Full Grown Mastador Dog?

How big do Mastador dogs get?

Most Mastadors weigh in at 85 to 160 pounds and range in height from 28 to 36 inches at the shoulder. That said, some can be smaller or larger.

Are Mastadors good dogs?

The Mastador is a great family dog with a tremendously friendly yet protective nature. Gentle giants in the truest sense, these large dogs might look intimidating to some, but they are actually very sweet and make perfect pets for families.

Is a Mastador large or giant breed?

Mastador Size. They are larger than a Labrador but smaller than a Bullmastiff. Classed as a giant dog breed you can expect a fully grown adult to be between 28 and 36 inches tall and weigh between 100 and 160lbs.

Are Mastadors easy to train?

Training a Mastador. They may inherit a stubborn streak from their Bullmastiff parent, as they are often aloof and stubborn, so make sure training and socializing begins at a very early age. Because of their love for food, they are quite easy to train.