42 Hilarious Street Posters That Will Make You Laugh Till You Cry

If you want to grab someone’s attention, a street poster hanging on the nearest lamppost is a great way to do it.

Doesn’t matter if you want to advertise something, look for a missing pet or just put a smile on your neighbors’ face, this is one of the best ways to do it—old school! Because who needs the internet!?

We’ve gathered some of the funniest, goofiest street posters out there. Which one is your favorite?

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Bird is the Word

Being nice for once didn’t help this guy much. He just wanted to do a good deed for a day, and it turns out it was one hell of a day. Yelling all the names in the book can be exhausting, especially if you yell at… well… a pigeon. Conversely, what are names one uses on birds? Is there a book of bird names that I don’t know about?

So not only was doing a good thing didn’t go as planned, but the pigeon is now terrorizing his daughter and dog. That is one vicious pigeon.

Here’s a thought… let the bird go. It’s a pigeon.Bird is the Word

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Digital Era

Trolling may not have a strong purpose in digital marketing, but it’s always fun. Trolling outside the digital world is next-level kind of fun.

This person decided to have a lot of fun by trolling the world of social media marketing strategies, by creating a poster full of Facebook likes. Bad news though. Someone already had that first like, so you can’t be ‘the first one to like this post.’

Better luck next time.Digital Era

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Hold It Together

Oh great, panic is over. A good Samaritan just found your rubber band, which once may have held your stack of 20-dollar bills. So, as you can see, everything isn’t that bad, as long as there are good people who are ready to help.

He could’ve taken the rubber band and not return it to you, but there is a good heart beating inside this person. Our only question is, are there different rubber bands for different bills? And if so, what is the color of the rubber bands that hold 50-dollar bills?Hold It Together

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Just Say Yes

This neighborhood just became a little bit better when someone decided that, every once and a while, everybody needs some encouragement in their lives. You wake up, you go to work, you come home, and you don’t want to take any risks.

This person knows that our lives deserve more yes to new things, more yes to love, more yes to embracing the day. So if you have trouble saying “yes,” just take one from the poster and say yes to life.Just Say Yes

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Fair Trade

Being in the doghouse is not always pretty, as this guy probably knows. And because he is in one, the dog has no place of his own, so a fair trade is in order.

The question that is bothering us, though, is why a trombone? No, seriously, why would he want to learn how to play this random instrument? Is he still not done failing his wife? And if he truly does want to learn how to play the trombone, maybe Toby the dog is better off somewhere else.Fair Trade

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Strange Cat

Something tells us Paul is still waiting on that call. And that he didn’t pay much attention in school… or in life in general.

But you can’t accuse Paul of not being a good guy. He rescued this “cat” from the dangerous world out there, and it doesn’t matter if it’s not properly house trained, he is still keeping an eye on it and waiting for its owner to call.

Because Paul knows how sad some people can get when they’ve lost their cat. I think Paul is in for a surprise.Strange Cat

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New Homies

When you lose a pet, you put posters up in order to find it. When you find one, you put posters up in order to find the owners. But here we have a story with a twist.

If you find a dog and you don’t want to give it back, but you want the (now previous) owner to know that it’s safe and happy, you put up posters.

This person is either a thief or just one lonely guy who finally found someone to talk to. Someone who understands. A homie. A really cute homie.New Homies

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Puns to Go

The pun-master has spoken. Well not so much spoken as he has written. This guy thought people need more laughs in their lives, so he decided to give them something to laugh at. Just doing his part to bring some laughter into the world.

These puns can be found on a bulletin board by the local park, and while they may be tearable puns, they’re certainly not terrible ones. Need a pun? Have some fun. And to the pun-master, well done!Puns to Go

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DMV Challenge

If this doesn’t help this guy get his wallet back, nothing ever will. The Department of Motor Vehicles has never been a fun place. It may not be as evil as this guy makes it out to be, but if it helps him get his license back, we can forgive the harsh words.

We just hope whoever found his wallet has been to the DMV at least once, so he could understand this guy’s pain. At the end of the day, keep the wallet, keep the money, just send this guy his license back.DMV Challenge

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Bad Printer

You have to give this guy a credit for being honest. Most of the time people are exaggerating in their description of the product they want to sell. Not this guy. You’ll get what you see from him, if you can see it at all.

Either way, anyone who saw this poster got to have a little laugh as well, so even if this guy fails in selling this terrible printer, he will at least be successful in bringing a smile to our faces.Bad Printer

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Cat Addiction

Most of the time, ordering people around would make them do the opposite, just to spite. But this is a completely different approach, which we think might just work.

