Do Hamsters Like to Be Held?

Hamsters are extremely small and at times can be very timid. Some hamsters dont mind being handled but others will dislike it to the point where they may bite.

Your hamsters species and his personality will influence how much he likes being held and how long it takes to tame him. Some hamsters enjoy being held, while others may only tolerate it for a short amount of time before they are ready to be put back down.

However, getting your hamster used to your hand and the idea of being picked can help him feel more relaxed around you and stop him from viewing you as something to fear. Holding your hamster correctly is key to winning his trust and preventing a nasty bite . Keep your hands cupped around your hamster as you lift him to act as a kind of cave so he cant jump or fall off and injure himself.

You should always sit close to the ground when handling your hamster just in case he falls or decides to quickly jump from your hands. You need to build trust and rapport with them first by letting them smell you when you feed them, after a couple of weeks they will begin to get to use to your scent. When your hamster feels comfortable taking a treat and staying on your hand, you can attempt to stroke him with your finger.

Using the cupping method listed above, gently move your hamster out of his cage and hold him securely to your chest. This method involves cupping your hand under your hamsters belly and positioning your thumb over the top of him to pick him up. If you go away on holiday for a week or two, you may have to slowly reintroduce yourself but depending how long youve had your hamster they should begin to remember you by your scent and voice.

You shouldnt leave your hamster alone longer than 2 days (48 hours) as they might run out of food or knock over their water bottle. This will make sure your hands dont smell like food, which could result in your hamster nipping you. Dont use sudden movements, make loud noises, or just grab your hamster to pick him up.

Signs your hamster does not want to be touched include hissing, raising paws, growling, showing teeth, and nipping. Dont shout or raise your voice around your hamster as that may startle them and put them on edge. Giving your hamster treats will make him begin to associate your presence as a positive and realize that youre not a threat.

Abruptly waking up your hamster by shaking his nesting box or swooping in to pick him up when hes sleeping should be avoided. Additionally, before handling your hamster, you should wash your hands with unscented soap to remove any possible smell of food. Hamsters wont show affection like a dog or cat will, but they can become very bonded to their owners.

A hamster who is trusting of you will allow you to hold him, stroke him, and pick him up without biting or attempting to run away. In turn, great ways to show affection to your hamster are hand-feeding, stroking, handling, and allowing him time away from his cage. Hamsters can be very friendly animals as long as you put the time, patience, and effort into taming them.

Seeing your hamster develop and gradually become more comfortable around is an incredibly rewarding experience, so its well worth your time! Syrian hamsters are hardier and easier for children to handle as they are larger and generally more docile. Dwarf hamsters, such as the Campbell and Roborovski, can be more difficult to tame as they move very fast and can be nippy.

Parents should ensure their child does not scream, yell, or make loud noises around their hamster. As long as parents and children put in the appropriate measures to keep their hamster comfortable and happy, then theres no reason why this furry friend cant be the perfect addition to any family.

Do hamsters like to be cuddled?

Yes, in general, hamsters to like to be cuddled and handled from time to time. Affection between hamster and owner, for instance cuddling or handling, can build trust.

Do hamsters like when you hold them?

Cup your hamster in the palm of your hands.. It is very important for your hamster to feel secure in your hands when you hold him. When he climbs into your hand, cup your hand under him to support him. … With time, your hamster will become more comfortable with being held and you will not need to lift him with a scoop.

Do hamsters like to be petted?

While hamsters enjoy being petted, you need to understand how to socialize your hamster and handle him so that neither of you gets injured and both you and the hamster enjoy the experience.

Do hamsters get attached to their owners?

A hamster can get to know his or her owner over time and given enough bonding time. See, with the right amount of socialization, your hamster will begin to recognize you. In fact, after a while, they’ll even start to bond you. However, hamsters won’t bond with everyone in your life ; they typically to one or two people.

If youve got a hammy you might be wondering if he likes being held. I wondered the same thing about my teddy, and Im here to help you better understand your hammys need for affection and touch.

