mastiffs, with adult males standing at between 76 and 86 cm tall (which is between 30 and 34 inches) and weighing between 54 and 90 kg (or between 119 and 198 pounds), with the females being a bit smaller and lighter.

Are Great Danes considered mastiffs?

Technically, Great Danes are not part of the Mastiff family. However, Great Danes are believed to be descendants of Mastiffs, and have been cultivated as their own distinct breed for at least the last 400 years. … While Great Danes aren’t technically a Mastiff, there’s still a lot of similarities between them.

Do Great Danes drool like mastiffs?

The Great Dane is typically a gentle giant, easygoing and mild-mannered. He needs only moderate exercise, but does need space and shouldn’t be cramped into studio apartments and postage-stamp yards. … Great Danes drool and slobber and lumber around in a rather bumptious manner.