Can Guppies Live With Goldfish?

Will guppies hurt goldfish?

No, it is best not to keep guppies and goldfish in the same aquarium. They prefer different temperatures, goldfish will grow large enough to eat guppies and guppies are known fin nippers and might damage the fins of your goldfish.

Will goldfish eat guppies?

Goldfish will eat just about anything, and that includes tank mates. They are peaceful fish, but they just really love to eat! … If your goldfish are still young, then they are likely too small to eat adult guppies. However, most goldfish are not too small to eat guppy fry.

Are guppies good tank mates for goldfish?

Goldfish. Large goldfish will make a meal out of their guppy tank mates; therefore, I don’t recommend keeping them in the same aquarium.

What fish Cannot live with goldfish?

If you’ve ever seen a cool fish and wondered if it would go well with your goldfish, here are some general guidelines to follow: Avoid aggressive fish that will pick on your goldfish. In general, goldfish are peaceful animals that will not thrive with aggressive barbs, African cichlids, and other large cichlids.