Make people laugh, and they will actually do as you want just because you were creative and funny instead of bossy and grumpy. On the other hand, maybe this cat owner is seriously having a problem with his cat smoking, and the cat’s coughing keeps him from having a good night’s sleep, so he is reaching out for little help from the community.Cat Addiction

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Ninja is Out There

Ninjas are deadly, elusive, and crafty. If you see one, it only means one thing, your time is up.

So don’t go looking for ninjas, don’t talk about ninjas, don’t ask about ninjas. As a matter of fact, just to be sure, don’t talk about this poster either. And if you see it somewhere, try to look away, and just go on with your life. Don’t pay attention to it, or god forbid stand in front of it and stare.

Even the creator of this poster has disappeared off the face of the earth.Ninja is Out There

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Beware of the Turtle

Considering the speed turtles move in, this guy probably found out his pet is missing a month ago. But he was probably more surprised when he found out his nunchucks were missing as well. In hindsight, it was probably a bad idea to teach his turtle how to fight.

Wait a minute… I know what this is. Splinter made this poster because Michelangelo missed his curfew again. Maybe he should try looking in the pizza joints in the neighborhood.Beware of the Turtle

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Is it Me You’re Looking For?

Stop searching. Lionel was found safe and sound, and ready to sing along. But if you’re still trying to find him, take a look at your nearest lamppost.

This is also a good way to learn the lyrics to this famous 80’s song. Get the poster, start singing “Hello, is it me you looking for?” and then just tear out one piece of the poster at a time until you finish your song.

Legend says Lionel Richie will appear when you finish both the song and the poster.Is it Me You're Looking For?

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When You Lose Yourself

This is what happens when you lose your smartphone with your whole life attached to it, and the only way of getting a hold of yourself is to have your contacts on lampposts. But people are evil and they will steal your contacts from the posters, leaving you alone, in the cold, without all of your friends and family.

So be smart, keep an eye on your smartphone, and maybe tattoo your contacts on your hand in case of an emergency like this.When You Lose Yourself

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Droid Wars

Basically, if you see droids out and about, make sure they are not the droids this person is looking for. The only thing that we are certain about is that the creator of this poster is a massive fan on Star Wars, and that he may or may not have lost his droids.

But if by any chance you see them, don’t call, because those are certainly not the droids you are looking for. Get it? Good. Neither did we.Droid Wars

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Famous Warrior Pet

On very rare occasions, you can find an animal that fits its name perfectly. And Maximus Decimus Meridius is here to prove that.

This gladiator, warrior, guinea pig is missing, presumably off to have his vengeance, so if by any chance you see it, leave it to finish what it started, and try to get out of its way so you don’t become a part of his vicious vendetta.

Or you can try to call it, but be sure not to miss any detail from the name of this true hero.Famous Warrior Pet

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Lamppost Wormhole

Do not try to capture the wormhole. Yes, it’s lost, but if you find it, just leave it alone. The warning is clear. Look what happened to the poor lamppost. It got lost in the space/time continuum.

If by any chance you do try to catch it, don’t be surprised if you see yourself inside this poster trying to get inside this poster.

Be sure to always have an astrophysicist with you when you go searching for that wormhole, or at least a big Stephen Hawking fan.Lamppost Wormhole

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Schrodinger’s Cat

Erwin Schrodinger lost his cat. It may be still alive; it may not be. It is most certainly in a box, so be careful if you see any boxes, because Mr. Schrodinger’s cat may be inside. Or not. And the cat may still be alive. Or not.

To be sure, just pass by the box, and don’t give it a second thought, and let Mr. Schrodinger deal with the problem himself.

Although if you take a better look at the poster, this cat could not get very far. So maybe it is still in a box nearby. Or not.Schrodinger's Cat

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Lost & Found

You know the famous saying “finders keepers”? Well, this guy obviously knows all about it. He found himself a horse, and he decided he’s gonna keep it. It’s the previous owner’s fault that they didn’t keep an eye on it. How can you lose a horse? How can you misplace that huge wonderful animal?

On the other hand, what exactly can you do if you find a horse? It’s not like you have a farm and a stable to put it in right away. Anyhow, if you are the horse’s previous owner, do not call the number on the poster. It’s there just for show.Lost & Found

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Missing Ring

Frodo proved to be one very irresponsible hobbit as he couldn’t keep one ring safe. Gandalf is probably regretting his decision as we speak. But still, please try to help this little fella and give him a call if you see this ring. Don’t be a Gollum. Assist this little hobbit in his quest to save the Middle Earth.

