Best Place to Buy Fish Online?

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There are other times where you may live in an area where selection is just limited or the stores around you arent that great. So knowing that, Ill break this down to you in sections and limit the stores to relieve your buyers anxiety.

So thats what Im here for using my over 20 years in the hobby and seeing the evolution of the online fish store industry from its infancy to what it is now. For those of you in a hurry, Ill provide a quick summary of my recommended fish stores. Many of these stores I have purchased from personally over the years and others I have gotten to know from my time in aquarium clubs and other aquarist friends.

Their website has a few in construction pages, but they are easy to reach via email and are quick to respond. King Koi and Goldfish is a family owned business that has been operating since 2016. This is one of the rare online shops that has a large selection of Betta Fish where you do not have to deal with import sellers.

It is tough to find a quality what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) seller of Bettas and King Koi and Goldfish nails it. You can find some rare imported freshwater fish this way, some you typically will not see in stores. Aquabids interface can look odd, but they have been doing it for years and once you get to know the sellers they will be a good source of unique freshwater fish and other livestock.

They offer a variety of high end cultured live plants and back everything they sell with a guarantee. They are also one of the few online sellers that sell the highest-end freshwater equipment brands like UNS Aquariums . He covers a lot of basic and intermediate material that really takes the intimidation of the hobby away.

Cory has been part of our community for a long-time and he represents an ever shrinking list of online sellers who are truly small businesses. Selecting saltwater fish is a tough job as quality of livestock varies and there is risk of diseases that can wipe out your tank. They have been around since the early days and built their own community with a message board that customers regularly interact with to give advice on saltwater fish keeping.

They offer a variety of saltwater fish for sale, corals, live rock, inverts, and even reef tank setup supplies. These guarantees from sellers like SWF are the reasons why I get so many of my saltwater fish online now. Live aquaria got a lot of bad rap when they were acquired by Petco back in 2015.

Drivers Den is more expensive, but if you are willing to spend a little more, this is a great option to look at for high quality saltwater aquarium fish. TSM Aquatics This is the place I recommend when you are looking for exotic saltwater fish and want them to be completely quarantined for you. TSM offers the rarest and highest quality saltwater fish in the hobby!

Click For More Info TSM Aquatics is where I refer all my high end clients. If you are looking for the most exotic fish, the newest tank bred varieties, and want the best quarantine process in the industry, TSM is where you go. They have super rare and exotic saltwater aquarium fish like the Gem Tang , Wrought Iron Butterflyfish, Flame Fairy Wrasses and Crosshatch Triggers!

Its also the only place I will shop if Im looking for an exotic bubble tip anemone type like a Black Widow or Rainbow BTA. I also like that they are not heavy photoshop issues, an all too common problem I see with online coral dealers. Shop WYSIWYG Ebay can be a tricky place to buy saltwater corals from.

You can get some of the most exotic and nice looking corals from there, but there are also a number of bad sellers on their who photoshop like crazy. A bad coral seller wont last long, but they will often rebrand to keep selling online. Uniquecorals Unique Corals is a family owned coral seller in Van Nuys, CA focused on environmentally responsible livestock collection for reef hobbyists, retail stores, and public aquariums

While Im personally not a fan of that, I know several reefers like to do this to spread out payments for their builds. They are a family owned business with a 6,000 square foot facility in Van Nuys, CA. They back all their orders with a 14 day live arrival guarantee and will also allow you chose your delivery date.

They even sell pond goldfish and highly quality koi food . You can either order directly on their website or you can shop their EBay store, which you can find bulk packages and super rare Koi for auction.

What is the best website to buy fish online?

Imperial Tropicals..King Koi and Goldfish..Aquabid..Buceplant..Aquarium

Is it safe to buy fish online?

Don’t worry about whether your fish can survive being shipped to your home, as most fish stores have their fish shipped to them, too. As long as the retailer is practicing safe shipping methods, your fish should be fine.

Is it cheaper to order fish online?

Yes, at first glance it may seem cheaper to buy on-line. The reason for this is very simple: They have way less overhead and do much greater volume, especially when it comes to live stock. … And this is why, for the following reasons, we strongly recommend that you purchase all of your live stock from Life Aquatic.

