Smooth Sailing? The Most Hilarious Boating Fails Ever

We all love the idea of sailing the high seas on our own, feeling the ocean wind in our hair and taking in the beauty of nature.

But the truth is, the ocean can be a difficult and treacherous place, and navigating even shallow waters can be a challenge for the inexperienced sailors among us.

We’ve put together a gallery of some of the best—and worst—examples of boating fails, when the people in question should definitely have stayed put on dry land.

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Get Stuck In

We appreciate the enthusiasm and determination of these sailors to get truly stuck in to their boating day, but we don’t think they took the phrase in the right way here.

How even could a boat get stuck like this so far in the sand in the first place? Perhaps they left their boat on the beach overnight and didn’t realize the tide would come in and fill it up so utterly.

Or perhaps they simply had decided their sailing days were over and wanted to install a nice piece of art into the beach.

Either way, it’s definitely the end of these guys’ boating career.Get Stuck In

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Down We Go

Oh dear oh dear. We especially enjoy the glimpse of the poor hapless owner in this picture, watching his prized possession sink deeper and deeper into the water. How did this happen? It’s one thing for a boat to sink while out at sea and tossed about in stormy waters, but a total plummet like this while safely moored? You would think that’s totally impossible!

Well for this ill-fated boater, he couldn’t even succeed while staying still at the port. Time to go home, guys.Down We Go

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That Sinking Feeling

We know this picture is of a waterlogged and slowly sinking dinghy, but we have to say, there’s something so positive and uplifting about it.

It’s probably because of the woman on board—just look at her! There she is, perfectly equipped in her life jacket, looking perfectly cheerful about the whole situation.

Perhaps she had placed a bet on this little vessel going down with the waves, and now she’s expecting a tidy windfall.

Or perhaps she’s just relieved to be towed to safety, rescued from murky waters.

Either way, it’s clearly a happy ending!That Sinking Feeling

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Lock and Load

Well, we can’t fault this guy. The owner of this boat—and car—obviously knows what he’s doing when it comes to vessel transportation.

When you have a large water vehicle that needs transporting along the road, what else is there to do other than stick it in the trunk?

What do you mean, the boat is bigger than the trunk can fit, and in fact probably bigger than the entire car?

That’s crazy talk. In the trunk it goes, with all concept of capacity—and gravity—be damned.Lock and Load

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Blazing Paddles

Goodness me! This one is perhaps not so much amusing, as quite terrifying. We are not sure how a boat like this, sitting literally surrounded by water, can somehow go up in flames—but clearly it did!

We just hope that the passengers on this boat all managed to evacuate safely and get out before the fire took hold of this vessel.

At least there was no shortage of water around to put out the fire—although in this case it looks like the blaze is still going strong!Blazing Paddles

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Muddy Waters

We are not sure if this counts as muddy waters, or just watery mud! But whatever the case, we don’t think this boat is going anywhere else anytime soon. This guy looks totally stuck—but he doesn’t seem too upset about it, to be honest.

Look at him just standing there cheerfully with his fishing tackle—we appreciate your optimism, but we don’t think you’re going to find the catch of the day anywhere in that sticky swamp of mud, buddy.Muddy Waters

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Bridge Over Troubled Waters

This one looks odd because it appears that it is a boat simply falling off the walkway, but then at second glance you must think—what on earth is a boat doing on a walkway?

Well, we’ll probably never know what it was doing there in the first place, but it’s no surprise really that it’s not going to end so well for a boat attempting to make its way down a pedestrian path.

It’s really the reactions of everyone around that make this photo so hilarious for us—like this is just a standard day in the life of a seaside worker.Bridge Over Troubled Waters

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Speed Split

Whoops! We know this is quite a disastrous affair, so we shouldn’t laugh, but we can’t help that this crash of two boats looks like a pair of dinosaurs eating each other. Just look how the boat’s side has opened up like a large Pac-man mouth and it swallowing the other one up.

We are not quite sure how this happened, as it looks like they were both moored at the time.

