Blue Lacy Dog Breed?

What breeds make a Blue Lacy?

The Lacy dog was named after the Lacy brothers (Ewin, Frank, Harry and George) who moved from Kentucky to Texas in 1858, settling in Burnet County, Texas. The dog was a mixture of English Shepherd (or perhaps coyote), and greyhound.

Are Blue lacys good family dogs?

Blue Lacys are generally good with children and are not usually aggressive. They are loyal family dogs and very protective of their humans.

What is a Blue Lacy mix dog?

The Blue Lacy is a mixed breed of English Shepherd, Greyhound, and possibly a wolf, coyote, and scenthound. It is the official state dog breed of Texas, United States. Also popularly known as the Lacy Hog Dog.

Do Blue Lacy dogs bark?

The American Blue Lacy is gentle and good with small children. They are bay hounds and are more likely to bark than attack. Like all breeds, the American Blue Lacy needs a calm yet firm leader who establishes clear rules. American Blue Lacys also need consistent mental and physical exercise.