The Funniest Yard Signs You Have Ever Seen

They say that laughing’s the best medicine, and there’s no doubt that keeping things light and funny can really make a difference.

The thing about humor is that it comes in all sorts of flavors and forms, yet the most unique thing about it is that you can always find it in every corner. And in this case, we’ve found some hilarious class clowns that took things to the next level by adding a splash of hilarity to their yard signs.

Not only will they have you laughing, but these folks who crossed the line from serious to silly will have you wishing they lived in your neighborhood!

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A Slice of Spicy Humor

Yikes! It looks like things got a little messy behind closed doors over here at this house on Brink Avenue.

But as we mentioned before, laughing is the best medicine—even for a broken heart. And it looks like this lady is well on her way to mending her heart and cleaning up her husband’s mess by getting rid of all of his things.

And on top of that, she’s doing it with a slice of some spicy humor.A Slice of Spicy Humor

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Go Away Unless You’re a Girl Scout

There’s nothing like getting a warning in advanced before you’re about to be rejected, and it looks like this house has got all of their bases covered—especially at the very end with their double exclamation points.

They’re not interested in anyone coming to their door to convince them of anything—whether it’s those solicitors trying to sell knives or vacuums, or anyone trying to sway their vote and talk their ears off about elections.

That is, unless it’s those adorable little girl scouts with their addictive Thin Mint cookies, of course. They’re always welcome.Go Away Unless You’re a Girl Scout

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Stepping Away from the Step Master

Wow! What a jackpot of a find! Exercise equipment is incredibly expensive, especially a big machine like this one.

It looks like this neighbor truly is lazy if they’re willing to step away and give up this Step Master machine away for free. At least they still have their sense of humor and optimistic spirit to keep them going.

And hey, if anything, it looks like they’re willing to give a chance and inspire someone else who’s focused on creating a more active lifestyle for themselves. Right?Stepping Away from the Step Master

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Not Today Burglars & Thieves

Protecting your property is crucial, and it looks like this house has figured out a way to make sure to keep anyone out and give a clear, cut message of that. How?

By posting up a home security sign of a target practice proving impeccable aim, by the Frontsight Firearms Training Institute.

And if that wasn’t threatening enough, they made sure to add in that nothing in their home is worthy of losing your life over.

Not today burglars and thieves. Not ever.Not Today Burglars & Thieves

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Well, if the Most Interesting Man in the World Said So…

Even if you don’t know him by name, we’re sure you’re familiar with his famous face and strong words. But for those of you who need a little reminding, when Jonathan Goldsmith a.k.a. “The Most Interesting Man in the World” says “I don’t always —, but I do —”, then you know he means serious business about whatever he’s talking about.

And it’s clear from this large yellow sign that if you’re wanting to go to a yard sale, then the people who posted this sign must mean serious business about their, well, business.Well, if the Most Interesting Man in the World Said So...

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Haunted or Not?

Who doesn’t love a fair warning in advance? Perhaps the owners of the house posted that the property is “not haunted”, because they’re sick and tired of potential buyers getting spooked by the enchanted exterior of the estate.

Then again, perhaps it was the ghosts who live at the house that posted it because the house actually is haunted, and they’re trying to fool potential buyers.

Either way, we can’t deny that this is quite a unique and funny yard sign—one that you’ll never forget.Haunted or Not?

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Always Read the Fine Print

At a first glance this might look like a normal warning sign, but if there’s anything that this sign can teach us, it’s the importance of reading the fine print.

The fine print reads: “If we see smoke around you, we’ll assume you’re on fire and drench you with water.”

Can’t really argue with that logic—safety first, right?

There’s no doubt that of the best humor is found in the details, but it’s the passive-aggressive message that really takes things to the next level here.Always Read the Fine Print

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A Saucy Set of House Rules

Most pool have standard safety rules such as “no running” and “no jumping”, but once in a while you get a unique rule thrown into the mix—especially when you own the place and can come up with any house rules you want.

It looks like for this private pool they’re all about keeping their pool safe and clean, but still somehow have maintained to hint that their minds are a bit dirty with their swimsuit “optional” sign. How scandalous!A Saucy Set of House Rules

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Warning: Approaching Over the Hillville

Watch out! All of these warning signs are here to let us know that we’re approaching “Over the Hillville”—which means that there’s someone “old” who’s around.

looks like this lucky neighbor has a house full of people who really care about them, considering all of these “warning” signs about watching out for the elderly with canes crossing, and that we must yield to aches and pains.

