Cane Corso vs Rottweiler?

If youre looking for a dog to act as a guard dog, it can be overwhelming with all the information out there. Everyone seems to have an opinion and a favorite breed of guard dog so its hard to just get the facts. Were here to settle an age old question of whether a Rottweiler or Cane Corso makes the better guard dog.

Rottweilers tend to be fearless, alert, social, loyal, courageous, protective, intelligent and stubborn. Their temperaments are similar to Rotties except they tend to be a little less affectionate because of their strong sense of independence.

Just because theyre not in the top ten smartest breeds though doesnt mean they arent capable. Their size, stature, general look and reputation means that sometimes just seeing a Rottweiler is enough of a deterrent for potential wrongdoers. Theyre extremely loving towards their family and wouldnt think twice about throwing themselves into a dangerous situation to protect them.

They tend to bond with one person in the household and they wouldnt blink before laying down their life to protect them. Just make sure that training is done properly so they know when they need to be in guard-mode, otherwise your friends and family might have issues coming into the house! Rottweiler: One of the highest instincts for this breed is aggression as well as fighting, guarding, protection, sledding and watching.

Theyre very similar dogs; both are super intelligent and have natural protection and guarding instincts. However, because of their affectionate and family instincts, we think that Rottweilers may have tipped the scales for us as the best guard dog. Still, no matter how affectionate they are to their family, we wouldnt want to come across a Rottie when theyre in guard dog mode!

What dog is stronger than a Cane Corso?

1. Kangal. Topping the list with 743 psi is Kangal, a Turkish dog breed that is very loyal, protective, and defensive towards its family.

What dog is stronger than a Rottweiler?

Which dog can kill a Rottweiler? Pit bulls are faster and more athletic then Rotties. They also were breed for dog fighting so they have the edge there. However Rottweilers are far bigger then pitbulls and have a stronger bite force.

Are Rottweilers and cane corsos related?

The Rotticorso is a cross between a Rottweiler and the Cane Corso Italiano dogs, both who are strong large dogs. The Rotticorso inherits the rugged strong good looks of both dogs. … These dogs tend to be family oriented; they are devoted, affectionate and protective of the whole family.

Fierce but loyal dogs, both the Cane Corso and the Rottweiler are prized all over the world as guard dogs. Not only are they amazing pets, but they also give people a sense of security just by their very presence. While it is easy to mix up the two, theyre quite different. Consider this a showdown between the breeds. The battle of the breeds if you will.

Due to breeding practices, the Cane Corso is susceptible to diseases but since they are hardy dogs you dont need to worry much. Theyre not very affectionate as their strong sense of independence makes them act in a restrained manner.

Credit : spunkgangWhile they are family dogs, Cane Corsos arent extremely friendly when it comes to kids. Extremely intelligent and independent dogs, they are not easy to train for novices. But theyre not really indoor dogs so getting them to adapt to apartment life isnt easy.

Meant to be working dogs, Cane Corsos have plenty of energy to go around. Though they are short-haired dogs they have enough body fat to ensure they are better at tolerating cold weather. Unlike the Cane Corso, the Rottweilers immune system is not that strong so it is susceptible to more health issues.

Definitely a more family-oriented dog than the Cane Corso, the Rottweiler is ready and willing to express their affection to their family. Smart as a whip, this breed is in the top ten most intelligent dogs in the world. Theyre also quieter dogs than Cane Corsos and adapt much faster to apartment life.

Cane Corso and RottweilerOn par with their opponents for this match, Rottweilers are trustworthy guard dogs. Since they have less fat on their bodies, Rottweilers dont have much difficulty in hot weather.

The Rottweiler is a very distinct breed with some ancient and pretty exciting origins. Rottweilers are the descendants of Roman drover dogs- drover is the term used for dogs that herd cattle. These ancestors were brought North with Roman legions as they attempted to push the empire’s border further north into Germania. Centuries after the fall of the Roman Empire in the cattle town of Rottweiler, Germany is where the Rottie we love and know today. These dogs were used to move cattle and protect precious livestock and owners from bandits and cattle rustlers. However, with the invention of the railroads and cattle cars in the 1800s, the Rottweiler suddenly became unemployed. But these brilliant and versatile dogs soon found their way into other professions in police work, personal protection, and all-purpose dogs used to perform various tasks that required both brains and muscle.

Males tend to be up to 28 inches (or 71 centimeters) tall with weight proportionate to their height, and females being slightly smaller. It is worth noting that some lines of Rottweilers out there have been bred to possess more aggressive tendencies, and there are some unstable temperaments within the breed.

With excellent communication, from consistent and clear canine leaders, this breed can quickly learn new commands and complex behaviors. It should be noted that they can have a stubborn streak, which will require an excellent canine leader to guide this breed in the right direction and earn its respect. But, if they can find someone who can work with them instead of against them, the Rottweiler will prove to be highly trainable in a variety of different tasks and jobs.

With the right direction, a Cane Corso can be trained to do pretty much anything from personal protection to agility, to tracking, obedience, and dock diving. But be wary of their black coats as high amounts of strenuous exercise can easily make this breed overheat when it is hot out. These issues can be traced back to improper vaccination regimes and spaying or neutering dogs of this breed before six years.

Like the Rottweiler, the Cane Corso breed also tends to be suspicious of strangers and can be a potentially hazardous dog without a good foundation of heavy socialization. However, some individuals still have problems with small animals and may go after them with predatory intent due to the breed possessing some prey drive and herding instincts.


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