But it just goes to show, when you’re on the water, there are no guarantees! We just hope no one was on board either of these boats when this colossal collision happened.Speed Split

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Crash Landing

We know it must be exciting for boaters to be sailing home after a long time away at sea, but it seemed that the helmsman of this particular vessel got a bit carried away—literally!

This guy clearly sailed so fast that he soared straight over the dock and crash landed right into this building.

We especially love the flabbergasted and confused looks of all the bystanders—we would have no idea what to do in this situation either. We feel you, guys.Crash Landing

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New Heights

Here’s another boat whose captain clearly got carried away, and sailed so hard and so fast that they ended up flying through the air rather than coasting through the water.

Fortunately, this vessel somehow managed to avoid crashing into the side of the cliff, and instead just mounted the side of it, coming to a gentle-looking rest on some sort of pole thing.

This guy standing nearby doesn’t look too bothered, so it probably fared quite well. Or maybe he just sees this kind of thing every day? No big deal.New Heights

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Flying Loose

We all know the saying “man overboard”, but we haven’t ever heard of a boat itself going overboard!

This handsome vessel seemed perfectly the right size to be attached to this carrier, but once they got moving, it clearly wasn’t the right fit—as it slid right off and made its own bid for freedom.

Maybe it wasn’t happy about the new home it was being taken to, or maybe it simply wanted to head back into the water?

Either way, this boat clearly had a mind of its own when it came to being transported from place to place.Flying Loose

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Mountain Climber

Have you ever been out sailing on the beautiful oceans, taking in the picturesque views all around the peaceful water that surrounds you, and just wished you could leap straight out into the beautiful scenery?

Well, for these keen sailors, they obviously decided to do just that! They were so taken with their beautiful surroundings, that they decided to take a soaring leap into the cliffs nearby.

Either that, or they simply lost control of their power boat and roared into the neighboring foliage by mistake. Whoopsy.Mountain Climber

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Seal the Deal

I mean, where do we even begin with this one. Sometimes it just happens like this. You do everything right, learn the ropes of sailing and water safety with absolute precision, tether your boat precisely and perfectly to the dock—and then nature just has its way anyway, and sends a giant seal or two to clamber its way quietly onto your craft.

Just IMAGINE your surprise at heading down to your boat in the morning and finding these guys chilling atop it. Have they even realized they’re pushing it down into the water, and it’s sinking below them?

Probably not. These are some super chilled seals.Seal the Deal

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Chocks Away

We totally empathize with this guy. Why should you be limited by your current surroundings or existence? Even though this is clearly a boat, the little vessel obviously has dreams of being an airplane.

Well, we say good for them! The captain of the boat is clearly happy enough to be transformed into a pilot here, so we are more than delighted to watch them sail, and fly, off into the sunset.

Don’t hold back on your dreams, guys—aim for the sky!Chocks Away

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Out of Place

Well well well. What do we have here? This guy does not look like he is parked in the place he is supposed to be.

Did their owner accidentally soar out of the water and land here on the side? How is that even possible to scale the wall like that while also staying upright?

Perhaps it was a newfangled type of boat with a secret “jump” function, so instead of crashing and turning over onto the side, it just leapt neatly up to a new level. Not sure how it will get down, though.Out of Place

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Water Bus

Crikey. Just what on earth is going on here? Have these savvy sailors decided to help out their bus-driver pal and give him a lift on their boats? Or did this bus take a wrong turn and accidentally somehow jump on board?

Either way, everyone looks remarkably calm about this random and quite honestly doomed-looking water venture.

It’s the guy on top that really does it for us. Just casually taking a stroll on the top of a bus, on top of some boats, NBD.Water Bus

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Super Powered

Crikey. What on earth has happened here?! It looks like a simple scene of jet skiing, except the roles have been reversed. The human being appears to be the one in the water, and the boat is soaring alongside it in the air.

But upon closer look, it seems that this boat has inexplicably exploded out of the water, expelling its passenger as it does so. Did this person perhaps say something to insult it?

