Chicken Coop Door Opener?

An automatic chicken coop door will certainly make your life easier you do not have to get up early in the morning or put your chickens to bed at night!

If any of these questions apply to you or you are in the market for an automatic door, read on to learn everything you need to know Welcome to the Happy Henhouse Automatic Chicken Coop Door Kit .

It has an automatic light sensor and the door will open as the sun rises. Not only is buying an entire kit convenient, it also means you do not have to worry about part compatibility. The control box is waterproof and you can set the door to open on a timer or with the manual override.

One of the big advantages of this door is that it is very reliable because it is powered by mains electric so you do not need to worry about batteries failing. You need an electric supply in the coop for the control box. The ChickenGuard Automatic Chicken Coop Door Opener is a good option for anyone looking for a customizable unit.

This is very useful if you live somewhere with a large difference between the summer and winter daylight hours. ChickenGuards door can be powered by battery or mains electric as well. Fortunately this model also has a low battery indicator, so you do not have to worry about the door suddenly not working.

If you live in an area with lots of snow and ice, it is recommended you use the Extreme control box. Very flexible unit (multiple power and door opening options). Just remember you will need to adjust the timer throughout the year as the daylight changes.

This kit has an automatic sensor to detect if chickens are underneath the door before it closes. It also has a light sensor to open the door and has a manual closing option. Going outside in the snow and rain every morning and evening can become something of a nuisance for many folks (especially as we get older).

Also folks that have to get up at a certain time for work can be busy in the morning and forget to open the coop up. A good automatic door takes off the early morning pressure. It can be difficult getting a chicken sitter, someone who is willing to get up early, go to bed late and feed your birds.

Although you still have to find someone to feed and water them, having an automatic door opener can make it easier your neighbor only has to stop by once a day now, instead of two or three times. Many times nothing happens, but if a predator happens to be passing by an open coop is an invitation for dinner. Opening and closing the coop can sometimes get overlooked, especially if you are in a hurry or running late.

An automatic door wont forget to close and will keep your flock safe. Finally, if you have mobility problems or are disabled , having an automated door can be a blessing. Whilst the variety of automatic chicken coop doors might seem overwhelming, it is not really.

You only need to know a handful of key things to purchase the correct door for your coop and flock. Sturdily Made: Although it should not get too much by way of heavy abuse, the door and frame need to be weatherproof and able to withstand an assault by a determined predator. Predators are most active at dawn and dusk, so you do not want the coop opening up just as a fox.

Complete Kit: Does the package you are buying include everything you need? Some kits do not supply the door or a certain motor may be extra, look carefully at what you are buying. It does not matter if it comes in a nice shade of pink or has a lovely design on it you need reliability and functionality for this item.

Most of these problems are usually resolved by making sure the door is installed correctly. Try to buy a kit that has the ability to be converted to mains electric if needed. You should check the door grooves regularly and keep them free from dirt, debris, snow and ice.

The only thing that is consistent with all of them is the need to cut out a doorway for the auto door to fit into. Although all of the products claim to work year round, several people had trouble with their doors during very cold weather (battery or solar powered doors are the most problematic). You would certainly need to keep the door grooves clear of snow and ice otherwise it would freeze shut.

The kits we reviewed here are a bit expensive , but you pay for the convenience of having something let your chickens out for you! Each door is fairly simple to install and the instructions are easy to understand. The main thing to remember though is that they are all fallible regardless of how high their rating or how much they cost.

Ideally, the door should open out into a fenced secure area rather than a free range situation, that way the birds have at least the security of the locked compound if the door fails to shut. If you have any questions about automatic chicken coop doors let us know in the comments section below

Can you leave a chicken coop door open at night?

Technically you can leave the chicken coop door open overnight, but it isn’t a wise choice. Because leaving your chicken coop door open overnight will allow predators access to your chickens without somebody looking over them.

Should chicken coop door open in or out?

The doors need to open inwards, not outwards. If you build it the other way with the door opening outwards you chickens will begin roosting on your windows.

Can raccoons open chicken coop doors?

Raccoons are intelligent predators. They can climb fences and walls and even dig underneath barriers to access your chickens. They can also open latches and reach their paws through the wire mesh fencing that is commonly used to keep chicken coops secure from other types of predators.

This makes for unhappy chickens and unhealthy egg production. To promote a healthy coop get an Automatic Chicken Coop Door or automate your current door.

You can have the luxury of sleeping in and staying out late knowing that your flock is safe & secure . Our Motorized Chicken Coop Door gives poultry owners their lives back.

No longer do chicken owners need to wake up early in the mornings or rush home in the evenings to lock up the poultry before a predator gets into the coop. When designing this Automatic Chicken Coop Door, there were two key components we wanted to create for our customers. So we set out to create our own door for our poultry (ducks, geese, guinea, pheasants, and chickens).

So with poultry safety in mind, we created the Automatic Chicken Coop Door . We tested it against every kind of predator we could get our hands on and also making sure there is no possible way the door could hurt any of the chickens or other poultry passing through. Our electric Automatic Chicken Coop Door is constructed from high quality lumber.

The sliding poultry door is made of the highest quality lumber and has been treated with linseed oil to protect the wood from moisture, rain, snow and other elements. The exterior tim kit has a tapered top edge so water will run off and away from your Motorized Chicken Coop Door.

Giving you peace of mind by helping to protect your chickens from pesky foxes, raccoons, rats, or any other predator. As a bonus, you wont need to get up at the crack of dawn!

Tried & Trusted by OVER 150,000 users worldwide Giving you peace of mind by helping to protect your chickens from pesky foxes, raccoons, rats, or any other predator. 3 Year Warranty, 2 Day Worldwide Shipping* & Easy Setup!

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Common Problems With Chicken Coop Door Openers

Whilst the variety of automatic chicken coop doors might seem overwhelming, it is not really.You only need toBelow we have listed all the essential things that you should look for.Just remember to try to look objectively at the item you are buying. It does not matter if it comes in a nice shade of pink or has a lovely design on it –The bottom line is if it does not work well, it could kill your flock.

How do you install an automatic door?

This will depend entirely on which door you choose as each one is slightly different. The only thing that is consistent with all of them is the need to cut out a doorway for the auto door to fit into. All units come with instructions and a few have YouTube help videos.

What size coop door do I need?

If you have only chickens, then you need to use at least a 12 inch square opening. However if you have ducks or turkeys you are definitely going to need a bigger door!