And who says you can’t have fun just because you’re not a kid anymore?Warning: Approaching Over the Hillville

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No Use in Flying the Coop

We’re not really sure what went down between these two neighbors, but it’s very clear that they each favor passive-aggressive tactics, just in different ways.

While the first person called the cops on the other, as pay back, they struck back by plastering a bunch of hot pink garden flamingos all over the neighborhood yard with a warning sign that reads: “To: whoever called the police on my lawn instead of talking to me like a good neighbor: your move.”

Looks like they won’t let anyone fly the coop from this one!No Use in Flying the Coop

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Have You Seen This Ninja Turtle?

Oh boy! The odds of a turtle actually making a get-away and successfully escaping seem quite similar to the odds of someone posting up a “missing” sign of said turtle.

As sad as it is to lose a precious pet, it looks like the owner is trying to use a little bit of humor to help get ‘em through this tough time, by giving their little critter a little bit of personality and spice with the whole “slow but very dangerous” gimmick.

Actually … now that we think about it … Maybe this whole sign is actually about a Ninja Turtle!Have You Seen This Ninja Turtle?

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OMG Becky

Whether it’s classical music or rap, music makes the world go around. So why not use one of the most famous and classic hip-hop/rap songs of our time to promote something that’s important to us?

And if music makes the world go around, and humor is the best medicine, then you’ve got yourself quite a strong concoction for success when you combine them together, right?

It looks like these neighbors definitely had some fun using the intro lyrics of “Baby Got Back” by the one and only Sir Mix-A-Lot to lure in people for their yard sale!OMG Becky

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Short, Sweet, and Point to the Beer

We love the whole short, sweet, and to the point vibes that this sign has got going with its bolded and bright yellow letters that read “GARAGE SALE FREE BEER”.

Pointing to the “free beer” is quite a clever quip, considering the fact that it’s always easier to convince someone to buy things after sharing a drink together. And even if they don’t have free beer, at least they’re luring in more of a crowd to take a look around and what they got to sell. Cheers to clever marketing!Short, Sweet, and Point to the Beer

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We Go Where Gosling Goes

Let’s be honest. Who doesn’t want to go where the incredibly dreamy and romantic Ryan Gosling is headed to?

Whether it’s a moonlit picnic under the stars or a bright and early yard sale in the neighborhood, it’s quite hard to resist anything the astonishing actor suggests—especially when he starts with “Hey girl”.

So we’ve got to hand it to the residents on Richmond Avenue who took advantage of this brilliant and hilarious marketing tactic to grab interest and boost sales!We Go Where Gosling Goes

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Dumpster Dive Prices

If you really want to get into the concept of one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, then yard sales are definitely a good place to start. But dumpster diving—now that’s a whole-nother-ball game, and sounds more like the true version of it.

But these hysterical neighbors seem to have found a decent compromise, and have given you all an out to literally jumping in their dumpsters for their unwanted potentially treasured items, for a super cheap price that’s worth every penny!Dumpster Dive Prices

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Desperation Calls for Desperate Ways to Sell

We’re not really sure what to think about this yard sale right here. We can understand how one is desperate to get rid of things—there’s something special about cleaning out the house and ridding yourself of unwanted items. And even more so when you’re trying to make some extra cash. Right?

But what exactly do they mean when they say “desperate things”?

We can’t say that they don’t have our attention! And the fact that the sale is an “Alley Sale” has got us chuckling and oozing with curiosity.Desperation Calls for Desperate Ways to Sell

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Super Heroes Know What’s Best

First of all, we’ve got to give these folks props for quite a spot-on batman drawing!

Second, we love that they utilized one of America’s most-loved super heroes to lure in people for their garage sale. After all, if the glorious Batman tells you to do something, how can you really say no? Super heroes are supposed to know what’s best for us. Right?

So it looks like it’s time to turn right, and head over to the yard sale!Super Heroes Know What’s Best

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An Accidental Secret Admirer

There’s something special about a hand-written love letter—and we love how this hubby meant to spoil his wife with his words of love from the heart.

But alas, the romance was dimmed out when his act of love was accidentally placed on some random neighbor’s car and found in the wrong hands. Whoops!

