Dog Names for White Dogs?

Theres no denying itwhite dogs are absolutely adorable. Whether they are big and fluffy, small and scrappy, or have that majestic, wizard-like look, white dog breeds make for amazing pets.

But choosing the perfect white dog names can prove to be a challenge. Pearl Casper Ghost Linen Blizzard Marshmallow Fluff Powder Lily Dove Bubbles Cheesecake Quartz Glacier Yuki

We like this option for an affectionate and playful male dog who has a young, energetic spirit. Fluff : If your white dog happens to have a puffy, fluffy coat, then this nameinspired by Marshmallow Fluffis a great option. And this is a really fitting name for a female dog who happens to love the beach or the ocean.

Lacey : The intricate workings of lace inspire this pretty white female dog name. Sugar Crystal Ivory Aspen Jasmine Icing Feather Angel Swan Albina Fog : This name conjures up a cool, misty morning and we think its perfect for a white male dog who loves the outdoors and nature.

Dwight : While this name was definitely made popular by The Office , it comes from German origin and means blonde or white. It evokes that bright, white light from a photo finish or a blur of fur running through the yard. Finn is Irish and it means white or fair. Its a good subtle nod to your dogs coat color.

Wolf Snow Cap Bolt Wynn Blizzard Boo Tofu Moon Chalk Linen Marshmallow : Everyones favorite campfire treat, this is a great option for an adorable white pup. Sheep : Its always a little bit tongue and cheek to give your pet a name inspired by another animal.

We think sheep is an adorable option for a curly-coated white dog who is maybe a tiny bit shy. Its short and simple, but immediately brings to mind a small, fluffy pup. Q-Tip Snoopy Yuki (means snow in Japanese) Coolwhip Spud Yeti Snowball Biscuit Milky Flake

So naming a pup with fluffy white fur Downy seems like a good choice. Bubbles : Those suds in your bathtub provide the perfect inspiration for your fluffy white dogespecially if he or she has a curly coat. It was one of the first paper products used in ancient times and the name feels like an ode to the past.

Champagne : If white wine is your thing and you have a dog with a bubbly personality, this is an awesome option. Celeste : This name derives from Latin and means heavenly or celestial. We really like this option for a well-behaved white pup. Denali Glimmer Badar (means full moon in Arabic) Sprite Ermine

Its the perfect tough white dog name for your strong canine companion. Polar : We like this white dog name for a big breed like a Great Pyrnees or a Komondorany dog that reminds you of a friendly polar bear who spends time meandering around the arctic. Everest is the tallest peak on the planet and the climb up to the summit is covered in snow and ice.

This is a great white dog name for a determined pooch who likes to adventure and try new things. All featured products were chosen at the discretion of the Great Pet Care editorial team and not directly recommended or endorsed by the author of this article. Now that you have a selection of names from which to choose, your snow-colored dog needs special products to keep him in tip-top shape.

Ask any pet parent to a white dog about their biggest struggles, and keeping the coat bright and clean will be high on their list. White-coated dogs seem to attract stains from dirt, food, tears, and urine more than their darker-colored counterparts. Because few coat colors are as bright as snow white, weve assembled a list of our favorite products to keep your dogs looking their best.

Once your veterinarian rules out medical-related tear staining, keep your pups eye area clean and dry. As a bonus, they can be used on your snowy dogs ears and mouth area to wipe away discoloration. With continued use, these dog wipes will eliminate future residue and staining on white fur.

Made with plant-based surfactants (active agents) derived from coconut and palm Infused with non-irritating, natural ingredients Can be used daily until the build-up of stain residue is removed Wont deplete your dogs natural skin lipid barrier Made in the USA without alcohol, MEA, DEA, sulfates, or parabens 100-count container lasts a long time and is easily portable For use on dogs 12 weeks or older Any tear stains not removed with the first week is considered dyed fur and should be grown out and properly trimmed off Avoid abrasive rubbing and contact with the eyes Check with your veterinarian first to rule out pre-existing medical causes of staining Best used after walks and for any spills, spots, or grimy areas on your pooch, Great Clean wipes are gentle for everyday use.

The aloe and oatmeal formula keeps a white dogs coat clean and odor-free. Hard-to-reach areas like armpits, skin folds and foot pads are easily handled with these wipes. Powerful yet effective aloe and oatmeal formula gently soothes a dogs skin The plant-based deodorizing formula is safe to use Substantially sized wipes mean more coverage Conditioning ingredients leaves white coats clean and smelling fresh Travel-ready and portable for on-the-go cleanup Durability means the wipes will stay in one piece during use

Do not use near a dogs eyes or mucous membranes Not available in an unscented version If skin irritation develops or continues, discontinue use and seek veterinary care In addition to its waterproof feature, the Hurtta Rain Blocker is comfortable and made of a flexible fabric that doesnt rustle when the dog moves. Many dog shampoos claim to help keep a white coat clean, but many of them contain soap, harsh detergents, and arent pH balanced.

