French Black Copper Maran Chicks?

What are French Black Copper Marans?

The French Black Copper Marans are a rare breed not often seen in the United States. … ‚ÄúThis breed lays an egg with a light red color to light chocolate bloom color on the shell that are a favorite among chefs and farmers alike.

Are French Black Copper Marans friendly?

Black Copper Marans are also well known for their spectacular plumage. If you are looking for a docile and friendly breed that lays beautiful chocolate colored eggs then the Black Copper Marans could be the perfect breed for you. Beginner Friendly: Yes.

What's the difference between a French Black Copper Maran and a Black Copper Maran?

There are several varieties of Marans chickens, but the French Black Copper Marans are in high demand right now. … Unlike the Cuckoo Marans which are clean legged, the Black Copper Marans have lightly feathered legs. With their red single comb and orange eyes, this breed is a must-have and a show-stopper.