It looks like he decided to utilize his talents with words by creating a little bit of humor, and clarifying that the accidental secret admirer incident was a mistake. What a hilarious turn of events!An Accidental Secret Admirer

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Do Horses Sleep Standing Up?

Oh no! It looks like a lot of people are mistaking about the way that horses sleep!

A lot of the times signs are posted because what seems to be an obvious situation, turns out to be anything but common sense.

Just like how people don’t know that horses sleep on the ground while laying down, and not standing up like cows. It looks like many people keep calling the emergency hotlines to warn that something is wrong with the horses, while in fact they’re just enjoying a nice slumber on the ground.Do Horses Sleep Standing Up?

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The Different Colors of Comeddie

It looks like we’ve got some cleverly hilarious wits looking for something precious!

Without reading the text, the first thing you probably think when you see this poster is that someone has last their sweet kitty, Eddie.

But if you read the fine print, or more specifically the last line, then you’ll realize that whoever posted this sign isn’t interested in looking for Eddie at all.

Sort of a sad, twisted sense of humor, but hey! Comedy has a whole range of different colors.The Different Colors of Comeddie

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When You’re Excited About “Crap”

We love the positivity that these folks have when it comes to hosting their yard sale and selling their unwanted stuff. They seem to be so excited about finding a home for their undesired belongings that they’ve cheerfully expressed how their so-called “crap” could be yours if you swing on by and purchase something of your liking!

They even used a neon yellow sign that’s as bright as the sun. Hard to walk away without taking a look at what they have to offer. Right?When You’re Excited About “Crap”

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Careless Canine Owners, Beware

Wow, it’s safe to say these people are far from passive-aggressive.

It’s never nice to leave your pet’s droppings anywhere, let alone someone else’s private property. Maybe if doggie doo-doo really worked as a fertilizer, things would be different. But alas, it is not.

So we’ve really got to give props to Grandma and Grandpa for taking matters into their own hands, and using their little grandson to give those careless canine owners a little taste of their own medicine!Careless Canine Owners, Beware

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Stop Smoking for the Kitty’s Sake

One of the best ways to get people’s attention, is to strike them with a little bit of emotion—and this sign has got us feeling all sorts of things!

These clever and savvy neighbors used a little bit of twisted humor to tug at our heart strings, in order to keep people from throwing their cigarette butts on their property.

They kindly requested that nobody throw their butts in their yard since their sweet little kitty “smokes” them and they’re trying to get him to quit. So funny, and yet oh-so-sad.Stop Smoking for the Kitty’s Sake

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Even Plants Need Their Beauty Sleep

This little sign is super adorable and we can’t help but chuckle and smile! There’s just something so precious about giving inanimate objects character, or in this case, living organisms like grass and plants.

A cute sign reading “Do not disturb, tiny grass dreaming” is such a heart-warming and loving way to tell us to stay off the lawn.

And it just goes to show that you really can catch more bees with honey, and that there are more friendlier methods to get the message across.Even Plants Need Their Beauty Sleep

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Crazy Granny’s Gadgets

We’re not really sure how effective this sign is, but we love the candid comedy behind it all!

Walking into a yard sale with the precursor of it being someone’s “psycho grandma’s garage sale” doesn’t seem that welcoming of an invitation. Especially if Granny might be there—who knows what kind of interactions can happen with a potential wild fire like that?

However! Maybe that means she has all sorts of interesting things to sell.

Either way, we can’t deny that this is a pretty unique and funny sign.Crazy Granny’s Gadgets

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We Must Find Out

There are all sorts of ways and ingenious marketing tactics to use to pull people in. And when it comes to purchasing products in a department store, who can really resist? We’re all suckers for things deep down, and instead of using a direct call-to-action, we can’t deny utilizing this philosophical approach is a great way to keep us all intrigued.

Is it an actual yard sale? Is it an inexpensive department sort? Who knows? But we’d like to find out!We Must Find Out

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Humor Can Be Healing in Hurting Times

Uh oh! It looks like things over here in this neighborhood got a little messy, too, behind closed doors.

But as we all know by now, humor can be incredibly healing in hurting times—especially a spicey one with a kick like this!

And by the looks of it, it’s pretty clear that this neighbor is ready to move on with their life, cleanse themselves, and is getting rid of all of their ex’s belongings—the same way they’re booting him out!Humor Can Be Healing in Hurting Times

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A Precarious Placement of Parrots

Clearly, someone lost their precious parrot and is hoping that someone around town has seen their bird and can safely return it home.