Great Coats Oatmeal & Aloe Shampoo is hypoallergenic, soothes and moisturizes skin, and is completely pH balanced for regular at-home bathing. Free of soap and detergents, it also provides relief from itchy, scaling, and sensitive skin. Snow-colored dogs with dry skin, hot spots , flea, and tick problems benefit from the tearless formula.

Ideal for use between grooming appointments and in conjunction with the Great Clean Aloe & Oatmeal Wipes. Helps smelly, flaky skin become healthy, shiny, and soft Made in the USA without harsh detergents or soap Safe to use with topical flea control products Will not strip a dogs coat of its natural luster and sheen Infused with emollients to restore natural moisture to the skin Rich lather feels good and smells delicious on your dogs body 16-ounce size may need to be replenished more often for larger white dogs For best results, allow the shampoo to sit for 5-10 minutes and repeat May help alleviate itching but wont solve underlying health issues Be sure to brush your dog regularly after his coat is dry.

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Whats a good name for a white dog?

Angel..Blizzard..Calla lily..Casper..Chowder..Coconut..Cottonball..Crystal.

What are names for white?

Alba / Albus..Angel..Arya..Aspen..Astrid..Bianca..Biscuit..Blanca.

What are some unique dog names?


Congratulations on the newest addition to your family. A new puppy has arrived in the form of a white bundle of fluff, and now for the hardest challenge of all, choosing the name for a white dog.

White dogs come in all shapes and sizes, yet all equally cute, from the Pomeranian to the Samoyed and Dalmatian. When choosing a name for your dog, remember that youre going to spend many years shouting this in your local park, therefore it is important to choose a name you like and that is easy to pronounce (ideally one or two one syllables).

Here is a list of 300 white dog names to help you in that all-important quest for finding the perfect name for your white puppy. Big or small, male or female, lets get started. Looking for the best names for your adorable white puppy?

Here are our top 20 picks for white dog names. Cloud Perfect for a fluffy white dog Igloo Shortens to Iggy Ghost Like Jons Direwolf in Game of Thrones Allegra An Italian name meaning joyful Rex Latin for king. Perfect for a noble white dog Button As cute as a button Scrappy Scrappy dappy doo Cassiopeia A queen in Greek mythology Dianna Roman Goddess of the hunt and the moon Endellion Lady For the most royal of dogs Badar meaning Full Moon in Arabic Nari Lily in Korean Saturn The Roman God of wealth Albus Suitable for a dog as white Dumbledores beard Shy Joyous gift in Hebrew Sprite Stella A celestial name Apricot A good name if you have a dog that is the rare apricot coloring Sugar

Have your heart set on a female dog? If she happens to be white, here are some names to consider for your new puppy: Angel Angelina Ariadne Arianna Aries Artemis Greek Goddess of the moon Aurora Bella Belle- beautiful in French Bianca white in Italian Blanca meaning white in Spanish Boo Buttercup Caitlin Cassandra Celeste Chardonnay The regalest white wine for the regalest of dogs Christina Daisy Diamond As diamonds are a girls best friend!

Dove Elle Elsie Fina Fiona Flo Glimmer Haiku Hermione Iris Ivy Lily Lola Her name was Lola Luna Mia Misty a great name for a husky type dog . Molly Noelle Olive Olivia Orchid Orla Pandora Pearl Periwinkle Pippa Rhubarb Rosalba Latin meaning white rose Rose Sandra Snowflake Sydney Tabitha Tahani best wishes in Arabic Wren Did you purchase a powerful and athletic Dalmatian or maybe a fluffy herding Samoyed?

Either way, you decided to buy a boy dog. Here are over 50 of our favorite white male dog names for you to mull over: Adonis A Greek name meaning Lord Alfie Anjo Angel in Portuguese Auberon Axel Bailey Bandit Benny Bernard Bertie Blake Bo Buddy Caesar Casper Like the Ghost Charles Chico Boy in Spanish Cliff Comet Connor Diesel Donald Dude Duke Falcon Fergus Flash Saviour of the universe Francis Freddie George Hector Hermes Hugo Jack Jasper Jonah Ludo Marn Merlin Milo Miran Noah Otis Pablo Remus Romeo Roscoe Scout Sebastian Sirius After the dog star Stanley Timmy Titus Greek meaning Defender Toby Walter Wesley Wilbur Winston Zeus Perfect for bigger dogs

Prefer a humorous name for your companion? Here our some of our picks for funny white names for dogs and some shout outs to famous dogs in the media. Bambi Bear Ben (and/or Jerry) Blizzard Perfect for a bouncy dog Bolt Bubblegum Cabana Captain Pugsley Catnip Chewie Cleopatra Edna Elsa Ewok Fenton Fido Frodo Like from Lord of the Rings Jabba Jackson Kermit Lolita Lucky Marshmallow Mary Puppins Peabody Noodles Nugget Pavlov Peanut Pluto Channel your inner Disney nerd Pongo Prince Phillip Rover Salt Schnee Snow in German Lady Rover Snoopy Snowball Snowy Taco Toto Waffles Winnie the Poodle Perfect for a Ppuoodle Yeti Yoko Yoshi Zebedee