Whatever happened, this guy needs to get out of the way sharpish, before that boat comes crashing back down on top of him.Super Powered

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Face Off

There’s something so plaintive about this boat’s face as it sadly glides through the decking here, smashing the wooden planks to bits and possibly damaging the other boats all around it.

Ok, we know boats don’t have faces, but do you see what we mean? Maybe it’s the slightly tilted angle, but it just looks a bit like a sad dog.

A sad dog who means well, but has accidentally destroyed the entire couch and its surroundings thanks to a bout of well-meaning but out of control excitement.Face Off

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Looking Up

This one is like a magic-eye picture! Ok, it’s fair enough that a boat might overdo its aim while sailing in to dock, and end up skipping right over it. We’ve already seen it happen in enough pictures!

But how can it get into this position in the first place? It seems to be in the starting position, as well as this random ending crash bang wallop disaster position.

How did it START in between the two promontories, let alone then take flight over just one of them? The mind boggles, it really does.Looking Up

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Off Roading

We love the excitement of going off the beaten track, but this one takes it a bit too far. Sure, we are all for mixing things up and taking the road less traveled—but if you are in a boat, it’s simply not a sensible or practical option!

So we are not sure what this sailor was thinking, launching what is very much a water vessel onto the roads.

Clearly, whatever their intentions were, it hasn’t worked out so well—with this roadside boat causing quite a bit of havoc.Off Roading

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At first glance, this one doesn’t look like a boating fail at all. It’s just a regular surfboard tethered to the dock, right?

Wrong! When you look closer, you can see that this actually isn’t a surfboard—but it’s a tiny little boat, that’s been flung over and is now sitting upside down in the water.

It looks like it’s been moored up properly, so we are not sure what the owner of the boat did wrong to lead to this disaster. Perhaps it was just an unexpected surge of a gale force wind—or maybe some very naughty vandals. Either way, we hope they didn’t have too much of value on board!Topsy-Turvy

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Sinking on the Dock of the Bay

Oh dear! Surely, when you think of boating disasters or sailing catastrophes, you assume that the majority of them take place when you’re actually out on an excursion in the water.

But actually, some of the biggest balls-ups occur when the boat is safely moored at the dock—or so the owner thought.

Take a look at this one—seemingly tied up perfectly for a night ashore, this boat somehow has found a way into disaster even while stationary.

It can’t have exactly crashed while staying still, so we’re not sure what would have caused this guy to sink.Sinking on the Dock of the Bay

Image via Imgur

Signs of Life

This one looks a bit like a coffin, doesn’t it? Which is probably quite apt, as we don’t see this ill-fated boat surviving this upside-down disaster.

The waters around it look pretty calm, so we are not sure what torrid weather conditions could have led to flipping the boat over like this. Perhaps it was the result of some sort of boating war? Either way, this guy is definitely the loser.

The staff sticking out from its remains makes this rapidly sinking boat look all the more forlorn. We really feel very sorry for it.Signs of Life

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Splash Guard

This one is another image that, at first glance, doesn’t really look like much of a fail. It’s just a speedboat rushing and crashing through the waves, isn’t it?

But then look closer—it’s not crashing through the waves, but rather into them, at a rapidly downwards rate.

Perhaps this vessel is part-boat, part-submarine? And its high-powered descent is all part of the plan?

It’s possible, but we think this is probably more of a standard sailing disaster. Plus, there’s no one on it, so the passengers have clearly abandoned ship.Splash Guard

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Role Reversal

Now, just what is going on here? We know that cars and other land vehicles are often used to tow the boats out of the water and into their moorings, but here it looks like the reverse is happening.

Somehow, this boat has been tethered to a car, and it’s the auto that seems to be immersing itself into the murky waters.

The guy attending the ropes doesn’t seem too bothered—has he not noticed that his car’s ploughing into the water while his boat stays grounded? Perhaps he just felt like mixing it up a bit.Role Reversal

Image via Imgur

Double Up

Let’s see if we have got this one straight. Here we have a large ship, suitable for carrying many people, and perhaps even some smaller ships onboard as cargo.

