Cat Bobbing Head to Music?

Why do cats bob their heads to music?

Cats can bob their heads to music when the cat enjoys what song he is hearing. They can feel the pulse and move their body to it naturally. Cats won’t enjoy everything you play, but when a song is in a pitch a cat enjoys, you’ll see your cat bobbing his head along to the song.

Who is the head bobbing cat?

Unless you have been staying away from the Internet, you must be aware of the viral vibing cat meme. In case you’ve achieved that amazing feat, allow us to explain. It’s an edited video, which shows a white cat rhythmically bobbing its head to music played by visually-impaired Turkish street musician Bilal Göregen.

Do cats vibe to music?

Whereas your cat may react with complete indifference to your favourite song, when they are played music that has feline appropriate tone, pitch, and tempo, cats display demonstrable enjoyment—they have even been known to rub up against speakers and purr! All the evidence points to the fact that cats do like music.

What is the name of the vibing cat?

CatJAM, as the vibing cat is also known, spread far and wide online. CatJAM went viral back in July after someone reposted it to Twitter. The cat is a transparent Twitch emoji and soon became a reaction GIF on other sites.