Also keep in mind that once youve tamed your hamster, youll need to constantly handle him. Theyve only been with us for about a century so far , and rodents arent as easy to domesticate as dogs for example.

That being said, hammies have an instinct of being afraid of everything, and will run away or jump off if they feel threatened. They must be the exact same hamster type, siblings, never separated, and carefully watched. Now imagine a slightly grumpy, panicky, small animal, who likes being left alone, being comfy with two hands bigger than his own body picking him up.

Even after youve made every effort to make your hammy comfortable, his personality is key here. No matter how hard you try, your hamster can possibly be one of the independent types who would rather you put them down. This is why you need to start slow, and feed him bits of food through the cage bars at first.

When the hamster is okay with your smell, you can start putting your hand in the hammys cage . (If you like this article so far, you can pin it to your Pinterest board by clicking the image below . The lifting will possibly scare the hamster, so you might have to practice this for a longer time.

Always keep the hamster off the ground only for a short amount of time, like 2-3 seconds. Hes not against it, but hamsters dont show affection like most pets cats and dogs for example. And youll also find out a bit more about a hamsters way of building relationships, and how he views other creatures, including you.

Us hamsters do a lot of running around, but we do like being held by the person we trust.

When I was 7 years old, my dads brother decided he was going to start breeding and selling hamsters as a side business. Like most children at this age, I was both intrigued and enthralled by the cute little furry critters ????. After much begging and promising to keep my room clean, I finally convinced my mom to let me have one and I can say that my life was never the same again.

Then take your first and middle finger, and gently run them down your hamsters back, using both light and delicate strokes. If you find that your hamster reacts to your petting in the same manner as they do when given a treat, offering chirping and squeaking sounds, then you can rest assured that youre making them happy.

Excessive squirming and running from your approach are also reliable indicators that petting is not currently desired ??? The key is being sensitive to their needs in the moment and listening to what your hamster friend is telling you with their behaviors. If you practice patience and put in your due diligence, it will be no time at all before you will be successfully petting and bonding with your furry friend.

So do hamsters like being held ?

This is not a straight answer.

Hamsters can bond with their owners, though not all hammies do this. There are many personality aspects that need to be taken into account, and we’ll get right to it.Also keep in mind that once you’ve tamed your hamster, you’ll need to constantly handle him. Otherwise the bond can grow cold, and your hamster will need to be tamed again.

How To Pet Your Hamster

There is no specific formula on how to pet your hamster. But there are a few points and guidelines that will make the experience one your hamster will enjoy.Your hamster is both a delicate and sensitive creature, making it essential to be mindful of the care that you give it. When handling your hamster, it is best to cup it in the palm of your hand.Then take your first and middle finger, and gently run them down your hamster’s back, using both light and delicate strokes.It is crucial that you make sure that you avoid pressing down too hard and refrain from making sudden or swift moves. These will only serve to scare and upset your hamster.The main thing to remember is that you need to pet your hamster very carefully. It’s often suggested that the first few days that you have your hamster, you keep physical contact to a minimum. The reason being is so that it may have the time it needs to adapt to its new and strange surroundings.

Hamster Petting 101

When you start to handle your hamster, do so slowly and with much care. It is best to introduce your hamster to the idea of being petted slowly and in steps.When you are playing with or feeding your hamster, you can take the opportunity to lightly stroke its back. When doing so, watch closely for physical indications to see just how the hamster reacts to your touch.Make sure that when you approach your hamster, you use slow moves that are not sudden or jerky. Also, refrain from approaching it at an angle that will both startle or frighten it.Watch for any signs that might indicate that your hamster does not like the petting process. There’s no need to cause undue stress.


Hamsters generally enjoy attention and affection. But just like us humans, sometimes they’d prefer a little alone time. First, know how to properly pet and handle a hamster. Then lookout for the signs of enjoyment (or not so much). The key is being sensitive to their needs in the moment and listening to what your hamster friend is telling you with their behaviors.If you practice patience and put in your due diligence, it will be no time at all before you will be successfully petting and bonding with your furry friend.