Unfortunately, it looks like someone already got to him first, and has planned to throw a Parrot BBQ. Yikes!

But let’s not fly away with any conclusions just yet. Maybe the party is for selling little parrots, sort of like an adoption give-away when someone has a lovable litter of adorable puppies and kittens.

Either way, the placing of these two signs is pretty hilarious if you’re into irony.A Precarious Placement of Parrots

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Playful Puns and a Daring Double Entendre

This one might take a second to understand, so we’ll clarify the type of humor they’re going for to give you a little hint.

Basically, when it comes to their choice of humor, it looks like the Eau Gallie Veterinary Clinic is super into playful puns and a daring double entendre.

Getting your pet neutered definitely helps with their aggressive and territorial behavior, which in turn can make them seem “less nuts”. But when we’re speaking about the procedure and what it physically does to the dog, that’s where the double entendre comes into play. Clever!Playful Puns and a Daring Double Entendre

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A Memorial of April 1st 1780

The main reason for posting up a sign is to send a message, clarification, or warning to people about something worth noting. And for generations and generations, one of those “clarification” signs, are for memorial or monumental locations, like for national parks or historical markings.

And it looks like the people of our past have had quite a sense of humor for April Fool’s Day for hundreds of years, seeing as someone posted that at that very spot, on April 1st, 1780, a whole lot of nothing was going on.

Good to know that our ancestors were keeping out of trouble.A Memorial of April 1st 1780

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Precious Possessions from People of the Past

We’ve seen all sorts of intriguing and hilarious yard signs with sorts of clever messages and jokes, but this one has a very special essence to it. A very in-your-face approach.

Asides from the fact that there’s a small grammatical error in it—it should say “people’s” and not “people”—we do appreciate the fact that they’re being open and honest about where these belongings came from!

After all, one of the coolest things about garage sales is finding the precious possessions of the past. Right?Precious Possessions from People of the Past

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Dawn of the Dead

Democracy is the greatest from of government but we all know that it’s sometimes hard to find a candidate to support. This is why this person right here decided to nominate someone a bit less conservative.

And we agree that the walking dead may be wonderful state legislators. They are dead, meaning they do not need to be distracted by the everyday concerns we all have, and they are very very popular by the masses, as can be seen by the success of movies and TV shows revolving them.Dawn of the Dead

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Wife Sale

Uh oh! We know that this snarky, spicy yard sale sign is supposed to humiliate an unfaithful spouse, but we can’t help but laugh at the way this poor heart-broken person wrote the sign.

It’s clear that they meant for the sign to read as “Cheating Wife, Garage Sale, All Must Go! Like Her!” However, it looks like two separate signs, side by side, that read as “Cheating Garage, All Must Go!” and then “Wife Sale, Like Her!”

We prefer the second version.Wife Sale

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Jogging Around the Block

We might be living in a free country, but there is a reason why we have unwritten laws and social standards to follow. But just in case you’re unclear of common courtesy—and it looks like maybe someone in the neighborhood might be—this neighbor has posted up a sign to help out.

Apparently someone’s been ignorantly jogging around the block with indecent clothing, and showing off their “obscene anatomy”.

But since these homeowners actually placed a huge sign like this outside of their house, we’re wondering how many people are actually running around with indecent workout clothes. Yikes!Jogging Around the Block

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Shut Up & Take My Money

For those of you who aren’t too familiar with the hilarious animated series Futurama, and Fry’s “Shut up and take my money” meme, we’ll explain to you what this meme is all about!

Basically, the whole concept of holding up a wad of dolla dolla bills and yelling “Shut up and take my money”, is when you’re just super hyped about purchasing something, that you don’t even have to consider the cost, you just know that this is what you want, and that you want it now!

And these hilarious neighbors are implying that their yard sale is filled with all sorts of trinkets that you want, no matter the cost!Shut Up & Take My Money

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Write-In Cat-didate

Elections can be a bit of a stressful time for a lot of people, and we totally get it! Being unsure of which leader to vote for can really take a toll, but thankfully, there’s always a write-in option for those of you who like to think outside the box, and want to choose a candidate that’s not on the roster.

And it looks like these neighbors are in full support of their 2012 write-in catdidate, the Keyboard Cat, the cute tabby that plays the keyboard in a slick, white T-shirt.Write-In Cat-didate

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Cute, Clever & Cheap

This sign might seem a q bit simple, but it’s totally adorable and definitely had a cleverness to it. Look at how they drew in a little yellow bird that’s chirpin’ its little heart away—too cute!

