Crested Gecko Morph Chart?

What is the most sought after crested gecko morph?

Full pinstripe..Super dalmatian..Creamsicles with a solid back, dalmation, or pinstripe patterning..Whitewall..Cream on Cream..Extreme harlequins with vivid coloring.

How can you tell the morph of a crested gecko?

Bicolor crested geckos are generally patternless but with a slightly darker – sometimes lighter – color on their dorsal (top of head and back). Bi-color is usually seen in red, orange, olives and buckskins. Some bicolors have a hint of a pattern on the dorsal, but lack the cream of flame morphs (see below).

Are crested gecko morphs random?

Crested gecko genetics have been called unpredictable since these geckos became a popular, even mainstream, pet. … Crested geckos are considered polymorphic. In fact, the word “morph” comes from the term “polymorphism” which refers to the presence of multiple, visually distinct forms of a single species.

Do crested gecko patterns change?

Age-related color change. Around the first anniversary of your crested gecko, the adult color will have set. This color can be very different than the color it had as a hatchling. Patterns are also age-related. … As it grows older, it will get its definitive pattern.