But someone seems to have loaded a smaller boat onto this ship, not onto an area that might be designed for carrying cargo, but apparently THROWN it with great gusto onto the ceiling of the passenger seating area. Great job, guys. We just hope no one was on board when this surprise ship soared its way through their serene sundeck.Double Up

Image via Imgur

Water Slide

Wow! This one has a strange and ethereal beauty to it. We are sure the owner of this boat didn’t WANT it to slide into the shimmering waters until almost completely submerged, but it does look quite artful the way it sits there in those wiggly waves.

And the guy on top looks pretty impressed too—is he climbing on board to try and salvage the wreck? Is he escaping the boat before it submerges utterly? Or is he just trying to get a better view?

We don’t know, but we could look at this shimmery shipwreck for ages.Water Slide

Image via Imgur

Double Decker

Or is it triple decker? We are not sure, but it is pretty clear there is an awful lot wrong with this pic.

Not only are we yet again seeing a definitely built-for-water boat chundling along the road as if it’s a car, but this one is piled up on top of a car—or is it two cars?

Either way, it’s clearly created a structure that is way too tall to be taking to the roads safely—just look at how near it’s getting to that power line.

Also, is the boat actually about to fall off at the front? We just can’t look at this pic anymore. It’s too stressful.Double Decker

Image via Imgur

Information Overload

Yikes! We would not want to be the guy responsible for this overwhelmingly giant catastrophe. Not only is this enormous boat on its way down to the bottom of the ocean, but we don’t think its considerable loads of cargo is going to fare much better either.

We wonder what this boat is loaded up with—we hope it’s nothing too valuable, as it doesn’t look like there’s much chance of rescuing all of it.

We can’t take our eyes away from this pic, as we imagine all that loot just tumbling uncontrollably off the vessel and into the water. Talk about a super-sized disaster!Information Overload

Image via Imgur

Bull’s Eye

We just love how calmly these bystanders seem to be as they observe this bizarre sailing composition.

Surely, this must be an in-motion action shot, caught in the particular instance that this long speed boat topples over the rock. Do you think it was on top, and then fell off? Or was sailing along and accidently scaled the surface?

Either way, it’s very odd that it doesn’t seem to be causing even the tiniest of splashes in the water.

Maybe that’s why everyone’s so calm—perhaps it’s just sliding gently in, on purpose. Ok then.Bull’s Eye

Image via Imgur

Another Level

Another day, another speedboat forgetting its place in the world.

We know what it’s like to have dreams of changing your life and destiny, but really, if you are a speedboat, can’t you just be happy with your place in the universe?

Your job is to zip around along the surface of the water, delighting your passengers with the speedy ride and splashing waters all around you.

It is simply NOT your destiny to be scaling large surfaces of cliffside rock. Just accept it, speedboats. Accept what you are.Another Level

Image via Imgur

So Many Questions

We just don’t even know where to begin with what is going on here. Is this … a boat? In an underground auto carriageway?

There’s definitely a car there in the corner of the pic, which suggests this is some sort of road tunnel.

So just what on earth is a BOAT doing there? And also, how does it seem to nevertheless be sinking, even though it’s sinking into the surface of what appears to be concrete?

How did it get there in the first place? How is it permeating solid road? Just what is happening. We cannot.So Many Questions

Image via Imgur

No Worries

Oh dear oh dear. Let’s be honest, if you name your boat something so insistently positive, you’re kind of asking for trouble, aren’t you? Remember what happened to that boat they nicknamed “Unsinkable”? … yeah. It was never going to end well for this guy.

Of course, you never want to plan for the worst, or ever think that your beloved boat might sink. But, it might be worth considering, when deciding on a boat name, how much sillier and more ironic it might look on the side of it as it sinks to a watery death. Just a thought.No Worries

Image via Imgur

Just Chilling

We can’t really tell with this one. Is this a boating disaster, or a stroke of sailing genius?