And we also love their use of word play by switching out the bird’s “cheep cheep cheer” chirping to actually say “Cheap cheap cheap”, signifying that whatever they’re selling at their garage sale is super cheap. See, what did we tell you? Cute and clever!Cute, Clever & Cheap

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Vote for Rupert G. Belvedere f.d. the Kitty

It looks like not much has changed since 2012, considering that we have another silly neighbor here who’s ready and willing to use their write-in option in their 2020 voting ballot, and elect a cat.

We know it might seem a little hopeless to turn to the cute kitty, but in all honesty, Rupert G. Belvedere f.d. the kitty has quite a presidential-like name! So, who knows? Maybe Mr. Belvedere will actually a decent catdidate.Vote for Rupert G. Belvedere f.d. the Kitty

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Elmer Fudd’s Worst Nightmare

Yikes! We’ve heard about attack canines to protect your property, but have you ever heard of an attack rabbit? Perhaps Elmer Fudd might have something to say about this, but this is a first for us.

And while this fuzzy, little bunny might look all innocent sitting there in the back of the beautiful, green yard, don’t be fooled! It seems like this rabbit isn’t like our favorite friendly Bugs Bunny.

At least the neighbors were kind enough to post a sign about it—even if it’s super tiny.Elmer Fudd’s Worst Nightmare

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Reverse Psychology

We’re not gonna lie, we’re very confused by this yard sign right here. It states that the building is “NOT” for sale or for rent, but if you’re interested, then you should contact the owner?

Perhaps this is just a little bit of reverse psychology, and the owner is trying to make the buyers think that they want what they can’t have when in reality, the building is for sale, and they’re more than welcome to put an offer to it. Or something like that …Reverse Psychology

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Be Aware of What You’re Being Safe for

It’s always nice to see a sign that seems to care about you, but it’s even funnier when you soon find out that the sign is actually more considerate of something else.

Just like this one that first reads “Please be safe” but later follows by saying that the reason for needing to be safe while around the fence is because the “animals could eat you and that might make them sick.” Talk about a weird twist of events—almost a little scary, even. But regardless of that, it’s nice that they care about the animals!Be Aware of What You’re Being Safe for

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Nonsense for the Common Sense

Here’s another sign that we’re a bit unsure about. Of course, anytime a sign is put up, it’s usually because what should be common sense unfortunately isn’t, and so a sign must go up to explain and warn about whatever hazard is around.

But the sign just tells people not to throw stones at it. But if it’s not there to have stones thrown at it, then what is its purpose? Are other things allowed to be thrown at it? Is there a different sign nearby that permits it? What nonsense!Nonsense for the Common Sense

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Two Dummies Are Better Than One

Oh Ken & Chuck, the real estate power team that claims two dummies are better than one!

Even though they claim to have “twice the experience AND expertise”, we’re not sure if Ken and his dummy, Chuck, are actually that good at their job as real estate agents.

But we can’t argue that they sure do have quite a grabbing yard sign! At the end of the day, when it comes to the business world, it’s all about some good marketing. Right?

And if we want to talk about some good marketing, then #kenandchuck have an intriguing strategy to dissect.Two Dummies Are Better Than One

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How Dare You, Dandelions!

Who doesn’t love a little bit of passive-aggressive play?

It looks like one household resident was unhappy with the dandelions growing in their neighbor’s yard, and so they sent them an extremely passive-aggressive letter in ALL-CAPS commanding them to do something about said dandelions. How dare they?

Not to worry, though. To take care of the problem in the most convenient and worry-free way possible, the neighbors decided to just post a sign that permits anyone to take their dandelions, free of charge!

We can’t say that isn’t clever. Plus, who could resist such an offer, especially with a cute smiley face at the end?How Dare You, Dandelions!

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One Glorious Garage Sale

Well, it looks like using Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back”’s lyrics is quite a common one in the garage sale industry.

The residents at 13615 Keneva Dr. seem to be so stoked for their yard sale, that they’re not only using famous music lyrics to promote themselves, but they’re also using HGTV’s The Junk Gypsy Co. series as part of their yard sale.

Who knows? Maybe the show hosts will be there alongside Sir Mix-A-Lot for one glorious garage sale!

One Glorious Garage Sale

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