Gerberian Shepsky Puppies for Sale?

How much are Gerberian Shepsky puppies?

Gerberian Shepsky puppies range in price from $350-$850. When looking to buy a Gerberian Shepsky be sure to research the breeder and make sure they are practicing ethical breeding routines.

Where can I buy Gerberian Shepsky?

Begin with a Breeder. Although you might be able to find Gerberian Shepskies in rescue, if you’re looking to purchase this specific hybrid, then a breeder is often your best bet. You may be able to find Gerberian Shepsky breeders through the American Canine Hybrid Club or through local advertising in your area.

How much is a German shepherd husky mix worth?

How Much Does a German Shepherd Husky Mix Cost? A German Shepherd Husky mix will cost $400 to $1500 depending on the breeder. As the German Shepherd and Husky are both recognized by the American Kennel Club the breeder should provide you certificates for the parents if they are registered with the AKC.

Is a Shepsky a good pet?

The Gerberian Shepsky is loyal, alert, affectionate and intelligent. They can be reserved and a bit wary with stranger’s due to their protective instincts to the owner and their family. They are good with children, but are not so good with cats and other dogs unless they have been socialized thoroughly.