Blue and Red Nose Pitbull Mix?

What happens if you breed a blue nose with a red nose pitbull?

No. The only intrinsic difference between blue nosed pit bulls, red nosed pit bulls, and other colored pit bulls is that they are different colors. One can line breed purely for color, but all of these dogs are still pit bulls.

Can a red nose pitbull have a blue nose?

Whether an American pit bull terrier has a red nose or a blue nose, he is still a pit bull, not a separate breed. Having a red or blue nose doesn’t mean the pit bull is rare, although some breeders may emphasize this and imply the coloring is a special type of pit. Beware of these breeders.

What do you call a red nose and blue nose mix?

The Term ” Pit Bull” Refers to Several Breeds. Turns out that a pit bull is not really a dog breed per se, but rather a term that is loosely used to depict a particular type of dog. However, say the word pit bull and people will give you different answers depending on who you ask!

Can a blue nose pitbull be mixed?

However, the blue nose tends to be more evident in an American bluenose pit bull. While non-blue nose pit bulls can give birth to blue pit bull puppies, it’s more likely to occur when two blue nose pit bulls are bred together.