This guy’s contraption is so bizarre and weirdly complicated, that we are not sure how it can really be a mistake. However, on the other hand, why on earth would you choose to willingly float along the water’s surface in what appears to be a bunch of giant tires attached to each other?

Either way, he looks pretty comfy there in his creation—we especially enjoy the dainty way he’s crossed his legs. It’s always important to be ladylike, you know.Just Chilling

Image via Imgur

Think it Over

What better spot for a bit of rest, peace and quiet, and serious life contemplation?

We don’t know about you, but when we need somewhere to stop and think, we always prefer to sit atop the hull of a sinking boat.

With the bulk of the boat submerged in water, you don’t get the annoying sound of the motor running, or other passengers enjoying themselves, getting in the way of your philosophizing.

We can’t wait to see what great ponderings this guy comes up with. Hopefully something to do with his next boat’s buoyancy.Think it Over

Image via Imgur

Temporary Insanity

This photo is a bonkers enough sight as it is, but it only gets funnier when you notice the name of the boat along its side. “Temporary insanity” is definitely the best way to describe whatever got into the mind of this sailor as he ploughed his speedboat directly right into this marker.

We are not sure what on earth could have happened to result in this bizarre collision—of all the open space all around it, you really have to drive with such remarkable position to hit this marker so dead-on. Perhaps it was a dare, to strike it on target? Who knows, but we don’t think the boat is going to survive this collision.Temporary Insanity

Image via Imgur

Parallel Park

You have to hand it to this one sailor. I mean, yes, his boat has sunk completely and utterly, but look how tidily it has done so!

Even in its last moments, as it sinks down into a watery grave, it stays completely within the confines of its moorings. Despite the disaster occurring right between them, the neighboring boats aren’t even remotely affected by even the tiniest ripple as it sinks.

So, it’s a shame this boat is meeting a watery end, but at least it’s being considerate while doing so.Parallel Park

Image via Imgur

Dry Days

Whoopsie daisie! It looks like this team of boaters were a little overenthusiastic about the success of their trip.

What we love so much about this picture is that at first glance, it looks like a boat that has accidentally come free of its mooring and drifted away, or perhaps been abandoned and let to float downstream.

But then you look a little closer and see that there are actually people on board—and they also seem to be perfectly content with what’s going on.

Well, why not? They’re on a boat, and they’re on the water. Good for them being so happy with their lot.Dry Days

Image via Imgur

Deep Trouble

Uh-oh. This looks like a pretty impressive and handsome ship, with a lot of great features and old-fashioned style going for it.

There’s only one problem—it seems to be taking a detour without its owner’s permission, to somewhere we may not particularly enjoy as passengers.

Yes, admire this beautiful and enviable boat—as it slowly sinks down to the bottom of the ocean.

We hope that any prospective buyers will be able to fish this one out before it’s forever lost to the depths!Deep Trouble

Image via Imgur

Life on the Edge

We are just not sure what to think of this one. Just how exactly did this boat get into this exact position? Look at it there, just teetering on the edge of a random pier.

Did someone just sail along happily, not realizing they were approaching a promontory, and promptly jump on top of it?

Or was it supposed to be tied there, safely out of harm’s way, and then somehow spun round into this perilous position?

We’ll never know—but we hope it lives to see another excursion.Life on the Edge

Image via Imgur

Out of Place

Hmm. Another interesting composition we see here. Everything looks almost perfect—an idyllic lake scene, a very handsome speedboat. What more could you want, right?

But then of course, things just simply aren’t in the right place. Just what has happened to cause the boat to be sitting on dry land right next to the far more suitable water?

Was it going too fast and accidentally leapt out? It doesn’t look like it, as it’s not damaged in any way.

Perhaps these sailors just felt like doing something a little outside of the box.Out of Place

Image via Imgur

Snow Daze

We all know that feeling. You wake up on a crisp winter day, and you look outside to see the streets are frosted over with a thick layer of beautiful snow.

