German Longhaired Pointer Puppies?

How much does a German Longhaired Pointer cost?

The price tag on your German Longhaired Pointer is going to be a little steep but well worth it for an animal lover. You can get a puppy of this breed from a respected high-end breeder for between $800 and $1,800. This depends greatly on the experience and the reputation of the breeder.

Are German Longhaired Pointers rare?

They might not be the best pet for families who have rodents or other small animals as pets, because of their strong hunting instinct. If socialized early enough, they can do fine with cats. German Longhaired Pointers are a pretty rare breed.

Are German Longhaired Pointers good family dogs?

Generally docile and affectionate, German Longhaired Pointers make excellent family dogs, no matter the age of children. However, when they get too excited, they can accidentally knock down a smaller child. German Longhaired Pointers generally get along with other dogs as well.