20 Accidentally Inappropriate Kids Drawings That Embarrassed Their Parents

We all appreciate the beauty of art. Sometimes a truly powerful painting or drawing can move you greatly deep in your soul, and bring out feelings and emotions you never knew you had.

And we all know that kids can say the funniest things. Sometimes they do it on purpose—and sometimes not.

So when you put together kids and art, they truly can come up with the most accidentally hilarious—and often super inappropriate—drawings.

Let’s take a look at the funniest pictures drawn by kids and the terrible yet brilliant innuendos they can include.

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Thank You Mom

Isn’t it the best when our children appreciate us for how much we do for them? Often it feels like all we do is cook, clean, and pick squished pasta out of nostrils, and does anyone thank us? Hardly ever!

So, we bet this mom was especially delighted to finally be appreciated by her bundle of joy—even if it did take one somewhat of a morbid tone in the end.

Sometimes kids are just so accurate and matter-of-fact, that it reminds us to be appreciative of the things that aren’t said.Thank You Mom

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When I Grow Up

Goodness me! Well, we can’t judge a woman for her career choices. If this mom has decided that a career in exotic dancing is the way to go, she’s clearly proud enough of her lifestyle that she is open about it with her loving children. Who’s one to judge? Certainly not us.

The only thing is, this woman’s job isn’t quite what it looks like in this image.

That’s right, this beloved mom works in Home Depot selling snow shovels.

Why, what else could you possibly have thought?!When I Grow Up

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My Own Person

Well, we have to admire a kid who knows what they want. We all know those types of parents who try to force their own values and dreams onto their children, when really they should just let them be themselves!

Take this child for example. How dare his mother be so presumptuous as to tell him what kind of day he should have?! Why, of course, he can have whatever kind of day he wants!

So think again, mom, next time you start ordering your kids around. It’s up to them, and they can be just as miserable as they like, thank you very much.My Own Person

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A Numbers Game

Sometimes, people associate spending time with children with long periods of endless chatter. It’s true that sometimes kids are just so full of energy that they simply do just not stop talking!

Well for this young’un, it’s clear that he certainly had run out of juice and did not feel like elaborating any further on how he came to his calculations.

It’s fair enough, really—math can do that to anyone.A Numbers Game

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Life Lessons

We can’t argue with this kid! Not only does he know the correct word for this English language exercise, he also has a strong moral compass to call out where he sees something problematic.

What kind of textbook would include a sentence about a man hitting his dog, anyway?!

That is totally crazy, and we fully commend this child for taking the time to school their teachers in the right way to treat animals.

Listen to the children, guys. There’s a lot they can teach us.Life Lessons

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Honesty is the Best Policy

We have to hand it to this kid. Most children eat their parents out of house and home, make a big ol’ mess of both themselves and their surroundings, and leave everyone else to clean it up. They also require huge amounts of energy to look after, entertain, and educate!

When you think about it, kids really are mega freeloaders. Sure, they’re worth it, but it’s nice to once in a while see a kid who at least acknowledges their true status in life.Honesty is the Best Policy

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Sorry Not Sorry

What could possibly embody the “sorry not sorry” mentality more effectively than this note?

On one hand, it’s a pretty unimpressive apology letter, as it’s very clear the writer is in no way sorry for whatever they’ve done.

On the other, it’s kind of impressive the level of honesty coming across here. Sure, it’s nice to apologize, but can you really force yourself to be sorry when you just don’t feel it? We guess not. Pretty impressive emotional awareness there, kid.Sorry Not Sorry

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Mommy Juice

We all know kids say the darndest things. That’s why part of being a parent means never letting your guard down—not only because you have tiny people living in your house who totally rely on you for their life, health, and safety, but because they will see whatever you’re doing and then tell the rest of the world about it.

That’s why it’s usually a good idea to wait until the kids have gone to bed before cracking out the vino—because they will out you to the rest of the judgy moms without a second thought.Mommy Juice

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Serious Santa

Wow, this is certainly one entitled kid. We are totally here for people knowing what they want and being open about it, even being direct in letting others know their expectations and dreams. That’s great!

But hey, is anyone going to tell this child that Santa doesn’t actually owe them a pony? In our day, we got a tangerine in our stocking, and we were grateful for it.

