Best Litter for Litter Robot?

This article is the result of an experiment I did using the most popular cat litters to discover which is the best to use with the Litter Robot III cat box. This comparison took me a year to conclude (and its still ongoing with new brands), but I am happy with the results because I can honestly give you the best choices without you needing to try them all. All the cat litters I tested in my experiment were clumping clay cat litters, but I also tested crystal litter with the LitterRobot. Check my results on how the crystal cat litter works with the LitterRobot.

What type of litter is best for Litter-Robot?

Low-dust, low-tracking litter. That is, unless you use a low-dust litter! The best litter for Litter-Robot is a low-dust clumping litter that ensures that your unit won’t be covered in residue—and that your cat’s paws won’t track that dust all over the house.

Is Litter-Robot worth the money?

Even though the Litter-Robot saves some owners from the hassle of scooping, we can’t recommend the purchase for most people. It’s expensive, it’s bulky, the litter bed is too small, and the machine is temperamental.

How do you keep litter from sticking to the Litter-Robot?

Anti-stick spray & baking soda, the winning duo. This is a good solution that will make it much easier to scoop the litter box. ….Applying wax paste. ….Change the cat litter usage. ….Liners. ….Scraping Before Scooping. ….Anti-stick Litter Box. ….A Robot that will scrape the stuck litter.

Hey guys what litter brands do you use for your litter robot? We used the litter sold by the litter robot company but it had a strong odor combined with thr pee. We then switched to Frisco multicat litter which is great on combatting odor but horrible with clumping and tracking. We are constantly seeing litter paw prints everywhere.

LitterRobot might seem like a miracle device to some cat parents, but its self-cleaning magic comes down to the units simple yet elegant engineering: Through a combination of time, rotation, and gravity, the patented sifting process separates your cats waste from the clean litter, depositing it into a drawer below. Impressive design aside, we shouldnt overlook the one thing that holds it all together: litter! So, what is the best litter for LitterRobot?

However, some cats are simply stinkier than others (based on diet, health conditions, and even breed)and you still might need a little help reducing litter box odors. So if your kitty stops using the litter box due to its imposing fragrance, youve got another problem on your hands!

It lasts a long time because it completely encapsulates the waste and deposits it into the bag which keeps the remaining kitty litter clean and dry! The litter ranch is located in the geographic center of the worlds only supply of high-quality sodium bentonite clayWyoming, USA!

Fresh Step Simply Unscented | Unscented

Chewy provided me this new cat litter for me to test and review it. I did this testing with a regular litter box and with the Litter Robot. The main differences of this new version in comparison with Fresh Step Unscented are 4:I have to say that this is the first time I don’t mind a scented cat litter. Its scent is really nice and mild, its fragrance doesn’t invade the whole room like others and it controls the litter box odor really well, up to 10 days (confirmed by me). The Fresh Step box is much easier to open now, you just push the lip open and pull the lip out so you can pour the cat litter into the Litter Robot much easier. Before it was really hard to open the box, not anymore. I noticed that the clumps form firmer and leave less dirt in the Litter Robot when rotating.If you have asthma, an allergy, or if you don’t like any type of scent even the mildest one, this is not your #1 option. I have to say that this fragrance is really mild, it didn’t bother me at all (and I don’t like scents). This mild Febreze Freshness scent gets confined in the Litter Robot’s waste drawer and it doesn’t spread through the whole room like others. Good technology. For all these reasons, I put this new cat litter as the #1. If you can’t handle scents at all consider the following Fresh Step Unscented as the #1.
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My experience with Fresh Step:

I had a very good experience with this cat litter. Much less litter scattering which means less to clean on the litter mat and the odor level after one week was very low. The litter weight is not heavy and not light either, it has a good balance.When I poured out the litter I saw very little dust, almost nonexistent. When I poured water into the litter the clump formed pretty fast and when the Litter Robot started to rotate, the clump moved smoothly down into the waste compartment. All in all, this is a good litter to use with the Litter Robot 3. The Simply Unscented is a great option if you can’t stand fragrances.
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My experience with Litter box:

I really liked this cat litter a lot. It has a balanced litter weight which creates very low litter scattering when the cat jumps out. This means very little mess around my Litter Robot.When I put water in the litter it created a clump rapidly and very well sealed too. I made a video of my cat using my litter plastic container to do her business (lol) and there you can see how well-formed the clump is. This is really important when the Litter Robot is rotating because it doesn’t break down the clumps, which keeps the inside of the machine clean.I poured half of the bag into my plastic container and I saw zero dust. None. Also, as I cut one corner of the bag I decided to directly pour litter into the Litter Robot and it was really easy. If you cut only the corner of the bag you won’t have a problem pouring litter directly through the opening of the Litter Robot. The bag comes inside a heavy-duty cardboard box that protects the bag from any damage.The odor control of Litter Box was acceptable to me. This litter is natural, without fragrances or chemicals added, which is a good alternative if you or your cat has allergies or intolerance to scents.

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My experience with Boxiecat:

I have been using this cat litter for about 3 weeks with the Litter Robot and I waited long enough to do a valid review about how it works. I bought the 16-lb bag, but you can find a 28-lb bag as well. The first impression I had is that the texture of this cat litter is great, you can see and feel it’s natural and without chemicals that are bad for our cats in the long run. Also, I was impressed when I poured this cat litter into the Litter Robot because I didn’t see any dust.Boxiecat in general works well, it creates solid litter clumps that rotate into the waste drawer with no problem. Also, the rubber bottom of the Litter Robot doesn’t get yucky with pieces of clumps stuck on it, I took a picture of how the rubber bottom looks after 20 days and it doesn’t have pieces stuck on it. Only the normal sand is attached to it a little. Take a look at the picture:This is because Boxiecat is a natural clumping clay litter, it doesn’t have any type of strong glue that usually causes a yucky mess stuck to the rubber. For the same reason, it works similar to Litter Box cat litter (the Litter Robot brand), which means the odor control is not that great (unless you get the scented version). You can smell the litter clumps when you open the waste drawer. But the great points of this cat litter are the fact that is natural, it creates almost zero dust, it doesn’t cause a nasty mess in the bottom rubber, unscented means it really doesn’t have any scent (I didn’t smell anything at all, at least me), the tracking it creates is very low in comparison to other brands, and cats seem to like this cat litter. Though sometimes very tiny litter clumps are formed with this cat litter that the Litter Robot doesn’t screen and they stay on the litter bed. But this is a minor thing that doesn’t affect the functioning of the Litter Robot at all. For all these reasons I put Boxiecat in position #4. If you like this cat litter, visit Chewy and get it with fast shipping here.

My experience with Tidy Cats:

I must say I loved this cat litter because of its container so easy to pour. I just loved that fact. I usually pour down all the litter from the box into a plastic container and this time I didn’t need to do that. This container makes it so much easier for someone with backaches or arthritis. The litter weight is lighter than other brands which leads to more litter scattering (not good). I also noticed less odor control than other brands.The clump formed fast during my experiment, but I noticed the clumps breaking down during rotation. Ideally, the cat litter needs to create firm clumps to slide down onto the waste drawer without breaking down during the process.All in all, it’s an easy-to-use cat litter that doesn’t create much dust, which is good, but the scent could bother you. The main “con” is the clump breaking down when sliding which puts this litter in position #6.

My experience with Dr Elsey’s:

This cat litter has low dust, when I was pouring this litter in my plastic container I saw very minimum dust, which is excellent. The litter scattering is not that high so it won’t be a mess around the litter box area.One of the best features of Dr Elsey’s litter is its clumping capacity. The clump forms really fast and it gets hard. This is good if your feline friend creates soft feces. Also, the fact that this clumping litter gets hard in contact with liquids makes it stick to the bottom much more than other litters, creating more dirt on the bottom rubber of the Litter Robot.I also noticed the odor control after a week was not the same than other brands, although this cat litter has good odor control, according to my testing it was not excellent. The fact that litter residues stick to the rubber liner more than other cat litters, I put this brand in position #7.