Dog Breeds That Look Like German Shepherds?

What dogs look like German shepherds but aren t?

A Belgian Malinois looks sort of like a smaller, blonder German shepherd, and is sometimes even mistaken for a German shepherd. Malinois are shorthaired dogs, fawn in color, with a black overlay, and a black mask and ears. The females average about 40-60 pounds, and the males weigh about 60-80 pounds.

What are the 5 types of German Shepherds?

West-German Working Line German Shepherds. ….East German DDR Working Line German Shepherds. ….Czech Working Lines German Shepherds. ….American Show Line German Shepherds. ….European Show Line German Shepherds.

How do you tell the difference between a German shepherd and a Belgian Malinois?

German Shepherds have a medium length coat whereas the Belgian Malinois has a shorter thicker coat..The Belgian Malinois is generally considered to have a higher prey drive..Whilst both breeds can suffer from elbow and hip dysplasia, German Shepherds are notorious sufferers.