Prefer something a little sweeter for your perfect new pooch? Here are our suggestions for cute white dog names perfect for your puppy. Ace Albie Amber Ava Blue Brooklyn Bubba Bubbles Buttermilk Suits a small, cuddly white dog Candy Caterina Italian meaning pure Coco Cotton Fairy Faye Ferne Fluffy Freckles Adorable if your dog has some freckles Giant Gidget the Pomeranian from The Secret Life of Pets Gracie Gypsy Harper Ivy Kisses Koda Lakshmi A Hindi name meaning a good omen Lumire Light in French Marbles Martha Moana A Disney princess Monty Moonshine Nala Nana Oreo Patch Peaches Pepper Percy Perdita Pip Popcorn Prince or Princess Puffball Quincy Ren A Unisex Japanese name Robin Rosa Sierra Smidge Smudge Sprinkles Sweetie Tallulah Tilly Truffles Tulip Usha French meaning Little Bear Whisper Willow Yuki

Prefer a smaller dog to a big one? They can pack lots of attitude into that small body, and make the perfect lap dogs. Here some of our recommendations for small white dog names.

Acorn Adah Hebrew meaning beautiful Alfie Autumn Baby Bluebell Bootsy Carlin An Irish name meaning little champion Danny Darcey Dill Dinky Dobby Harry Potter anyone? Dolly Doodle Dot Echo Elf (or Elfie) Hans Hermes Hobbit Honey Hovis Imp Jellybean But shortened to Beanie! Joy Little One Max Meatball Mija pronounced MI-ha Milky Minnie Napoleon Paddington Papillion French for butterfly Peppermint Pickle Pixel Pixie Poppy Queenie Roxy Ryan Irish name meaning little king Scorpio Snowbell Squiddly Teacup Ted (or Teddy) Thea Thumbelina Tinkerbell Tiny Another great name for a little white dog Twinkle

And there you have it, 300 of our favourite white dog names suitable for any white puppy. If you think you have found a name, be sure to give it a few test runs. Try saying things like Rex, time for dinner! or Caitlin?

Do you want to go for a walk? to an empty house to see how much you like the sound of it it will also help you practice making your dogs new name a reality. Which name do you think is the best on the lists above? Or is there a name you like that we missed out?

Be sure to leave us a comment letting us know.

White dogs are a special bunch, from the classic Westie to the striking Samoyed, the poodle, the Great Pyrenees, or any lovable mixed breed dog that landed the white fur genes. So how do you find the perfect name for your white dog? Because these dogs come in such a variety of size, style, and personality, weve given a lot of thought to this list of popular white dog names. There are plenty of options to fit any dog, from a sweet Bianca to a strong Skye or a spunky Casper.

We handpicked these choices by digging through our database of dog names nationwide. Many of these names are unique, while others show up on the list of top 100 dog names .

This is only the beginning, of course. Use your imagination, have fun, and be sure to check out our other dog name articles for more ideas. Luna Daisy Lily Stella Pepper Scout Nova Olive Poppy Biscuit Angel Skye Sugar Echo Arya Waffles Midnight Iris Opal Coconut Tofu Marshmallow Astrid Gwen

Whitney Alba / Albus Aspen Bianca Blanca Blizzard Brie Buttermilk (Butter) Calla Casper Celeste Cloud Cotton Custard Dazzle Denali Dove Feather Glacier Glimmer Heron Ivory Jasmine Juneau Lacey Marzipan Milkshake Misty Morgan Nari (Korean for lily) Neve (Italian for snow) Nova Orchid Pearl Polar Sasha Sierra Snowdrop, Snowball (Snow) Sprite Thistle Thunder Velvet Wilder Yukon Zahra The best white dog names dont necessarily have to say anything about the shade of your dogs fur.

A sweet name like Glimmer, or a fun name like Velvet, might be perfect for your pet. Because the best white dog names are the names that fit the individual dog. Here are more inspiration and ideas.

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There’s no denying it—white dogs are absolutely adorable. Whether they are big and fluffy, small and scrappy, or have that majestic, wizard-like look, white dog breeds make for amazing pets.But choosing the perfect white dog names can prove to be a challenge. Do you go for cute or tough? Classic or completely unique? Or do you go for a moniker that plays up your dog’s fluffy fur?Regardless of the direction you choose, there are tons of great names for white dogs to choose from. And we’re here to help you narrow down the best name for your unpigmented pup.

White Female Dog Names

While we definitely love all the dog names on this list, these are a few of our favorite white dog names to kick things off with a bang!

White Female Dog Names

Looking for the best names for your adorable white puppy? Here are our top 20 picks for white dog names.

Funny White Dog Names

Did you purchase a powerful and athletic Dalmatian or maybe a fluffy herding Samoyed? Either way, you decided to buy a boy dog.Here are over 50 of our favorite white male dog names for you to mull over:

Small White Dog Names

Did you manage to find the perfect white puppy? These tiny, tea-cup sized, pooches are fluffy, furry and full of fun!Prefer something a little sweeter for your perfect new pooch? Here are our suggestions for cute white dog names – perfect for your puppy.