Cowboy Names for Boys?

Cool baby names that say cowboy boots and stirrups are as hot in Brooklyn as they are in Bozeman. The romanticized image of a cowboy and all that it stands for heroism, adventure, and dashing good-looks has inspired parents to seek out names that embody those ideals. Names for cowboys are rugged, casual, and handsome, such as Wyatt and Luke.

In the New Testament, St. Silas was a leading member of the early Christian community who accompanied Paul on his second missionary journey. German form of Latin Augustus “great, magnificent” August is THE celebrity baby name of the moment, chosen by both Princess Eugenie and Mandy Moore for their baby boys in early 2021.

Before that, August had been heating up in Hollywood used by Mariska Hargitay and Peter Hermann, Lena Olin, Dave Matthews and Jeanne Tripplehorn for their sons, and is rapidly becoming the preferred month of the year for boysnames. Otis has real appeal for parents attracted to its catchy O initial and combination of strength and spunk. Nature name River shares the tranquil feeling of all the water names, and seems to have pretty much escaped its past strong association with River Phoenix and his unfortunate fate.

Keri Russell and the Taylor Hansons both have sons named River, Natasha Henstridge used it as the middle name of her boy Tristan, and Jason Schwartzman pluralized it for daughter Marlowe Rivers. Hebrew “joined, attached” In the Old Testament, Levi was the third son of Leah and Jacob, from whom the priestly tribe of Levites descended; in the New Testament, Levi was Matthew’s given name before he became an apostle. It is suspected that Levi derives from the Hebrew word yillaweh , meaning he will join.

English “woodcutter” Sawyer is a surname with a more relaxed and friendly feel than many others, and is one of the hottest occupational names right now, with the Nameberry seal of approval. Both Sara Gilbert and Diane Farr used Sawyer for their daughters, while it was given a boost as a boys‘ name by the character Sawyer on Lost , an alias for the character really named James Ford. English surname “brave in war” Wyatt was derived from the Medieval English name Wyot, itself a form of the given name Wigheard, with wig meaning “war” and heard , “brave.”

Wyot, along with variations Wiot and Gyot, were also used by the Normans as nicknames for names such as William. English, diminutive of Christopher Actor Kit Harington, aka the dreamy Jon Snow on Game of Thrones , has given this nickname-name new style and appeal for boys. The most famous bearer of the name is the first-century Greek physicianan evangelist and friend of Saint Paul, as well as the author of the third Gospel of the New Testamentwho was also supposed to have been a portrait painter.

Possible variation of John “God is gracious” Western novelist Zane (born Pearl!) Now, it’s in tune with the style of our times, retaining that appealing cowboy image. In Welsh mythology, Dylan was a legendary sea god who prompted all the waters of Britain and Ireland to weep when he died.

Wilder got a big boost in interest through Goldie Hawn’s grandson, born in 2007, via son Oliver. Heard first in a 1950s James Garner western TV series, and then as the Tom Cruise character in Top Gun , Maverick symbolizes an unfettered, free spirit. English, shortened form of Augustine “great, magnificent” Austin is one of the most attractive city names for babies , with an attractive southwestern feel, place-name panache and the solid base of having long been an Anglo-Saxon surname and a first name since medieval times.

It first came to prominence via TV character Nash Bridges, portrayed by Don Johnson in the late nineties, and also via mathematician John Nash, played by Russell Crowe in the acclaimed film A Beautiful Mind . Irish, English, and Scottish “broad eye or broad island” The energetic Brody is a name that claims different meanings and origins depending on whether you’re looking at its Irish, Scottish, or English history — and Eastern Europeans claim a version too.

What are some badass cowboy names?


What's a badass name for a boy?

Audie. Audie is an Irish name that evolved from Edward, meaning rich guard. ….Axel. Axel is the Medieval Dutch form of Absalom, which means my father is peace. ….Ayrton. Ayrton is an English name for a farm on the River Aire. ….Bjørn. Bjørn comes from the Old Norse word for bear. ….Boris. ….Bowie. ….Brick. ….Bruce.

What are some old cowboy names?