With the rise of the internet and fast shipping, it has become easier for aquarium enthusiasts to purchase fish and plants online. Many online stores offer things like guaranteed live delivery, even shipping overnight. However, this isnt always the case, which is one reason that it is so important to choose the correct online store for your purposes.

In this article, we review 10 of the best online fish stores currently out there, based on their selection, quality, guarantees, and other things. 7-day guarantee on fish, plants, corals, and invertebrates Wide selection of products Free shipping over $149 Sales all the time Live arrival guarantee Large resource library

It provides highly effective insulation with each shipment, which is one reason that its shipping is somewhat more expensive than other stores. If you are an enthusiast, it may be worth signing up for this to ensure that you dont miss out on discounts and sales. It provides a decently wide selection that includes freshwater fish, snails, plants, crabs, and other animals.

While its quality is top-notch, youre going to pay for it, but it may be worth it for you to buy from one of the best online freshwater fish stores. High quality Constant sales Newsletter High-quality shipping sections Live arrival guarantee Its Facebook page is the best place to discover discount codes and similar information.

Affordable prices Live arrival guarantee Decent plant selection Good variety on certain types of fish It carries common species, as well as rarities that are nearly impossible to find elsewhere, even at specialty retailers. It offers discounts of all sorts, including a Buy 2, Get 1 deal that covers many of its plants.

Shipping for plants is also completely free, saving you plenty of money compared to other retailers. This is true no matter how many shrimp you order and is one of the cheapest shipping rates that weve come across. Of course, it is a bit easier to ship shrimp than other fish, so that is likely how it is able to keep costs so low.

This is significantly more useful, especially if you decide not to repurchase a singular shrimp that died in transit. Wide selection of shrimp Inexpensive shipping Direct refunds for any dead arrivals It doesnt provide a huge range of deals, but it does include a 5% cashback on future orders.

It isnt threatening anyone with its selection size, but you may be able to find decent plants and corals. It includes the recommended lighting, skimmer, and filter for the tank size that you choose. You wont have to shop around to find all the products you need; you can simply purchase them all in one simple package.

Purchasing aquarium supplies online is one thing, but getting a live creature shipped to you in the mail is another. You dont want all that money you spent to go to waste or be the reason that a fish died a horrible death. The store that you choose to purchase from is an important factor in whether your fish ends up dead or not.

Often, this is called a live arrival guarantee, as it ensures that the animal shows up on your doorstep alive. However, many stores offer an extended warranty that covers a few days or weeks after the animal arrives as well. Just because a fish arrives in your mail alive doesnt necessarily mean that it will survive the next few days.

These sorts of policies can seem a bit unusual because companies shouldnt ship a fish that likely wont survive transit. In any case, if a company has no guarantee, it is not invested in whether the fish actually shows up alive at your door. It may not be motivated to use the best shipping practices, and youll be out of luck if something in your order doesnt arrive intact.

After all, its shipping standards determine whether the fish that you purchase show up alive. Some companies insist that using heating and cooling packs is essential, while others dont even mention these on its website. This is largely because there is no way to keep a fish alive if it is below freezing outside or almost 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Image Credit: zoosnow, PixabayThe selection of a store can be judged in two ways. No matter how good the selection or shipping standards of the store are, you dont want to spend money on a sickly fish or plant. It offers the widest selection on the market and has great shipping standards and extremely good guarantees.

The specialty stores in our reviews, like The Shrimp Farm , are great if youre looking for the specific items that they carry. She currently resides in Tennessee with four dogs, three cats, two fish, and a lizard, though she has dreams of owning chickens one-day!

The poor koi dont stand a chance. Last count is the otter ate 10 of them. Efforts to trap the otter failed. Now the solution is to rescue and relocate the remaining koi.

Saltwaterfish.coms selection of exotic coral and fish numbers over 450 and includes sailfish tang, bicolor angelfish, and sand sitting starfish. A quick glance at their front page spotlights the latest additions to their selection, but explore deeper to find plenty of beautiful fish up for sale.