Then again, we can’t shake off the thought that this can also be someone’s wedding ring.

“Causes invisibility when worn” – check.

“May cause malevolence” – if his wife finds out that the husband lost it, double check!Missing Ring

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Lost Cat

Not everyone is Leonardo da Vinci. Some of us are Picasso or Kandinsky. So if we lost a pet, and didn’t really have time to go and print posters because time is of the essence, we have to rely on our talent and imagination to recognize the lost cat.

If you see a cat that looks like this one, hanging around some tree, don’t hesitate to follow the signs all the way back to the owner’s house, because he forgot to put his number on the poster as well.Lost Cat

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Happy Klaus

Oh no. What seems to be the happiest dog in the world is missing. Although, to be honest, we kinda think that all dogs look like that when they’re happy.

So, does this mean we just need to look for a dog that seems like is about to burst into dance and call the number below? And what if we come across a different happy-looking dog? Maybe it’s a scam the person who hanged the ad was doing—having people look for a lovely little pooch instead of looking for one themselves.Happy Klaus

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Rihanna Was There

We gotta give it to the person who wrote this poster—this is the best use of a Rihanna song we’ve seen today. We can’t imagine anyone passing by this lamplight and not start singing immediately. And we can never be upset being reminded of Rihanna out of the blue.

Also, deep inside, we kinda hope that this is based on a true story and that someone did find love in this place and was so happy they wanted to share it with the world.Rihanna Was There

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Missing Friend

Obviously, something terribly wrong happened on a polka rave night on the 21st of March. Vince and Steve were happily coming back home from another very successful night on the town when the ice cream incident happened. And now Vince is sorry, Steve is gone, and one wonderful friendship is ruined.

But there is still hope. If you happen to know Steve or see him, tell him that all is forgiven and forgotten, and he is free to come home to his best friend, whom we can actually see.Missing Friend

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Chewbacca Roaring

The world is full of talents. Whether you can sing, dance, or roar, there is a stage for you out there and an audience that can’t wait to hear from you. Katy Perry even sang a song about it.

So if you thought no one wanted to hear you roar, you are mistaken, my friend. Record yourself and send it to this contest. As Perry sings, “Louder, louder than a lion / ‘Cause I am a champion, and you’re gonna hear me roar!” So let your inside voice and your inner animal out and win yourself $50.Chewbacca Roaring

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Time is of the Essence

Aaron obviously has a lot of baggage. It’s not easy to carry both the West Nile virus and Malaria at the same time. That is why it’s important to find him and make his final hours more pleasant. But time is of the essence here, cause Aaron only has a few more hours—12 at most—to live.

He already had a wonderful and fulfilling two days of his life, and we would all hate to see him spending his last hours alone, with no one to bite. Please help Aaron have some great final moments surrounded by people who love him and are immune to these diseases.Time is of the Essence

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Let’s Rock

This is the chance of a lifetime. A local progressive rock band with a bright future is looking for a new drummer, because the old one found himself a girlfriend.

But of course, you can’t be just a amateur, you must be an expert in drumming, whatever that means. Badda badda boom and what not.Let's Rock

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Big Problem

Now here we have a serious problem. It’s a mystery that not even the greatest detective of all time, Sherlock Holmes, could solve. Maybe his method can actually help, though: where did you last see your numbers? With whom? Do they have a habit of disappearing? Where did you find them last time when that happened? Did you look for them in a phone book or on your keyboard? Maybe they’ve just gone to visit 7, 8 and 9?Big Problem

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Favorite Ladder


How does one lose a ladder?

Perhaps the ladder decided it had enough, took their things and ran off one night.

Or perhaps it was this person’s neighbor who just needed to reach a lightbulb and didn’t want to waste time and money on buying their own ladder.

Anyway, we’re sure there’s something super passive aggressive here but we’re just not sure what.Favorite Ladder

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Missing a Part

This poster is here to let you know that its other half is missing. And admit it, we’ve all been there, and we all know that feeling of having something missing. Missing that someone who completes you. It’s never easy. It’s like you lost half of yourself. Not unlike this poster.

