Do People Eat Raccoons?

Is it safe to eat a raccoon?

All in all, raccoon is totally edible, and I would not hesitate to eat it again. However, it’s the quality of the meat that would keep me from cooking it more often. Like squirrel, it’s a tough meat that is best prepared when tenderized.

How does raccoon meat taste?

Raccoon meat is delicious; it is dark and slightly greasy and tastes like lamb meat fried in melted butter. Raccoon meat tastes like dog meat but less tender. … And the best way to eat a raccoon is to barbeque it or roast it with many herbs and spices.

Did Americans eat raccoon?

Still, raccoon meat’s culinary legacy remains apparent in many areas of the country. … For the past 93 years, the American Legion in Delafield, Wisconsin, has hosted a “Coon Feed” in January; the event feeds guests about 350 plates of raccoon meat. Gillett, Arkansas, has hosted a “Coon Supper” for 76 years.

Do people in the South eat raccoons?

How About Raccoon?”, highlights the fact that eating raccoons is a large part of the culture and tradition of many people in the southern U.S. And it isn’t just about habit, apparently. Those who eat it regularly say that ‘coon meat is ‘just plain good’!