A name is the first gift you give to your newborn baby. Therefore, when it comes to picking a name, one has to go through a variety to understand their pronunciations and meanings. Western names have become common among folks today, and therefore, this list of awesome cowgirl and cowboy names would come in handy.

Photo:, @jonathanborbaSource: UGCAre you looking for old western names for your child? Look no more!

We have compiled a lot of western girl names and boy names for you to select from. Your baby girl deserves an awesome name. You can find inspiration from these cowgirl names:

Clara – Bright, clear Rose – Rose, a flower Abby -A father’s joy Mae – Bitter or pearl Juniper – Young Lucy – Light Josephine – Jehovah increases Ada – Noble, nobility Ella – light Emma – Whole Emmy – Work Esther – Star Clementine – Mild, merciful Jane – God is gracious Ruby – Deep red precious stone Willa – Resolute protection Sage – Wise Sadie – Princess Ella – All, completely; fairy maiden Evie – Life Millie – Gentle strength; strong in work Hannah – Grace Hadley – Heather field Tallulah – Lady of abundance, or leaping water 100+ good middle names for girls and boys for you to pick from A woman in a sleeveless button-up leaning on a barbed-wire fence.

Photo:, @shutterspiedSource: UGC Ruth – Compassionate friend Annie – Grace Molly – Bitter Bonnie – Beautiful, cheerful Shiloh – Tranquil Lark – playful, lighthearted songbird Laura – protection Lillian – Pure; passion; rebirth Lydia – Noble one; a beautiful one Maddie – Maiden; a young unmarried woman Matilda – Mighty in battle Ida – Industrious one Kate – Pure Belle – Beautiful Hattie – Estate ruler Hallie – Dweller at the meadow by the manor Billie – Resolute protection Effie – Pleasant speech Dorothy – Gift of God Josie – Jehovah increases Mariah – The Lord is my teacher; or drop of the sea, bitter, or beloved Minnie – Of the mind, intellect Callie – Beautiful Sierra – Saw Sally – Princess Frankie – From France; freeman Tess – To harvest 100+ aesthetic names and their meanings for your child or character Have you just given birth to a baby boy, and you want a perfect name for him?

Below are some famous cowboy names to choose from: Silas – Wood, forest August – Great, magnificent Levi – Joined, attached Otis – Wealthy Wyatt – Brave in war Dylan – Son of the sea Beau – Handsome Maverick – Independent, nonconformist Zane – God is gracious Cody – Helpful, pillow Luke – Man from Lucania Brody – Broad eye or broad island A young man in a beige hat.

Photo:, @vidarnmSource: UGC Phineas – The Nubian Ryder – Cavalryman, messenger Nash – By the ash tree Jesse – Gift Weston – From the western town Adam – Son of the red earth Dexter – Dyer, right-handed Jace – The Lord is salvation Shane – God is gracious Cash – Hollow Colton -From the coal or dark town Colt – Young horse Roscoe – Deer forest Bo – To live Shiloh – Tranquil Oakley – Oakwood or clearing Remington – Place on a riverbank Quentin – Fifth Blaze – Fire Heath – The heathland dweller Walker – Cloth-walker Abner – Father of light Gunner – Bold warrior Classic old lady names that definitely should be brought back There are still plenty of western boy names you can give your newly born son.

Here are some: Dakota – A friendly one Galen – Peaceful Jeremy – God uplifts Morgan – Sea and circles Ray – Beam of light Ryder – Horse lover Trevor – Of big community Warren – Where animals are enclosed Zeb – A part of God A man wearing glasses and a hat.

Photo:, @vidarnmSource: UGC Arizona – Little spring Alonzo – Eager for battle Austin – Majestic, venerable Bart – From the barley farm Bill – Resolute protector Boone – Good, a blessing Carson – Son who lives in the swamp Cassidy – Clever Cole – Victory, of a triumphant people Coleman – Dove Henry – Home ruler Holt – By the forest Ike – Laughter Lawrence – Fierce Norwegian names and surnames for boys and girls (with meanings) Below are cool English names meaning farmer:

Chadwick – Dairy farm of Ceadda Bosworth – Fenced farm near the woods Bond – Peasant farmer Beebe – Bee farmer Charlton – Free peasant’s settlement Barric – Grain farm Jur – Earthworker Egor – Form of George Farmer The cowgirl and cowboy names above are some of the best you will come across. There are many more, though.

