Can Guinea Pigs Have Cilantro?

Can guinea pigs have cilantro daily?

Can Guinea Pigs Have Cilantro? Yes, in fact cilantro is just fine for cavies. You’ll want to wash the cilantro very well before you give it to your pet, since there’s often sandy soil clinging to the leaves.

Can guinea pigs have cilantro stems?

Can guinea pigs eat cilantro stems? Yes, your guinea pig can eat cilantro stems. The stems are just as safe as the leafy parts of the herb.

Is cilantro or parsley better for guinea pigs?

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cilantro (Coriander)? Cilantro (sometimes called Italian parsley or coriander) is acceptable to feed guinea pigs as an occasional treat. However, because cilantro is high in calcium and oxalic acid, you must not feed it in excess.

What herbs are safe for guinea pigs?

A wide array of different herbs are both appropriate and safe for your guinea pig. Some examples include rocket, dandelion, fennel, basil, mint, parsley, dill, endive, cilantro (a.k.a. coriander) and thyme.