We do enjoy the threatening-looking angry pony though. That’s art.Serious Santa

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Double Whammy

We love it when children emulate their parents. Isn’t it so cute when you see people walking around with their mini-mes, dressing them up in similar outfits or spending time with them on the same hobby?

Well, this kid seems to have perfected imitating his parents in the best possible way—by rocking the dad jokes to maximum effect!

Such dad humor in one so young, can surely mean that he is destined to grow up to become the biggest dad-joke-teller of all time.Double Whammy

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Constructive Criticism

We can so imagine the mom receiving this report card and the emotions she would go through while reading it.

At first, you’d be like, “excuse me?” at the rudeness of this idea. And then looking at the categories like “cooking dinner” and “doing laundry”, and it just becomes pretty insulting overall.

And then you see the section “being a mom”, and the FOUR checks heartily scrawled in, and your heart just melts utterly in sweetness.

So. Cute. We cannot!Constructive Criticism

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Empty Threats

We often think of how we should be treating our children, teaching them the correct way to behave and seeing the morals behind their actions.

Lots of parenting techniques try to steer us away from bribing our children to behave with sweets or chocolate, because this can be a form of emotionally manipulating them.

But whether you do it or not, children learn at a pretty early age just how to use your emotions against you, and boy can they be harsh.

Just look at this kid, withholding love from his parents unless they let him off his chores. Savage.Empty Threats

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Famous Last Words

This one is not so much funny or inappropriate, but rather just a little disturbing.

We know children can have overactive imaginations, but sometimes you can’t help but wonder where these terrible or scary thoughts in their heads are coming from.

What mysterious demon is following this family around? Perhaps it’s just in this child’s head, but then again, maybe they are seeing something that the rest of the family are not…Famous Last Words

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P.S. I Love You

Oh, our HEARTS! This child has clearly been taught healthy, loving boundaries, and the right and honest way to argue.

Though the writer of this note is clearly very cross with their parents, they also clearly know that their relationship is strong enough to withstand their argument and makes a safe space for them to share their feelings.

For a young child, in an angry mood, to still take time to remind their parents they still love them underneath it all, is just so cute that we could die. RIP us.P.S. I Love You

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Love Letter

Do you remember being a kid, when the absolute most embarrassing thing in the world was when you accidentally called your teacher “mom”? It happens to the best of us, but it’s just so mega awks when it happens, especially when everyone else laughs at you.

Well, this kid just took it to the next level, but in a kind of weird and sinister way.

That’s the thing with children—they will think of things weird and slightly morbid, and have no sense of keeping that thought quiet.

Not a note to put on the fridge, this one.Love Letter

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Brutal Honesty

We all know kids do not shy away from being incredibly honest, sometimes in the most accidentally harsh or cruel ways.

That’s why a compliment from a child is so meaningful, because you know they really mean it. Why would they lie? It’s simply not in their nature.

That’s why this teacher, though being quite openly insulted, can take comfort that they definitely ARE a good teacher—unless they teach English, that is, because that’s the wrong “your”.Brutal Honesty

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A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

Oh deary me. Can you imagine being the mom who receives this picture home from school?

There is Dad, looking normal enough with his bespectacled face and calm smile. But then comes Mom … clearly in some terrible rage and shouting madly.

This would be a hard one to react to, wouldn’t it—because this picture would us pretty upset, but then you don’t want to live up to the image of you portrayed in it.

Try to laugh it off, Mom. Maybe next time will be more flattering.A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

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Watch Out Picnic Basket

Yikes! There’s nothing like the innocence of a child to call you out on your greatest weakness or deepest insecurity.

Take this picnic shamer for example.

Sure, maybe the dad in question likes to indulge now and again, and maybe he’s packing a few extra inches on his waistline as a result.

We wonder if reading this innocent insight will inspire this dad to curb his picnic intake—or if he’ll just laugh it off, while enjoying his curves. You do you, dad!Watch Out Picnic Basket

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Refund and Exchange

We can’t fault kids for their amazing insight and brutal honesty. It can be pretty hard for older siblings to welcome a new addition to the family, get used to the change in dynamic, and accept their feelings about it.

It can be a complicated emotional time, for sure, and we kind of applaud the writer of this note for being so in tune with their feelings and honest about it.

