Can You Ride a Donkey?

You might not run at breakneck speeds, but you will sure have fun riding a donkey if it is trained well. Riding a donkey is a bit different then riding a horse. Some donkeys are naturally gaited. Most donkeys will go at their own pace….usually a walk. However, a well trained riding donkey will step right out, keep up with any group of riding horses or mules as well as stay with them at any gait.

A saddle can in fact, if not fitted correctly, make the donkey sore across the shoulders. If you do not know how to fit the saddle to the animal or to your own butt, get some help, both are important.

Keep the saddle clean and repair or replace any parts that are even starting to wear out or get brittle. If you use an English saddle for your donkey, you may need a pony sized girth. The choice is up to you and must be made based on how well your donkey is moved and stopped.

In the winter, if you do not store your tack in a heated building, warm your equine bits before putting them in your mounts mouths. Many good hearted horse folks, bless us all will give you there old tack; cause after all “it’s only a donkey“. If the tack is old and needs to be thrown away, tell this person, “thanks anyway, but I think I will keep looking”…..many times this same good hearted horse person may “dig a little deeper” and find you a nicer peice of equipment.

I was once given an old saddle blanket…even had a small mouse hole. I went to Wal-Mart and bought some $1 per yard purple denim like fabric and covered the pad. On each of the back two corners I added a silver concho with a stand of rawhide and three pony beads per strand.

You can not imagine all the compliments I got on my less then $10 saddle pad……and years later….I am still using it. It cleans well, has stayed in good shape otherwise and fits my horse well. My point is, don’t turn up your nose to someone else’ used give away tack.

Do wash the used tack well, fix up any broken parts, make sure they fit your mount and then….enjoy! If you have gained a bit too much weight to ride your donkey, I do have a Yahoo Group at the Yahoo Groups Website called Does My Butt Look Big in the Saddle for overweight riders that would like to loose weight and enjoy riding equine again. If you decide to ride on or train your donkey yourself rather then taking it to a professional trainer you are on your own as for as safety and accidents.

Be careful, wear protective clothing, boots and gloves, have fun and know that we assume no responsibility for your training, health, safety or for that of your animals. Donkeys will not take well to force or fear training and will remember it at a later date. Training should begin in a calm and individual matter.

Training an animal to ride or drive takes time. Granted, with some unbroke donkeys you can get on their backs and they do not care. But for proper and safe riding training, it is going to take some time, treats and patience.

BTW Some donkeys will buck like a bronc seen at the rodeo. A round pen would be best for training the donkey, but an open field with a helper will work just fine…most of the time. (more to come, make sure your saddle fits the donkey and you and is in good repair)

Can humans ride a donkey?

Yes, you can ride but only if you are of the appropriate size that donkeys can carry. Donkeys are not commonly used for riding, they are typically used and raised as pets, livestock guard, or sire mules. In some underdeveloped countries, they are plowing fields, pulling carts functioning as draft animals.

What is the weight limit for riding a donkey?

Standard donkeys typically stand about 11 hands high (44 inches) and weigh about 500 pounds. Therefore a standard donkey could potentially carry as much as 125 pounds. What is this?

Can I tame and ride a donkey?

After you have tamed a donkey in Minecraft, you can put a saddle on it and ride the donkey. The saddle allows you to control the movements of the donkey.

One chilly November afternoon, my family and I had just finished hiking with some friends on Lancasters rugged Conestoga Trail when we heard hooves approaching from behind. Two men on draft horses emerged from the trees, followed by a woman riding a spotted donkey the size of a pony.

He finally had to tie Jackson to the bridge, walk into town, and return with a winch-equipped Jeep to pull the 750-pound animal across one crank at a time. True, they dont have a horses raw speed, but when it comes to steadiness, stamina and heroic resistance to heat, cold and thirst, you cant do better than a burro.

Even Queen Victoria relied on donkeys to pull her carriage through narrow European streets when she traveled abroad. She loaded up a fanny pack with horse treats and gave his ears a good, long scratching so hed always associate training with pleasure. But with a donkey, anything you start you have to finish. She stepped into the road, looped the rope under her body and sat back on it while Sherman threw every fiber of his being into reverse.

One of my neighbors rumbled past on his tractor, veering wide as Tanya smiled and waved, holding her ground in the middle of the road. Tanya said shed be back the next day to try a special plan, but that night I began working on one of my own: I tracked down a phone number for the iron man of burro-racing himself, Hal Walter. Even against elite marathoners half his age, Hal Walters burro experience keeps him in the lead.Credit…Christopher McDougall

It was ridiculous to think that Sherman, who was still trying to master his own legs, and me, a rookie whod have to lead him across trails at 13,000 feet, could pull this thing off in less than a year.