Their comprehensive guides and kits can help even the greenest amateur get started on putting together the aquarium theyve always dreamed of, and those with spendthrift tendencies can always take advantage of the weekly specials and free shipping on all orders of $99 or more. Their email newsletter allows consumers to have special deals delivered to their inbox, and they engage on their Facebook page with regular updates about changes to their inventory. Their open market helps connect buyers and sellers, and the auction atmosphere ensures that pricing is driven by demand.

Rarities like flame hawkfish occupy their catalog along with more traditionally popular fish like cichlids and clownfish, and a number of live corals and plants round out the selection. Of special note is the Collectors Choice department which highlights the most stunning creatures up for offer at Blue Zoo. Its a delicate ecosystem, and thats why they complement their selection of fish with a number of invertebrates and corals you can use to balance your PH levels and ensure a long life for your fishy friends.

As an arm of popular pet shopping site, they lend the same level of care and detail to their aquarium section as they do to meeting the needs of mans furry friends. Reef Cleaners may not deal in tropical fish directly, but they do offer just about everything else you need to maintain a beautiful and healthy environment for your aquatics pets. Theyre a family-operated business, and their combination of algae solutions, natural filtration systems, and algae-eating invertebrates can help keep the PH balance on the level in saltwater aquariums of any size.

The saltwater fish youll find on Aquarium Creations Online lean towards the exotic end of the spectrum. Thats reflected in the bright neon hues of their large angelfish, the stark black of their batfish, and the expressive white and orange patterning of their clownfish. Petsmart is one of the biggest names in the pet care business, and their selection of live fish is as expansive as you could expect given the scope of their company.

Imperial Tropicals

Live Aquaria has one of the widest selections on the market. It has fish of all sorts, plants, coral, cleaner packs, and more. Just about anything you need, it probably has. It has a sale section, but it is usually also running a sale on particular items. It also provides free shipping on orders over $149, which is a nice addition if you’re ordering many expensive-to-ship fish.It often offers free items when you purchase specific things. For instance, it may offer specific plants if you purchase a certain fish. Or it may provide a storage container if you purchase a certain amount of fish food.All of its live plants and foods must be shipped overnight for obvious reasons. Frozen foods are also shipped overnight to ensure that they are kept frozen. It offers a guarantee on all its live products, including plants, invertebrates, live rocks and sand, corals, and fish of all sorts. It is careful when shipping its products. It even offers a 7-day guarantee on most products, which covers any particular damage while shipping.It has an extensive resource library, which covers many of its products. It also has guides for acclimating fish and that sort of thing. All in all, we think this is the best place to buy fish online this year.

The Shrimp Farm

The Wet Spot Tropical Fish isn’t only an online store. It also has a brick-and-mortar business in Portland. It has a serious presence on the web and is well-known among those who order fish online.Its selection isn’t quite extensive. It mostly carries cichlids, tetras, and catfish. If you’re interested in these fish, then this store is perfect for you. It does carry a few fish of other sorts, but these seem to be its main stock.Minimum orders are required on some cheaper fish, like livebearers. You’ll need to purchase quite a few of these to make an online order. This is great if you’re looking to stock a completely new tank, but it won’t be ideal if you just need a few fish.It has a decent selection of plants. It isn’t huge, but most of what you’d expect is there. It carries high-demand species and rarer options, so you can find just about anything to fit your needs.It does offer a live arrival guarantee, but it isn’t nearly as good as some other stores. It isn’t a 14-day guarantee, for instance. It also offers a few exceptions for sensitive shippers. It states that these fish just don’t do well with shipping, so it can’t apply its guarantee.

Bulk Reef Supply

The Aquarium Co-Op is focused on the freshwater fish-keeping community. It specializes in aquatic plants and freshwater, tropical fish. This company is run by a popular YouTuber who often shares information about aquariums. It is transparent about its business, including its shipping procedures and fish care.Its local store provides fish but its online store does not. It currently does not ship any live fish. However, it has a great selection of supplies for freshwater tanks. If you need something, it probably has it. It carries niche brands that are difficult to find elsewhere. Its fish food selection is also huge and has just about everything, including hard-to-find insect-based foods.It does offer a few plants. Most of these are what you’d expect, though it does sell rarer varieties as well. It keeps its plants in a tank with algae-eating snails and fish, which reduce the number of algae on your plants upon arrival.