Yay! A snow day! Time to get out and about and have some fun making snowmen and throwing snowballs at each other.

But an even better idea, is to use this sloshy weather as a chance to tow your massive boat along the very snowed-in and icy roads. That is definitely going to end well!Snow Daze

Image via Imgur

Mussel Mania

What a strange-looking sight. We can’t help but wonder what on earth happened to this boat to leave it looking so heavily, um, decorated.

We all know that mussels tend to grow on rocky areas of the shore, so we can only think that this boat had been sitting in the water for quite some time before being discovered—leaving ample opportunity for this civilization of mussels to make it their well-established home.

Yummy! We wonder if whoever found this shipwreck also cooked themselves up a nice seafood dinner.Mussel Mania

Image via Imgur

Same Time, Same Place

This hilarious photo was taken by a fisherman’s pal who had been asked to go and check on his boat.

Was he worried that someone might have made off with it? If so, his mind will surely be put at rest by the sight of this pic!

It’s very much not stolen, or at risk of being stolen, by anyone.

Why, it’s remained in the exact same place—just a little lower down, that’s all. And a bit more wet.Same Time, Same Place

Image via Imgur

Bargain Bin

This one was snapped by a potential customer at a sale, who couldn’t help but laugh at this very much less-than appealing offer.

Apparently, this pile of junk, oh sorry we mean boat, was on sale for around $1,500 each, and came with this extremely unwelcome gift with purchase—a random dingy sofa.

Sign us up! We just love buying overpriced watercrafts that come with the added burden of disposing of old furniture. What a find.Bargain Bin

Image via Imgur

Follow the Leader

This one is certainly very cheery! We love to see an example of people thinking positively and confident with their chances of success.

I mean, sure, this boat does look overwhelmingly larger than the little car that’s been selected to haul it along, but so what?

Maybe it’s like an ant—you know, built to be able to live things 18 times its size.

Whatever the outcome of this odd little experiment, we are pleased to see such ambitious dreams still being followed.Follow the Leader

Image via Imgur

Mother Nature

Please explain to us exactly what is going on here. Has the tree stabbed this boat? Has the boat crashed on top of the tree and it has sprung through a hole at the front? Has the boat been abandoned here in the forest for years, allowing an entire tree to sprout up slowly through its heart?

The wonders of nature will never cease, but we certainly never thought we’d see a boat growing on a tree. Must need a lot of room to grow one of those.Mother Nature

Image via Imgur

Top Heavy

You have to admire this boat owner’s commitment to looking after their property. Not only has this person invested in a pretty impressive and beautiful boat, but they have also clearly decided to live for the moment and not waste time on things like securing their boats in a correct or reliable way.

I mean, who has TIME to make sure that their prized possessions won’t slip off from their storage harness and crash to the floor, damaging themselves or potentially others? Life is to be lived!Top Heavy

Image via Imgur

Drunken Sailor

Uh-oh! Who’s a little tipsy?

We all know the lovely ditty about a drunken sailor, and it’s not unheard of to see a wayward seaman tottering about after a day going too hard on the rum.

But how often do we hear about the boats themselves getting drunk? Certainly not every day.

But look at this vertiginous vessel, teetering dangerously onto one side. Can only mean one thing—this ship’s been on the sherry. Better get it some coffee before it totally capsizes.Drunken Sailor

Image via Imgur

Out of the Box

This photo was apparently taken at the mooring site of a festival, and quite frankly we can see how this makes perfect sense.

When you are arriving at a venue for several days’ merriment, who has time to moor your boats in an orderly or in any way sensible fashion?

Only the chumps, that’s who! REAL festival-goers know that it’s the smarter thing to simply throw your boats haphazardly into a pile of randomly and loosely moored vessels.

We look forward to seeing everyone come back and trying to reclaim their boats from this bonkers parking arrangement.Out of the Box

Image via Imgur

Topsy Turvy

There’s so much wrong with this picture, that we don’t even really know where to begin.

