Chickens With Furry Feet?

What kind of chickens have furry feet?

Booted Bantam..Belgian d’Uccle..Brahma..Cochin..Faverolle..Langshan..Silkie..Sultan.

What is the name of chickens with feathers on feet?

Cochin Chickens. If you’re looking for big chickens with feathered feet, you are in the right place. Cochin chickens from China come in nine different colors and are large in stature. That means big eggs and lots of beautiful feathers. With their large size, many people figure Cochin chickens will be aggressive.

What kind of black chickens have feathers on their feet?

Bantam cochins make a wonderful addition to any flock – and you’ll love how the black variety has feathered legs! This breed is perfect for anyone who is looking for a docile and kid-friendly chicken.