Diy Guinea Pig House?

Can you make a DIY guinea pig cage?

If you have a knack for building projects, then you may want to consider constructing a guinea pig cage. You can customize it to fit any space, and some enclosures are ideal for use inside and outside. … Did you know one guinea pig needs a minimum of 7.5 square feet of living space to be comfortable and happy?

What do you use for a guinea pig house?

One guinea pig: 7.5 square feet, or about 30”x 36”, is the bare minimum recommended, but bigger is better. ….Two guinea pigs: 7.5 square feet (minimum), but at least 10.5 square feet (30” x 50”) is preferred.

What is the best house for a guinea pig?

Ferplast Pig Cage. ….Kaytee Complete Guinea Pig Kit. ….Petsfit Guinea Pigs Cage for Indoor Use. ….MidWest Homes for Pets Deluxe Home Kit. ….Ferplast Cavie Guinea Pig Home. ….Ware Manufacturing Home Sweet Home Cage.