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Breadbox Rabbitry, a boutique rabbitry located in Chapel Hill, NC, specializes in Netherland Dwarf rabbits, one of the smallest breeds of domesticated rabbit. We are recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) and raise show quality rabbits.

Our focus is both on the genetic health and continued excellence of the Netherland Dwarf breed from an aesthetic perspective. We also very carefully breed for temperament and our highest ideal is a rabbit that makes a wonderful pet and companion. All rabbits pictured on this page have been bred by and raised at Breadbox Rabbitry. Broken Black Tort Netherland Dwarf Black Otter Netherland Dwarf rabbit We generally have about 15 adult rabbits at any given time and work with several other local rabbitries. We have baby rabbits available as pets most months of the year and work with the other breeders to bring rare colors of Netherlands and Jersey Woolies to the Raleigh area. Because most of the kits will be adopted out as pets or become show rabbits, we spend a lot of extra time with them. They will be accustomed to kids and cuddles, dogs, loud noises, cages being moved around with them inside, and being handled for continuous health checks, nails trimming, etc. Our rabbits live inside but have outdoor time in large garden runs. We grow much of their fresh foods on our homestead including many herbs, perennial kale, sweet potato greens, echinacea leaves, comfrey, and carrots. Orange Otter Netherland Dwarf rabbit Blue Tort Fox Netherland Dwarf We offer show quality Netherland Dwarfs and Jersey Woolies that also make wonderful pets. Our young rabbits are sired by award winning bucks Rabbits will grow up to weigh between 1.5 – 3 pounds Varieties are: torts, dilute torts, foxes, otters, blue, black, fawn, and brokens Most of our young rabbits are normal-furred; a few of them will have “long jersey wooly hair.” We share baby bunny adventures @breadboxfarm on Instagram. We are always happy to educate others about Netherland Dwarf rabbits.

How much does a dwarf bunny cost?

The cost of a dwarf rabbit will depend on the exact type, but most dwarf rabbits, commonly the Netherland Dwarf, can be adopted for $25 to $75, with the exception of show-quality rabbits. Higher quality baby rabbits, depending on the colors, markings, where you live and the breeder, can cost as much as $100 to $200.

Do dwarf rabbits make good pets?

If you like cute, cuddly, and petite, then yes, Netherland Dwarf rabbits make good pets. This breed is a bit more skittish than other domestic rabbit breeds. They are also a lot smaller, so more delicate. There are all kinds of pet rabbits, and this particular breed will add a lot of interest in your home.

Are dwarf rabbits aggressive?

Netherland Dwarf rabbits are not, in general, an aggressive breed. The have been heavily bred over the years for their demure looks and small size and can make excellent companions. … People are often surprised that rabbits can show aggression.

What is the smallest rabbit you can have as a pet?

Small rabbits. The Netherland Dwarf is the smallest of the domestic rabbits. The American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) accepts a weight range of 1.1–3.5 pounds (0.50–1.59 kg), but 2.5 pounds (1.1 kg) is the maximum allowed by the British Rabbit Council (BRC).

The Dunham Farm bunnies have won numerous awards through proven bloodlines. Netherland Dwarf bunnies have been a highly saught-after for decades. Due to the tiny size of this bunny, reproduction is very complicated. This creates a low supply and high demand, so please call for availability! Are you interested in other types of animals available at the Dunham Farm? Check out the Dunham Farms beautiful Silkie Chickens and other animals they raise.

Given the outstanding temperaments of the Dunham Farm bloodline their Netherland Dwarfs have made ideal pets for many people across the country and even overseas.

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