Where do we start? Is it the fact that this boat is simply far too big to be stored on this well-meaning but ill-equipped innocent van? Or is it that it’s been fastened on awkwardly upside down, sort of looking like the bow of the boat is stabbing through into the car’s roof?

Or is it the random other bit, stuck to the back of the van—what even is that? A piece of boat that’s fallen off?

We just can’t with this pic. We don’t know what’s going on.Topsy Turvy

Image via Imgur

The Face of Despair

Our first thought at the sight of this particular fail, was that it looks a bit like a face. A very urgent and very dramatic Sesame Street type face.

Just look at the massive wheels as the eyes, and that large, gaping hole underneath the boat, as a mouth open wide in horror.

Well, if we were the owner of this boat, and we saw our prized possession teetering so dangerously over this precipice, we’d probably have that expression on our face too.The Face of Despair

Image via Imgur

Gone But Not Forgotten

Here we have a perfect example of a much loved and long serving boat that’s well past its prime but is being honored in a suitable fashion by its appreciative owners.

After all, when an old and faithful boat finally comes to the end of its life and it’s time to retire it, what better way to celebrate your time together by filling the entire thing with piles of trash?

Not only will this help you hold onto all your most favorite moments on board the boat, but you will also guarantee that you will not be able to sell it on to anyone else. Win-win!Gone But Not Forgotten

Image via Imgur

Festive Fail

Not everyone will know the true drama, exhilaration and terror that will come with the experience of watching one’s Christmas tree fall down.

One moment it is just there in your house, looking magnificent and twinkly, and the next, it has plummeted to the floor with a monumental crash and there are baubles and needles all over the place.

So on the one hand, this water-based Christmas capsize avoids a lot of the mess, but then again, undoubtedly will have made more of a colossal splash. Ho ho ho!Festive Fail

Image via Imgur

At One With Nature

Goodness me! We wonder what on earth could have happened here.

Perhaps this ill-fated sailor had just had enough of their samey-same journeys that they take every day, gliding smoothly through serene waters and admiring their beautiful surroundings.

No! This person had clearly had enough, and decided it was time to liven things up—by firing their boat directly upwards into some random dry foliage.

We are not sure where they are now—perhaps they leapt out of the boat to enjoy their new surroundings.At One With Nature

Image via Imgur

High and Dry

Oh dear oh dear. Here we see a perfect example of how timing really is everything.

For sure, when this boat was moored here at the edge of the shore, it was in a perfectly respectable and suitable position, at good depths and easily taken back on board.

But then the tide went out… and left this poor guy sitting pretty on nothing but a patch of damp earth. Awks.

We guess they’ll just have to wait for the tide to come back before climbing back aboard.High and Dry

Image via Imgur

Nature’s Blessings

Now, we know that boats are generally pretty expensive items. And it can be hard to afford them if you don’t have a generous benefactor or a mega million-dollar income. Money doesn’t grow on trees, you know!

But in this case, it appears that money may well not grow on trees, but perhaps the occasional kind of boat actually does.

So, fear not! Next time you need to buy yourself a boat, but find yourself short of cash, simply head to your nearest boat-forest and pick this one off a tree. Easy.Nature’s Blessings

Image via Imgur

Heading Home

This one was posted by a rather plaintive boat owner, who noted that these despairing dinghies were on their way to being returned home after a not-so-successful journey.

Apparently, these little boats simply wouldn’t start up at all, and so instead of heading off on their own voyage, had to be towed home all together by the owner’s brother-in-law.

They look quite sweet all together, don’t they? What a heartwarming sight—the family that tows each other’s boats together, stays together.Heading Home

Image via Imgur

Slow Sand

Do you remember in school, how much time and energy we all seemed to spend learning and worrying about quicksand?

We often think how our adult lives really featured a lot less quicksand than we had learned to expect during those school years.

Well, for this boat’s owner, they are experiencing an equally terrifying case of slow-sand—apparently, this boat has been sinking into this sandy glop for quite some time now, and is still slowly getting further and further into its depths. Shudder!Slow Sand

Image via Imgur

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