Coton De Tulear Puppies?

We breed only purebred Coton de Tulears. We are located in Mesa, Arizona, which is a part of the greater Phoenix area. We started out in 2004 with one male and one female Coton and over time grew our kennel to what it is today. Over the years, I (Cathy) have had the opportunity to mentor several new breeders. That has led to what we have become today – a group of friends (and recently family as my daughter has joined us) that love Cotons, love breeding Coton puppies and who collaborate to find the perfect forever homes for the puppies under Cathy’s Coton Cuties. We all follow the same breeding practices, feed the same food and care for our dogs and puppies in the same manner. I manage the website, respond to inquiries, take deposits and manage the placement of the puppies. However, buyers are always welcome to speak to the breeder who has raised a puppy that they are interested in purchasing. I travel to the houses of my partner breeders every week when they have puppies so that I can take pictures and videos of the puppies to post to the website. We have a ton of fun working together to provide our buyers with the healthiest, sweetest Coton puppies. You, the buyer, benefit from a greater selection of puppies at times and/or nearly year-round availability of puppies. You will see, as you browse through the pages of this website that we love our dogs as pets and raise our puppies in our homes with loving care! I have gone to great lengths to make our website both enjoyable and informative. Following is a brief introduction to our website.

How much do Coton de Tulear puppies cost?

One of the first things you should learn is the Coton de Tulear cost. The cost is going to vary depending on where you get your dog from. However, most Coton de Tulear puppies are around $300. However, if you are looking to get a Coton dog breed from a breeder you can expect to pay between $2,000 to $4,000.

Why you shouldn't get a Coton de Tulear?

This social and affectionate breed can become attached to family members, so there’s the potential for separation anxiety. This intelligent breed is known for performing tricks, like jumping up and walking on hind legs. They learn quickly but can be stubborn, and they may be difficult to house-train.

Is Coton de Tulear a good family dog?

The Coton De Tulear is a happy-go-lucky breed with an infectious personality. They are delightful family pets who get along great with other dogs, cats, and children. … Coton De Tulear’s can be a bit stubborn when it comes to training, but with consistent and positive sessions, your Coton will pick it up in no time.

Do Coton Poos bark a lot?

They are great dogs for first time dog owners. They are alert little watchdogs and will always bark if they see an intruder but are not prone to barking excessively. They are full of energy and will love play sessions which give them both physical and mental stimulation.

Are you looking for a sturdy, small dog breed that is sweet and charming, as well? If so, you must look more into the Coton de Tulear. These dogs are so adorable.

Cut your Coton de Tulears coat often to prevent it from getting too long Brush their coat regularly (a couple of times a week) Give your Coton de Tulear a bath regularly (about once every couple of weeks) Be sure to carefully clean around their eyes and ears (doing this regularly helps to prevent infections and tear stains) Regularly trim your Coton de Tulears nails (this helps to prevent the nails from splitting and cracking) These are some of the most important grooming and care tips for Coton de Tulear dogs.

Make sure they are getting exercise every day (this will help them to stay healthy and help them to behave better during training sessions) Make training sessions fun (if your Coton de Tulear gets bored, they arent likely to pay attention to what you are teaching them) Keep their training sessions short Use positive reinforcement during all training sessions with this dog breed (treats are usually a good incentive for Coton de Tulear dogs) Another thing that you might want to consider is to put your puppy or dog into an obedience or skill training class . Now that you have more information about caring for and training this dog breed, you can decide if you want to get one of the Coton de Tulear puppies.

If you have been thinking about getting a Coton de Tulear dog, it is important to know what you can expect to pay. If you are looking for a dog that is easy to potty train, the Coton de Tulear is a good option. The hounds sense of smell and tracking abilities make it seem as though it was created specifically for the purpose of hunting…

They can be incredibly creative like Apollo or Harry Puffer, or as simple as typical human names like George or Kevin. Here, you will find a unique and expansiv…

The Coton de Tulear, Royal Dog of Madagascar, is a bright, happy-go-lucky companion dog whose favorite activities include clowning, cavorting, and following their special human around the house. The Coton is small but robustly sturdy.

The Coton de Tular is the quintessential happy-go-lucky pooch. The Coton (pronounced kah-tone) is a bouncy little companion dog that is primarily valued for its adorable personality and cute, stuffed-animal-like appearance. The breed originated in Madagascar several hundred years ago and is named for a port city there. The Coton de Tular is the national dog of the island of Madagascar. It is related to the Bichon Frise and the Maltese, but has its own distinct character.

Its coat, which is silky-soft to the touch, makes it a favorite accessory for owners including certain celebrities who find keeping this pet close more than they can resist. The Coton de Tular breed is all about temperament; they possess an abundance of personality, which is the primary reason for the popularity of this little dog.

The Coton will also tilt their furry head in response to being spoken to in a comical jerk that highlights their long mustache and beard. The family, single, or older owner that fully appreciates the affable character of this dog will find their temperament to be simply perfect. Eye and disc problems may be accelerating in frequency due to improper, small gene pool breeding practices.

Proper care throughout your Cotons life can also help prevent ear infections, skin conditions, and dental issues. The Coton is exalted as a highly trainable pet and a good fit for owners of all experience levels due, in large measure, to their intelligence and eagerness to please. For families, the Coton may be one of several pets, and one who is easily integrated into the pack. This is a low-maintenance dog with just the right amount of childlike energy for a lifetime of playful experiences.

An occasional bath, which can be performed in a sink instead of a bathtub or outdoors, is all thats needed to keep your Cotons coat clean and healthy.

Cost of the Coton de Tulear

One of the first things you should learn is the Coton de Tulear cost. The cost is going to vary depending on where you get your dog from. However, most Coton de Tulear puppies are around $300. However, if you are looking to get a Coton dog breed from a breeder you can expect to pay between $2,000 to $4,000.

Temperament and Behavior

Before getting any dog breed, it is a great idea to learn more about their temperament and behavior.The Coton de Tulear puppies and adults have a unique personality. When you first look at them, they look so adorable and sweet. However, they can be full of energy and hilarious at times. These dogs are charismatic.You will also find that the Coton de Tulear is an excellent family dog. They usually get along great with other pets and are nice to children, too.Originally, this dog breed was bred to be a pack dog. This means they used to only really get along with other Coton de Tulear dogs. However, now they will get along with other dog breeds, as well.Sometimes, these dogs can be stubborn. However, most of the time they are sensitive and sweet. They love being around their owners and don’t like to be left home by themselves for long. If you are looking for companionship in a dog, this dog breed will be perfect.

Grooming and Other Care Needs

If you are considering getting a Coton dog breed, it would be helpful to know more about their appearance and size, too.This is one of the smaller dog breeds. They are cute and adorable. Most people find that the Coton de Tulear makes for a great lap dog. Usually, this dog breed will only get to be 9 to 11 inches tall. They usually only weigh between 8 to 15 pounds when full-grown.They have a soft cotton-like white or black coat that can get to be very long. Sometimes the Coton de Tulear can have different coat colors, too, including the following:Each one of these colors can have a unique tone, as well.Are you looking for a dog that doesn’t shed much? The Coton de Tulear meets that qualification. While they do have very long hair, you won’t find much of it on the floor.