Best Brush for Long Hair Dogs?

What type of brush is best for long haired dogs?

Dogs with long coats need a pin brush or slicker brush. Double-coated dogs with undercoats that shed can benefit from a deshedding tool in addition to a brush for everyday use like a slicker brush or pin brush.

What kind of brush do dog groomers use?

A slicker brush is a good all-purpose dog grooming brush that removes tangles, mats and loose dirt from most coat types. The brush head is rectangular, mounted on a handle, with bent pins made of fine wires. Slicker brushes have soft, medium or stiff wires.

How often should you brush a long haired dog?

Frequency of Brushing. Smooth, short-coated dogs can generally be brushed once every few weeks to remove loose hair. While short, dense-furred dogs should usually be brushed once a week. Long-coated or double-coated dogs must be brushed weekly to prevent mats and to remove tangles.