Dog Names by Color?

Choosing dog names by color is a favorite way to select the perfect name for your new puppy or adult dog. If you are even a bit artistic, shades of color are paramount and picking a puppy based on the color of their hair is more common than you might expect.

Spend even a small amount of time on the American Kennel Club website, and you’ll begin to see how many colors and color names are available to describe that beautiful shade that makes your dog the unique individual he is. I thought it might be fun to discover all the color words that kennel clubs use to describe the hair shades that are acceptable.

I was shocked to see how our vocabularies could increase exponentially just by learning a few color names. This list does not include combination colors that are permitted such as black and white. The colors and breed standards are drawn up by parent clubs.

But I was still astonished at the variety of terms used and how so many of them could describe essentially the same color. This list represents solid colors found in many small breed dogs. All of the color terms used below are listed on the American Kennel Club by breed.

The breeds included are only those found and described on Small Dog Place. There are likely other colors represented by medium, large, and giant breed dogs, but here is the list of colors of small breed dogs recognized by the AKC. Blenheim (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)

Cafe Au Lait (Toy Poodle) Lilac Dilute (American Hairless Terrier) Ruby (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)

Brindle: A very distinct color pattern that may appear as stripes on the dog‘s body. It usually appears as black, tan, brown, or red with some colors more distinct than others. Now let’s put together the list above to create some great dog names based on color.

Gold and Tans: include those breeds that have a reddish yellow
appearance, but also fawn, apricot, wheaten, tawny,
straw, mustard, sandy, honey yellow, lemon, and
buff. Grays: Shade can be
Slate, charcoal, silver, pepper, grizzle, steel. Reds: Color tones range from orange, chestnut, roan, rust,
tan or ruby.

Tawny and Blenheim
(Red-brown and white) would fall into this group. Blues: Normally blues
look more like a dark grey, metallic grey, gunpowder
gray, with the nose color being more of a slate gray. Creams: Pale yellow to almost white whereas fawns are more of a yellow, tan or very light brown that has a black or dark colored face mask.

Creams vary among breeds and also can appear as ivory or blond. This page includes names for a gray, silver or blue dog If You Found Dog Names by Color Helpful, May we suggest a few more names worth checking out Article by Small Dog Place | Janice Jones

What is a unique name for a dog?


What do you name a tan dog?


Choosing dog names for cream-colored dogs can be difficult process. You need to understand your dogs personality, behavior, looks, and characteristics to name a dog.

Weve gathered complete list of male and female cream colored dog names . You have seen cream, tan, beige, ivory, fawn, and buff colored dog breeds.

Each of these off white shades is a fairly common coat color. To help you to start with the process of finding perfect unique name for dog, weve collected huge list of male and female cream-colored dog names . Peachesa round fruit with yellow fleshFleura French name that means flowerMelissaname of all the nymphs who cared for the patriarch gods as a baby.Blondieas the name impliesSierraa Spanish name that connotes strength and groundednessMuffina cake most people love.

Exactly what it has in common with your pet dogElenalight but for this instance, light-bringer.Andreaa name with Greek originsMollya name which means the star of the sea.Bellaa name which translates into beauty Milkshake Cupcake Doughy Biscuit Gwen Buttermilk Vanilla Chip Creamy Almond Bianca Tuna Creamer Churro Crisp Truffles Butters Bagel Heron Cracker Jack Saffron Chowder Dust Scotch Nugget Blanca Taffy Oak Cream Puff Marsh Sierra Buckwheat Daisy Astrid Glacier Pudding Chestnut Snowdrop, Snowball Stella Cashew Sahara Toastie Feather Caramel Calla Lily Whisper Pelt Tofu Buttercup Skippy (peanut butter) Tornado Savannah Snickers Maple Turnip Alba / Albus Summer Wilder Wift

Cookie Hazel Marshmallow Walls TumbleWeed Skippy Latti Dazzle Latte Cheesecake Buffy Corkie Corkie or Corky Manila Tuscan Nutty Yukon Bready Mute Arya Honey Cloud Aspen Teabag Celeste Angel Pearl Taquito Cotton Dove Dior Marshmello Waffles Toast Custard Alba Lacey Whitney Thunder Desert Butterscotch Casper Tawny Gilda Nova Misty Woodie Sasha Ferrah Sugar Nilla Twinkie Sprite Nutmeg Sandy Fawn Cornbread Ivory Barley Ruffles Luna Echo Muffin Coconut Brie Nari (Korean for lily) Flax Zahra Saffron (Yellow flower) Denali Glimmer Morgan Carnivorous Karat Popcorn Cloudy Butterball Cutlet Iris Orchid Thistle Jasmine Ugg Blondie Toffee

These are the top dog breeds known for their cream coat. Guys, these are the perfect complete list of names for cream colored male and female puppies. We hope that you like the exquisite list of dog names.

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If your dog is a mix of black and white, there are a ton of options when it comes to naming him. These are some of our favorite black-and-white dog names for a pup with a dual color scheme.

These cute canines come in a wide range of hues and patterns, giving us pet parents plenty of flexibility when it comes to choosing the perfect name. If your dog has a speckled pattern on her fur, a name like Dottie, Perdita, or Domino are a fun way to connect her name to her appearance.

Or, if your pup loves cuddling up with you on the couch for a good Netflix or Disney+ binge session, incorporate his passion for film with a name like Mickey, Snoopy, Fly, or Meeko. Millie Coco Bellatrix Cece Dottie Eve Sky Star Merle Stella Clarity Diamond Luna Zara Quinn Maggie Peppa Domino Ace Snoopy Bandit Sylvester Elvis Roscoe Flyer Milo Max Chester Pepe (Le Pew) Felix Charlie Harley

Pongo Perdita Cruella Mickey Minnie Goofy Max Pete Clarabelle Horace Ursula Maleficent Jack Figaro Flower Meeko black and white puppy Credit: xkunclova / Shutterstock

Marble Stripes Checkers Spot Pinstripe Patch Freckles Zig Zag Chevron Houndstooth Dot Gingham Monochrome Grayscale Harlequin Almond Joy Oreo Cupcake Sushi Macaron Cookie Chocolate Chip Donut Milkshake Swirl Sundae Pepper Frosting Sprinkles Beans Truffles RELATED : 150 of the Cutest Food Names for Dogs That Like Snacks as Much as You Do

Houndoom Blitzle Duskull Absol Pancham Shelgon Zekrom Reshiram Orca Panda Penguin Lemur Zebra Skunky Bear Bunny Badger Puffin Cricket Bessie (cow) Magpie Raccoon Dice Mittens Chess Domino Coda or Koda Tuxedo Motley Boots Lucky

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