Feel free to pick a name from the list and share the article with your friends as well. also published an article on Norwegian names . Most young parents are naming their newborn babies using Nordic identities, and as a result, they are gaining popularity.

Norwegian names have hidden meanings. Therefore, before you settle on any, you should first understand its meaning. Unique one syllable girl names for those who like it short and sweet

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Throwback baby names are more popular than ever, but we think its time to throw it way back to a time before the West was won. If you want to capture that rugged American spirit in your little dude, youll likely get a kick out of these Western monikers inspired by notable outlaws and heroes.

On this list youll find the names (first or last) of historical brothers Frank and Jesse James, who were outlaws from Missouri and the Earps (Morgan, Wyatt and Virgil), who were legendary lawmen from Arizona, along with Butch Cassidy, a notable member of the Wild Bunch , a group of cowboy criminals who robbed trains and banks in the late 1800s. Other names compiled below come from Western tales in radio, film and literature depicted by popular actors such as John Wayne and Gary Cooper, fiction writers like Louis LAmour and film character Ranger Reid, also known as The Lone Ranger.

So dust off those spurred boots, pop on a cowboy hat, grab that lasso, and saddle up your horse: youre in for a fun and bumpy ride with these Western-style names. Just dont be surprised if your little rascal lives up to his reputation. Alonzo : Eager for battle Austin : Majestic, venerable Bart : From the barley farm Birch : Bright, shining Bill : Resolute protector Bo : Commanding Boone : Good, a blessing Butch : Butcher Carson : Son who lives in the swamp Cassidy : Clever Clay : Clay maker, mortal Clayton : Settlement, place name, clay town Clint : Settlement on a hill Cole : Victory, of a triumphant people Coleman : Dove Colt : From the dark town Cooper : Barrel maker Dallas : Wise, dwells by the waterfall Earle : Noble leader, chief Flynn : Son of a red-haired man Ford : River crossing Frank : Frenchman or free one Gary : Spear, modest and brave Harry : Home protector Henry : Home ruler Holt : By the forest Ike : Laughter Lawrence : Fierce Levi : Attached or pledged, associated with him Logan : Finnians servant Louis : Famous fighter, famous in Washington Luke : Light James : Supplanter Jesse : Gift John : The grace or mercy of the Lord Morgan : Dwells near the sea Porter : Gatekeeper Ranger : Ward of the forest Reid : Red-haired Reuben : The vision of the son Sam : Sun child Shane : Gift from God Tom : Twin Virgil : Flourishing Wayne : Craftsman, wagon driver Wesley : From the west meadow West (or Weston ): West town Wyatt : Guide

A version of this article was originally published in January 2013.

Wrangle the spirit of the Wild West with cowboy names for boys. Rowdy and raring to go, these handsome picks are perfect for an energetic baby boy who loves to walk on the wild side.

From words names to real cowboys, weve herded them up into one rowdy list. NameMeaningOriginPopularityOther Gender Alfred Elf or magical counsel

English Ash Of the ash tree English

Austin Great English Avery Elf counsel

English Barker A tanner, in allusion to the bark used in the process. English

Bear Strong, brave bear German Billie Will helmet, protection

German Billy Will helmet, protection German

Bishop Bishop English Blair Field, plain

Scottish Bobby Bright fame German

Bram Bramble; a thicket of wild gorse; raven Scottish Branson Son of Brand

English Brigg Bridge homestead, settlement English

Briggs Bridges English Bronco Rough, unbroken horse

Spanish Bryce Speckled English

Butch Illustrious; butcher English Cap Chaplain

French Carver One who carves wood English

Charlie Free man English Chase Hunter

English Chester Camp of soldiers Latin

Chet Camp of soldiers; stone camp or fortress Latin Chuck To chuck

German Claude Lame Latin

Clay The earth, as the material of which the human body is made. English Cliff Cliff-side slope