Plus, who doesn’t want a puppy? We feel you, new big sister.Refund and Exchange

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Life Goals

We know that this child is going to grow up to achieve greatness. Not only are they fully in tune with what their deepest wish is, but let’s face it, it’s a pretty awesome one and one we can all get behind.

Who DOESN’T want it to rain tacos?! What an awesome wish, and quite simply, we can’t see why we didn’t think of it before.

Plus, this child is almost disturbingly good at coloring within the lines. A true genius right here.Life Goals

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Graphic Novel

Yikes! We would not want to be on the receiving end of this note. Who on earth is Valerie? Is it another sibling, or perhaps a friend (or frenemy) of the writer, or just someone else in their life they wish wasn’t?

Perhaps a math teacher, or swimming instructor—or something else they associate with great suffering?

The truth is, this is directed to the child’s babysitter—clearly not a hit with the audience.

But whatever it is that Valerie’s done, we assume she doesn’t deserve the gruesome fate depicted on this threatening letter.Graphic Novel

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Pretty Accurate

Do you ever look at your child’s paintings, and wonder if your offspring is some sort of inspired soothsayer?

Well, whoever’s kid drew this masterpiece, actually had a pretty good insight into how 2020 would turn out.

No one can deny that this was a year we were all plunged deep into the jaws of disaster.

Ok, so perhaps a bit of an exaggeration, but a giant lizard swallowing the globe would actually be pretty fitting—and might explain a lot.Pretty Accurate

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Mirror Image

Another day, another child’s drawing as a damning interpretation of their mother’s life choices.

Now, we are sure that this young artist didn’t mean to demean their mom quite so harshly, depicting her as a monstrous creature in the morning, who later transforms into a lady of the night.

We can imagine Mom was pretty horrified by this depiction—it’s certainly not the impression you hope to leave on your child—but let’s hope she had a good laugh rather than taking it to heart.Mirror Image

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Loving Sentiment

Aah, how sweet! This child has written a kind and generous note to their loved one at Christmas. Isn’t it touching to see just how dearly this sweet kid hopes that the recipient of their card gets exactly what they want, deserving of true happiness of festive joy?

It’s enough to bring a tear to our eye—except when we notice that the same sweet child couldn’t help but slip in a sneaky random harsh insult.

That’s what they do, these children—lure you into a false sense of security, before going in for the kill. They’re like wolves.Loving Sentiment

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Everyone Loves Ellen

We are in two minds about this one really. On one hand, this mom looks pretty bedraggled in her darling child’s depiction of her, and it’s obviously a pretty damning judgement to say she does nothing but watch TV all day.

But on the other hand, one thing about this image is pretty uplifting—her massive heart. This artist surely things of their mom as a truly loving person. Or is it a box-shaped heart because she simply loves TV so much?

Plus, let’s be honest—who wouldn’t dream of watching Ellen all day? Sounds like a pretty sweet life to us.Everyone Loves Ellen

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I’m Not a Regular Mom, I’m a Cool Mom

Ouch. This is pretty much up there on the list of most casually damning and crushing insults out there.

Though this kid clearly loves their mom, they’re also kind of indifferent about her.

It would almost be better if they had something kind of mean or angry to say about her—but this totally emotionless dismissal is kind of worse.

Imagine—they’re not even mad at you, they just think you’re kind of a “meh” mom. Utterly savage.I’m Not a Regular Mom, I’m a Cool Mom

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Brotherly Love

Now, most of the hilarious notes on this list are directed from children to their parents. But we have one notable exception, which is this loving brother’s artful creation in honor of his sister.

We know sibling rivalry can bring out the darkest, most mean and spiteful sides to any of us, but this one really takes the cake.

It’s so insulting, even though we … don’t really quite understand what it is talking about.

But we have a new insult up our sleeves for the next person who offends us. You ex-carrot!Brotherly Love

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Neck and Neck

Oh good grief. Can you imagine being handed this piece of art by a seemingly angelic and innocent child? It’s always the innocent-looking ones that have the evil murderous tendencies.

Even though it’s just a child’s drawing, you can’t help but wonder if they somehow have some kind of second sight, and really actually know what’s about to happen to you.

We know we’re being crazy, and probably we’re totally safe, right?

