Bunny Cages for Sale?

What is the cheapest bunny cage?

MidWest Wabbitat Deluxe Rabbit Cage – Best Overall. ….MidWest Wabbitat Rabbit Cage – Best Value. ….Prevue Pet Products Rabbit Cages – Premium Choice. ….Ware Home Sweet Home Plastic Bunny Cages. ….Living World Deluxe Rabbit-Cage. ….AmazonBasics 9013-1 Rabbit Cages. ….Kennel-Aire Frame Bunny Cages.

How big of a cage do you need for a rabbit?

As a general rule, the cage should be at least four times the size of the rabbit. A guide is 24″ by 36″ for smaller rabbits (less than 8 lbs.) or 30″ by 36″ for larger rabbits. A two-story condo with a ramp joining the levels seems popular with rabbits too.

How much does a cage for a bunny cost?

Hutches typically cost more than cages but many people also make their own hutch. Expect to spend around $150-$200 on a sturdy hutch if you don’t make your own. Indoor cages vary in design quite a bit but you can expect to spend $50-$100 on a nice rabbit cage.

How big of a cage do you need for 2 bunnies?

​According to the House Rabbit Society, “one guideline to go by is at least 8 square feet of enclosure space combined with at least at least 24 square feet of exercise space, for 1-2 rabbits, in which the rabbit(s) can run and play at least 5 hours per day.” ​In sum, the cage should be at least five times his size when …