Fire Belly Toad for Sale?

How much does a fire belly toad cost?

Price Range: Approximately $5 to $10. Most are wild-caught import babies, as captive-bred specimens don’t demand high enough prices for breeders to focus on them. You can buy a Fire Bellied Toad for sale on our main website.

Are fire belly toads rare?

Oriental fire-bellies are popular in the pet trade, but they are common throughout their range and have no special conservation status.

Are fire belly toads good pets?

Fire-bellied toads are hardy pets that display a number of appealing qualities, including bright colors, diurnal activity and interesting behaviors. They are common, but with good reason. The most important part of their care is providing the right environment.

Can you touch a fire belly toad?

Like many frogs, Bombina orientalis produces skin toxins that could be harmful and should be handled with care. Fire-bellied toads (Bombina orientalis), like many frogs, should not be placed in or near your mouth or eaten. Always wash your hands after handling these frogs. …

Fire Bellied Toad (Bombina orientalis)Description: Fire Bellied Toads are small, brightly colored toads with green and black backs and a red or orange underside. They range from 2-2 inches long, males being slightly smaller and thinner than females. These toads are very hardy and can live up to 15-20 years in captivity if taken care of properly.Habitat and Tank Requirements: This species is native to the parts of Europe and Asia. They do well with plenty of live plants and other things for them to climb, such as wood and rocks. Use soil, a soil/sand mix, or finely ground coconut husk for a substrate and some use a large aquarium gravel. Keep the substrate moist at all times. Approximately 1/3 of their tank should be water. You can either use an under-gravel filtration system or clean the water every 2-3 days. You can use a small bowl just deep enough for the toads to submerge themselves. If you decide to go with a filter, use common sense: a pump that is too small will leave the water dirty, while a too-powerful pump with filter out the microorganisms needed to maintain a healthy pH. Be sure there are no openings in the tank through which the toad can escape. A hole large enough for a toad to stick its head out of is large enough for it to escape. Fire Bellied Toads are small enough that you can keep 2 or 3 in a 10-15 gallon tank, however, as with all frogs and toads, do not keep different species of frogs or toads in the same tank. There is a risk of disease and parasites being spread between species, even if the carrier frog or toad does not show any symptoms. The comfortable temperature range for these toads is 78-85 F during the day and a drop to around 68-71 F at night. LEDs or other low-wattage light bulbs work best for maintaining these temperatures. Diet: Fire Bellied Toads are mainly insectivorous and will feed on small crickets, fruit flies, mealworms, wax worms, and any other insect small enough for them to ingest. It is recommended that food be dusted with calcium to prevent bone softening.Handling: Allow your toad time to become accustomed to its new home before handling them extensively. Handling them little by little over a period of time lets the animal get used to you and reduces stress.

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