So have a heart, and if you see the other half of the poster somewhere doing the same thing, looking for its significant other, be a sport and bring them back together.Missing a Part

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Buy Them While You Can

If you are in the market for a pack of stairs, or you know someone who just might be in need of this beautiful, almost new, rarely used stoop, it’s your lucky day. Here is the ad for a stoop sale. Maybe your stoop isn’t good enough, or you just need a little change. Maybe it’s time to change those ladders that you use to get inside your house and buy yourself a proper stoop.

Whatever the reason, you have a three-hour window between 6 and 9 pm, and so long as you don’t tell the landlord, you might just find yourself with a perfectly legit buy. It’s a steal, trust me.Buy Them While You Can

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Important Message

This poster is here to deliver a very personal message from this poor former bike owner to the evil bike thief. He doesn’t expect the thief to return the bike—he knows better than that. He just wants to offer his best wishes to the current owner and hope that everything doesn’t go as smoothly as the new owner was hoping for.

There is also an accurate picture of the bike, so if there are more bike thieves in the neighborhood, the real one would be able to recognize himself through the bike he stole.Important Message

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Promotional Poster

We completely understand the person behind this poster. Popular music is not nearly as good as it once was. And since all of these bands sound the same anyway, it doesn’t really matter where this poster is put up. Unfortunately, this won’t change a thing, and popular music will still be out there, being mediocre. But this kind of marketing guerilla warfare is nice. It is refreshing and encouraging to know someone out there cares about how music really sounds.Promotional Poster

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Hot Dog

This one almost broke our hearts until we remembered that people can sometimes be so cruel—telling horrible jokes, that is.

We hope the owner of this dog found this poster funny.

Actually, no, we hope that this dog never went missing at all.

Anyway, we love how creative and funny people can sometimes be.Hot Dog

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Broken Heart

There are many ways to get over a broken heart. Some people try rebounds, some get into the liquor cabinet, some travel. This person decided that the best thing to do is to build something. He probably lives next to the sea, since he decided to build a boat. The only issue is a lack of space and friends to join him on his voyage—probably the result of being in a long relationship.

So if you have a garage and an urge to travel, contact this guy. Who knows, stranger things have happened. Just be sure to build a proper boat.Broken Heart

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Lost Mind

There are two possibilities when considering this poster. Either the poster is a set up for a thief, or the owner of these keys is just plain stupid.

We’re just really sorry that we can’t be at that address at 5 pm to see what would happen, but it’s obvious that the man who made this poster will surely learn his lesson the hard way.

And maybe he needs to. Next thing he will lose is his smartphone with his whole life on it and make a poster with the password for it, so people can call him to return the phone.Lost Mind

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Puppy Lover

Before you ask, yes, it’s a real thing. Sponsored by Pedigree, Puppy Bowl takes place every year, around Super Bowl time. And this poor man’s wife forbids him from watching it because she wants to watch Madonna.

This poster is probably a sort of rebellion, but if someone doesn’t tape it for him, his marriage will be in serious trouble. So be a good Samaritan, and help a perfectly happy couple stay happy by taping the Puppy Bowl. Who knows, maybe next year, they’ll need someone to tape a Madonna concert while the wife is watching the Super Bowl.Puppy Lover

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The Grinch’s New Face

This guy obviously didn’t have a lot of fun growing up, so he wanted to “spread the joy” by telling kids the awful truth. There is just one small thing he didn’t consider. Kids who believe in Santa don’t really know how to read.

And we’re pretty sure their parents won’t be the ones to read this poster for them. If any kid asks: “What is this man saying?” they can simply say: “He is telling the world how stupid he is,” and put a lid on that topic right there and then.The Grinch's New Face

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Too Late

This neighborhood is so lucky to have its own Time Cop. The only problem is he isn’t that quick about helping people. His warnings are late, and of no use to anyone.

As a matter of fact, maybe this neighborhood is not that lucky at all. All they have is a lousy Time Cop that they are wasting their tax dollars on.

Maybe the future will give them a better version of Time Cop. One who can actually predict the future and help them avoid parking tickets. Or they can just learn where to park.Too Late

Fun for the Whole Family

If your kid is celebrating a birthday soon, don’t hire a clown or a magician. Be original, be fearless, get your own car impersonator.

This poster gives you only a glimpse of this man’s impeccable talent. Imagine the possibilities. Kids can drive any car they want, all for one price.

You can rent a car to drive your kid to school, so he could impress his friends with a Ford Mustang, for just a little extra cash for premium impersonation. And after the kids are out, the possibilities are limitless. Call now.Fun for the Whole Family

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