English Clive Cliff, slope English

Clyde The keeper of the keys, from the Greek Meidion, a key. Scottish Coby

Colby Swarthy person’s settlement Scandinavian Colt Young horse

English Colter Colt-herd English

Colton Charcoal settlement English Cooper Barrel maker

English Corey Hill hollow Irish

Cutter Gem Cutter English Darby Without envy; park with deer

Irish Dash Diminutive of Dashiell English

Deacon Dusty one; servant; messenger Greek Denim Strong cloth

American Dennis Follower of Dionysius Greek

Denver Green valley French Doc

Dougherty Harmful Irish Duncan Dark warrior; brown fighter

Scottish Dustin Brave warrior; dusty area German

Dusty Brave warrior; dusty area German Earl Nobleman, warrior, prince

English Easton East town English

Edmond Wealthy protector English Elias My God is Yahweh

Hebrew Elisha God is my salvation Hebrew

Evan God is gracious Welsh Ezekiel God will strengthen

Hebrew Farley Meadow of the sheep; meadow of the bulls English

Farlow Meadow of the sheep; meadow of the bulls English Flip Spanish

Flynn Ruddy-complected Irish Galen Calm

Greek Hank Home ruler German

Harley Hare meadow; the long field English Harvey Battle ready

English Hawk Falcon, bird of prey English

Heath Heath English Herb Illustrious warrior

German Homer Security, pledge; hostage Greek

Horace A maker of timepieces, from the Latin hora, an hour. Latin Hudson Son of Hudd

English Hunter Hunter English

Hurley Sea tide Irish Hutchinson Hugh’s town; settlement on the hill

Irish Ike Hebrew Jack God is gracious

English Jacoby He who supplants Hebrew

Jameson Son of James English Jared Descent

Hebrew Jaxson Son of Jack English

Jenson Son of Jan; God is gracious Scandinavian Jesse Gift

Hebrew Kip Pointed hill English

Kipp Pointed hill English Lancester Fort on the Lune river

English Landon Long hill English

Lawson Son of Lawrence English Ledger Speared tribe

English Levi Joined together Hebrew

Liam Helmet of will Irish Cowboy names for boys got their start with real life cowboys, of course, as these gun-toting bad boys once inhabited much of the western United States.

The most infamous one we hear about today was Billy the Kid. He is joined by Harvey , the real name of gunslinger KidCurry , and Butch , as in ButchCassidy . If youd like something with the law on his side, check out Alfred , as in lawman AlfredShea Addis or Seth , as in sheriff Seth Bullock.

Not all cowboy names for boys are old-school, either. You could also go for something modern, like Ty , since Ty Murray is a contemporary rodeo star. Cowboy names for boys are buttoned-down and relaxed, and many originated as nicknames.

Russ is a shortened form of Russell , for instance. Hank is another, and this casual form of Henry was common among historical cowboys. Chuck is also a contender, but you could use his full form Charles to try out Charlie too, since hes equally fitting for the Wild West.

Other nickname picks are Bram , Bobby , and Ash . Another great way to find cowboy names for boys is to look to the western lifestyle. West and Weston are obvious picks, but so are place names like Texas or Denver .

You can also look at word name finds, such as Denim . This hardy fabric was a staple for cowboys. Similarly, Colt and Bronco are awesome picks since theyre both terms used to describe horsesa cowboys primary form of transportation.

Browse our corral of cowboy names for boys and see what wild pick suits your baby boy. Just tap your week of pregnancy: Mama Natural book cover right week by week guide to pregnancy and childbirth

Cool Cowboy Baby Names

Cool baby names that say cowboy boots and stirrups are as hot in Brooklyn as they are in Bozeman. The romanticized image of a cowboy and all that it stands for – heroism, adventure, and dashing good-looks – has inspired parents to seek out names that embody those ideals. Names for cowboys are rugged, casual, and handsome, such as Wyatt and Luke.Along with Wyatt and Luke, cowboy names ranking in the US Top 100 include Levi, Colton, Dylan, Wilder, Sawyer, Silas, Austin, and Maverick. Unique cowboy names gaining attention – especially in the Western states – include Ryder, Gunner, and, well, West.The appeal: Cowboy names are decidedly masculine without being formal or traditional. Browse our entire posse of cowboy names for baby boys here.

Additional old west names for boys

Your baby girl deserves an awesome name. You can find inspiration from these cowgirl names: