German Boxer vs American Boxer?

What is the difference between an American boxer and a German boxer?

The most noticeable difference between an American Boxer and the German Boxer or UK Boxer is the tight, shiny skin and coat. As you can see, the skin (other than the head) has no wrinkles. Most, but not all, will have a tighter coat.

What is the difference between Euro and American boxers?

The first difference between the Euro Boxer and the American Boxer is the head. The Euro tends to have a larger, more square head and shorter muzzle. American Boxers are more elegant, while the Euros are larger boned and contain more substance. The Euros weight more than the Americans.

What are the 3 types of boxer dogs?

America Boxer Dog..German Boxer Dog..English Boxer Dog.

How much do German boxers weigh?

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