Butterfly Koi for Sale?

Butterfly Koi of good quality are more difficult to produce and thus command higher prices. Large Butterfly Koi with perfect finnage are fairly rare. Contrary to some beliefs, Butterfly Koi are extremely hardy and resilient in normal Koi ponds year round.

Do Butterfly koi get as big as regular koi?

As Butterfly koi grow, they become more and more impressive because the fins keep growing until the blood vessels can’t sustain the fins to be any longer. … Butterfly koi seem to lack some of the body size of regular koi, but the overall fish can run as long as 36 to 40 inches in the right pond with plenty of food.

What is the lifespan of a Butterfly koi?

How long does a butterfly koi live? Butterfly koi have about the same lifespan as traditional koi: up to 25-30 years in ideal conditions. Some koi keepers say butterfly varieties are slightly more hardy than other kinds because of their hybrid genes and close ties to wild carp.

Are Butterfly koi aggressive?

Though koi are typically gentle and easygoing fish, they can at times be aggressive and may bully other fish depending on the circumstances.

Kloubec Koi Farm is a breeder of Butterfly koi as well as straight fin koi. All of our Butterfly parent stock are of Japanese lineage obtained from famous Japanese koi breeders Suda, Yamasan, and others. Butterfly koi fish are produced in many varieties including Sanke, Kohaku, Yamabuki Ogon, Showa, Kumonryu, Ochiba Shigure and more. We continuously strive to produce the best butterfly koi for sale with fins that are graceful and that are in accordance with the AKCA judging standards for Longfin koi. (Read more about the judging standards for Butterfly koi here)

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The Butterfly Koi genesis began with the wild population of Indonesian long-finned carp. How the original Indonesian type came to be, is the topic of speculation, but it is their particular anatomy that is responsible for the ornamental Butterfly Koi available for sale today.