BRB, just going to hide under somebody’s stairs for a couple of years.Neck and Neck

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Flipping the Birthday

OMG. We wonder how this mom reacted to her sons’ questionable choice of birthday card illustration. Did she laugh hysterically, or send them straight to their rooms for being so rude?

Well, the thing is, it’s not actually quite as naughty a card as it seems.

In reality, the image is supposed to show the figure holding up two birthday candles, not flipping the mother the bird in a double whammy of nastiness.

We hope that the recipient noticed what it really meant, and was able to see the funny side.Flipping the Birthday

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Truth Hurts

Yikes. It always hurts to hear the ugly truth when you are going through a breakup. Sometimes, when you really love someone, you can convince yourself that there is a chance—maybe the other person will have a change of heart and decide to give it another go?

But when the answer is no, sometimes it can be really hard to accept—but when it comes out of the mouths of your own children, you sort of can’t help but listen.

Sorry, Dad—we don’t love your chances here.Truth Hurts

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Dad Jokes

We know that dads are famous for making a lot of bad jokes, but the truth is they are often very easily the perfect target for bad jokes.

Maybe it’s because we already know they really love their toilet humor? And therefore they just tend to attract gross or naughty jokes?

Whatever the reason, this child couldn’t help but associate their dad with the production of gas, and decided to express it via the medium of art. Can’t blame them, really.Dad Jokes

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Our House

This one is really making us scratch our heads. Is this really an accurate description of how people look in this artist’s house? Or have they watched a little too much Nightmare Before Christmas?

And also … what exactly is that in the bottom-right window? Is it a balloon … or something else?

Whatever is going on here, we are half intrigued to come along to this person’s house, and half inclined to stay well away. We think the latter is probably the better idea…Our House

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Many Thanks

We love it when children make the effort to be thankful to their parents. Parents work so hard, and sometimes it feels like they’re never fully appreciated for all the effort they go to for their children.

And so when this child handed their mom a thank-you note, she must have initially been so delighted and touched—until she actually read what they are thanking her for.

Thank you for never leaving me in a box somewhere? Where do they even come up with these ideas?

Whatever their thinking, it’s a pretty original thank-you note.Many Thanks

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Oh dear. We all know the feeling of waking up the morning after having had one too many the night before. That headachy, sick feeling, combined with a bit of uneasy angst, as we wonder if we did anything embarrassing that we can’t remember.

Most of us can rely on our pals to fill us in on anything awks, but this lucky lady has her child on hand to draw incriminating pictures of her boozy ways.

Well, it’s good that the child has an artistic way of publicly shaming her mother’s drinking habits. It’s creative.Hangsiety

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Detailed Instructions

Well, well, well. This is certainly one judgy kid. But we are not sure what this picture is inspired by, so it’s not clear whether it was really a fair point to make, or if this child was being just randomly weird and rude.

You never know—maybe on their last father and son day, the dad DID just sleep all day and forget to do anything fun?

Or, as we think is more likely, this masterpiece was probably drawn around 5:30 am, by a child far too impatient for his exciting day to begin. Wake up already, Dad!Detailed Instructions

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Time Out

Sorry could we just check—is this an actual drawing from our own childhood? Oh wait no, because back in the dark ages when we were kids, phones had barely been invented.

But if we WERE children during the time of smart phones, we would totally turn them off if we had too many friends calling all the time.

This kid is definitely a child after our own hearts—we all need a little alone time sometimes, no matter what age we are.Time Out

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Fair Ask

This is absolutely hilarious! We can’t fault kids for their confidence, and their unshakeable belief that even the most crazy and wild demanding dreams may just come true.

Well, why WOULDN’T the Queen of England let you borrow her crown? It’s only for the day, after all. It’s not like she wants to take it forever!

Plus, it IS her birthday, and how can you say no to a child on her birthday.

Pretty reasonable, if you ask us. Come on, Queenie—share the love a bit.Fair Ask

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Don’t Ask, Don’t Get

Well! This is certainly a rather demanding tooth fairy request. In our day, we got 20 cents under our pillow.

Now this child seems to be demanding a small fortune, just for the not-particularly impressive achievement of having a tooth fall out!

Perhaps all her teeth fell out in one go, and so she feels she deserves a little more than the average tooth-loser gets from the fairy.

Either way, we are not sure this request is going to be granted any time soon.Don’t Ask, Don’t Get

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