Full Grown Miniature Schnauzer?

How big does a Miniature Schnauzer get?

Stocky, robust little dogs standing 12 to 14 inches, Miniature Schnauzers were bred down from their larger cousins, Standard Schnauzers. The bushy beard and eyebrows give Minis a charming, human-like expression. The hard, wiry coat comes in three color patterns: salt and pepper, black and silver, and solid black.

How big is a full grown Miniature Schnauzer?

Miniature Schnauzers have a very square-shaped build, measuring 11 to 14 inches (28 to 36 cm) tall and weighing 10 to 15 pounds (4.5 to 6.8 kg) for females and 11 to 18 pounds (5.0 to 8.2 kg) for males. They have a double coat, with wiry exterior fur and a soft undercoat.

Are Miniature Schnauzers good pets?

Miniature schnauzers are hardy, alert, courageous little dogs. They can be feisty and may put on a show of scrappiness when confronted by dogs they do not know. The playfulness of miniature schnauzers makes them ideal for families with well-behaved children.

Do Miniature Schnauzers bark a lot?

The Miniature Schnauzer is derived from the standard schnauzer and are excellent guard dogs because they have the tendency to bark at strangers. It important to learn to control your dog’s barking through simple training techniques. … To control your dog’s barking, train them to stay quiet on command.