Great Dane Grey and Black?

What are GREY and black Great Danes called?

Merlequin Great Danes are non-standard variations known for their combination of mottled merle patches and the more distinct dark and white Harlequin markings. The main color is white which appears randomly all over the body. The rest of the coat will have black and gray mottled markings.

What is the rarest Great Dane color?

White. This is the rarest of the Great Dane colors, and the most susceptible to genetic defects. White Danes are common in Merle to Merle mating, and are almost completely white; a few markings are possible.

What is a black and white Great Dane called?

6. Mantle Great Dane. The mantle-colored Great Dane consists of two colors: black and white.

How many colors of Great Danes are there?

The Official Great Dane Colors. The seven officially recognized colors are Black, Blue, Fawn, Brindle, Harlequin, Mantle, and Merle. The color preference for breeding is commonly approached through color families, where it’s considered more acceptable to cross colors within the family than to bridge across families.